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"The Map of Almaris"

Following the catastrophes from Arcas, the descendants took on their boats in a quest to find new land. With a them taking a break on some isles, they've returned to their boats with the hope of finding the new promised land. And so it was, that the descendants sailed to a new continent, starting the Second Age in their history.

Historical Timeline

  • SA 0 - The Descendants emigrated from Arcas.
  • SA 2 - The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, the Kingdom of Norland & the Grand Kingdom of Urguan ally, forming the Iron Accord.
  • SA 15 - The Silver State of Haelun'or joins the Iron Accord.
  • SA 15 - The Principality of Sedan declared independence from the Holy Orenian Empire, starting the Sedan Rebellion.
  • SA 17 - The Sedan Rebellion concludes with Oren victorious.
  • SA 22 - The Kingdom of Norland declared war on the Holy Orenian Empire, starting the Tenth Nordling War.
  • SA 23 - The Jade State of Yong Ping was founded by the Eastern Farfolk peoples.
  • SA 25 - The Third Coup of Sutica is orchestrated by the House of Barclay and Kingdom of Hyspia, ousting the former Trade Princess.
  • SA 26 - The Nation of Talon's Port is reformed into The Domain of Vortice.
  • SA 27 - The Tenth Nordling War concludes with Oren victorious.
  • SA 28 - The Kingdom of Norland is forced to withdraw from the Iron Accord as per the Treaty of Providence [1].
  • SA 29 - The Skanarri tribes of the north band together and invade the Kingdom of Norland, beginning the Skanarri War [2].
  • SA 35 - The Grand Kingdom of Urguan issued a declaration of war against the War Nation of Krugmar. [3]
  • SA 37 - The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska issued a declaration of war against the Silver State of Haelun'or, beginning the Silver War [4]
  • SA 38 - The Lordship of Keornhall and the Barony of Trabzon rebel against the Commonwealth of Sutica, sparking the Sutican Civil War.
  • SA 39 - The Sutican Civil War ends in a loyalist victory.
  • SA 39 - The war between Urguan and Krugmar ends in an Urguani victory.
  • SA 40 - Following the death of Queen Johanna I, Olivier Renault, the Regent of Sutica declares that the Commonwealth of Sutica is to be dissolved and reformed into the Principality of Savoy. [5]
  • SA 40 - Having been disowned by his Father, Oisin O'Breathnach Buckfort declares open rebellion against the Kingdom of Rozania, sparking Oisin's Rebellion [6]
  • SA 40 - Oisin's Rebellion ends in a pyrrhic Loyalist victory.
  • SA 49 - The Kingdom of Haense and Silver State of Haelun'or sign a peace treaty, bringing an end to the Silver War.
  • SA 53 - The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Holy Orenian Empire declare war, beginning the War of the Wigs.
  • SA 53 - Philip Amadeus, grandson of Philip II, returns to Almaris and claims the title of Holy Orenian Emperor. This leads to the events of the Aster Revolution.
  • SA 61 - Anti-Regency forces overthrow the Regency and proclaim Lucien I as Savoy's new ruler. This event is known as the Revolution of San Luciano and sparks the Savoyard Succession Crisis between Pro-Regency and Pro-Lucienist forces.
  • SA 61 - The Fakhr Emirate issues the Proclamation of the Dunes [7], which declares the creation of the Sultanate of Kharasi
  • SA 62 - The Principalities of Fenn and Nor'asath, The Crown of Elvenesse, and the Silver Lubba Band declare war on the Silver State of Haelun'or [8], sparking the War of the Elven Alliance.
  • SA 63 - The Savoyard Succession Crisis ends in a Pro-Lucienist Victory.
  • SA 67 - The Capitol of Savoy, San Luciano is strategically bombed by off-shore, Aeldinic mercenaries.
  • SA 68 - In Haelun'or, a Civil War breaks out as supporters of Ivarielle battle against a Republican Insurgency within the capital of Karinah'siol, sparking the Haelun'or Anarchy
  • SA 69 - James Maelstorm and his supporters rise up against the rulers of Vortice, sparking a minor war over the Maelstormic Claim on Vortice. [9]
  • SA 70 - James Maelstorm is removed from leadership by members of the Maelstormic Society and declares a cease-fire with Vortice, ending the Maelstormic Claim on Vortice. [10] [11]
  • SA 70 - The Pinemaw Domain, a vassal of the Holy Orenian Empire, declares war on the Principatus of Ebonwood after tensions rise between the Imperial settlements. This begins the Pinemaw Uprising.
  • SA 70 - Following a prolonged insurgency, the Haelun'or Anarchy ends in a Republican Victory.
  • SA 72 - The Holy Orenian Empire surrenders to the Tripartite Accord, ending the War of the Wigs in a Tripartite victory.
  • SA 72 - Upon the sudden death of Philip III and Empress Anastasia, Prince Frederick Charles and Margravine Laurentina von Arichsdorf declares the Empire dissolved and reformed into the rump states of the Kingdom of Oren and Duchy of Westfall.
  • SA 72 - The dissolution of the Holy Orenian Empire is rejected by several Imperial vassals, who proclaim Prince Peter as the rightful Holy Orenian Emperor due to being the firstborn son of Emperor Philip III. This begins the Brothers' War between the Kingdom of Oren and Grandmarch of Westfall against the Imperial Loyalists.
  • SA 72 - After failed negotiations, the Orcs of the Iron'Uzg declare war on the Kingdom of Elysium for apparent Racism, sparking the Orc-Elysium War. [12]
  • SA 72 - The Brothers' War ends in a victory for the Kingdom of Oren, with the Holy Orenian Empire being dissolved and Imperial loyalists fleeing.
  • SA 72 - The Grandmarch of Westfall is granted independence following the Brothers' War. However, after the death of its monarch, Laurentina I of Westfall, Westfall's independence is never fully finalized and its lands remain part of the Kingdom of Oren.
  • SA 73 - Members of the Orenian Imperial Remnant flee to the southern isle of Almaris, and establish the Grand Duchy of Balian. [13]
  • SA 76 - The Principality of Savoy is dissolved by Princess Renata, and a handful of former vassals are granted independence. [14]
  • SA 76 - The Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia and the Duchy of Redclyf become independent following the dissolving of Savoy.
  • SA 78 - The Elves of Malinor send an ultimatum to The Horde, demanding that they withdraw from their Haelun'orian lands. The Horde refuses, and sparks the Malinor-Horde War. [15]
  • SA 78 - Hyspian Refugees inhabit the old Savoyard city of Niseep with the permission of Pontiff Tylos II, declaring the creation of the Viceroyalty of Hyspia. [16]
  • SA 79 - The Duchy of Redclyf became officially The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania after Friedrich I was offered the crown and The wild ones joined the duchy
  • SA 81 - The settlement of the Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia reforms in the ruins covering the Daelish isles. [17]
  • SA 83 - The Kingdom of Haense & The Grand Kingdom of Urguan declare a joint war against The Horde, sparking the Almaris Coalition War. [18] [19]
  • SA 83 - With the mitigation of the Kingdom of Oren, the Horde and Malin'or finally sign a peace treaty, ending the Malinor-Horde War. [20][21]
  • SA 85 - The Almaris Coalition War ends with the signing of a treaty [22]
  • SA 86 - After the Barony of Acre, a farm vassal of Oren, had pulled out of the previous Coalition war without the Crown's consent, the Kingdom of Oren issues an edict stating their intentions to remove the rulers of the Barony from power. Acre resists, and this sparks the Acre Rebellion [23]
  • SA 86 - The Lordship of Cartref Mor declares independence from the Kingdom of Norland, sparking the Cartref Mor Uprising
  • SA 86 - The Cartref Mor Uprising is won by the Kingdom of Norland
  • SA 88 - After two years of civil war, the Acre Rebellion is won by the rebels and Oren is divided amongst the Harvest Confederation.
  • SA 89 - The Principality of Sedan moves from Urguan and founds the city of Johannesport, gaining their independence for the first time since the Sedan Rebellion.
  • SA 89 - The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska celebrated its one hundred year anniversary of independence from the Holy Orenian Empire
  • SA 90 - The Kingdom of Elysium Vassalises under The Principality of Celia'nor.
  • SA 91 - The Freeport of Akueli vassalizes under the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.
  • SA 91 - The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania falls into ruin and is abandoned, their people moved to The Barony of Ciavola and The Verdant Glade
  • SA 93 - The Viceroyalty of Hyspia swears fealty to the Kingdom of Haense after a drought forces the Hyspians from Niseep, ceasing Hyspia's independence.
  • SA 94 - The High Pontiff of Canonism calls a Crusade on the people of Serheim, sparking the Serheim Crusade
  • SA 94 - A group of disgruntled Dwarves initiate an exodus from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and settle in the Northern Mountains, forming the Hold of Khron'Hundmar
  • SA 95 - After being overcome by rot the citizens of The Clandom of Vistulia plan to move in with the Hold of Khron'Hundmar however they decide to move to Norland instead
  • SA 96 - Following an attack on the Kingdom of Balian by the Barony of Acre, a coalition composing of Haense, Norland, Sedan, Balian, and Urguan demand the resignation of Baron Volker of Acre and elections for a new ruler of the Harvest Confederation. Charles Alstion is elected and forms the United Kingdom of Aaun, dissolving the Confederation.
  • SA 96 - As part of the demands against the Barony of Acre, the Commonwealth of the Petra is forced into independence.
  • SA 99 - After ever-growing tensions, The High Princedom of Malin'or is dissolved by The Principality of Nor'asath and The Principality of Celia'nor who split away to form their own alliance.
  • SA 101 - The Kingdom of Balian, The Commonwealth of Petra, and, The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska declare war on the United Kingdom of Aaun, however, the war ends quickly as during the first peace conference Haense is able to mediate everyone down. [24] [25]
  • SA 102 - The Iron Uzg declares war on those who use "Dark Magics" and launch an invasion of The Synods. This sparks the Orcish-Synod War. [26]
  • SA 102 - John I, King of Balian dies and his eldest son, Alexandros I, King of Balian succeeds him.
  • SA 103 - A group of necromancers larch an assult on the dragon known as 'Cloudbreaker' However they are intercepted by the armies of Haense, Celia'nor and more. Despite this the necromancers still manage to kill cloudbreaker. [27] [28]
  • SA 104 - The inferi lunch a siege on The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska's capital of Karosgrad, During the siege blood rains from the sky, and a dark star is seen shooting across the night sky as it snows in the deserts. The siege ends with many dead on both sides, however, the capital remains standing.
  • SA 104 - The Azukai, The Skarperfanger, and The Cingedoz tribes unite to form The Scydri Confederacy, a Nomadic confederation of the three tribes.
  • SA 110 - The followers of an Adunian by the name of Uther form the Kingdom of the Barrowlands, a predominantly Adunian settlement
  • SA 110 - Rozanians from the off-shore island of Cahir return to Almaris and launch an invasion of Sedan, sparking the Rozanian-Sedanian War
  • SA 112 - After the alleged infidelity of Archduchess Renilde of Petra, her husband Archduke-Consort Constanz Novellen launches an attempted coup, sparking the Petran Civil War
  • SA 113 - After a final battle in Valfleur, the Petran Civil War ends in a Loyalist victory
  • SA 116 - Amaethae summons the Autrus Accords due to the increased mori activity and the large possibility of the 'worm' and a dargon being involved in the events. All nations present besides Nor'asath and Celia'nor who left early agreed to put aside their differences in order to defeat the Mori.
  • SA 120 - War breaks out betweek Heinrik, Duke of Adria and Charles, King of Aaun, sparking the Adrian Rebellion

    Nations of Almaris

    The land of Almaris, known to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Principality of Elvenesse, and the Kingdom of Norland as Nyrheim, is home to a variety of different Nations of all races, and cultures. Below you can find the current list of all the Nations in Almaris.

    Human Nations and Settlements

    Adunian Nations and Settlements

    Dwarven Nations and Settlements

    Mixed Race Nations and Settlements

    Elven Nations and Settlements

    Orc Nations and Settlements

    Extinct/Defunct Settlements and Nations

    Almaris The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska · The Kingdom of Norland · The Holy Orenian Empire · Under-Realm of Urguan · The Federation of Sutica · The Silver State of Haelun'or · The Principality of Aegrothond · The Druidic Order · The War Nation of Krugmar
    Arcas Holy Orenian Empire · Under-Realm of Urguan · Rexdom of Krugmar · Federation of Sutica · Kingdom of Haense · Kingdom of Curonia · Principality of Aegrothond · Druidic Order · Kingdom of Kaedrin · Princedom of Fenn · Silver State of Haelun'or · The Concord of Llyria
    Atlas Kingdom of Gladewynn · Druidic Order · Federation of Sutica · Kingdom of Haense · Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah · Kingdom of Agnarum · Empire of Man · Kingdom of Santegia · Princedom of Fenn · Silver State of Haelun'or · Warhawke Chiefdom · War Nation of Krugmar · Earldom of Nordengrad · Republic of Holm
    Axios Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah · War Uzg · Holy Orenian Empire · Sohaerate of Haelun'or · Princedom of Fenn · Dominion of Malin · Sutican Isles · Kingdom of Courland · Kingdom of Haense · Kingdom of the Westerlands · Kingdom of Norland · Kingdom of Santegia
    Vailor Grand Kingdom of Urguan · Iron Uzg · Holy Orenian Empire · Sohaerate of Haelun'or · The Kingdom of Malin · The City-State of Sutica
    Athera Reformed Kingdom of Oren · Grand Kingdom of Urguan · Iron Uzg · The Eldership of Gimblewood · Caliphate of Khalestine · Republic of Salvus
    Anthos The Shining Princedom of Malinor · Conclave of Malin · Karakatuan Empire · The Grand Kingdom of Urguan · The Holy Oren Empire · The Kingdom of Renatus · The Kingdom of Herendul · The Holy Kingdom of Ruska · Lenfarthing
    Asulon The Holy Princedom of Malinor · War Uzg · The Empire of Urguan · The Holy Empire of Oren · Menorcress · Haelun'or · Kingdom of Holm · Kingdom of Alras · Kingdom of Renatus · Realm of Hanseti · Kingdom of Galahar · Kingdom of Salvus · Kingdom of Seventis
    Aegis Kingdom of Oren · Grand Kingdom of Urguan · Holy Princedom of Malinor · Rexdom of Krugmar · Kingdom of Alras · Kingdom of Renatus · Realm of Hanseti · Kingdom of Salvus · Free Kingdom of Aerarium
    Minor Realms
    The Fringe Thales
    Vekaro · Kaldonia · Krughanistan · Kal'Arkon · Tahn'siol · Atgaard · Alras · Ivybend · Orc camp Haelun'or · The Imperium of Oren · Grand Kingdom of Urguan
    Elysium Kalos
    The Verge