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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

To the west of The Cloud Temple of Aegis lay the proud Kingdom of Men. Oren, the jewel of the west stood proud on Landcleaver Mountain. Inhabited by the Men of Aegis it was the newest yet greatest of the cities. The formidable fortress and its walls guarded the humble city from atop the Mountain, perched on its highest point. The land of Men was green yet industrial, and although they didn't harbour a love for nature such as the Elves they still enjoyed the company of trees and grass. They also harboured great farms and pastures. At the bottom of the mountain, the sturdy wooden houses of Oren protect its inhabitants. Inside these cosy abodes are crackling fires and warm beds, the last frontier before the wilderness in the west, its fabled for its warm taverns and secret societies. Open to all races of Aegis, it boasted large marketplaces and busy roads, unrivaled in population. The Kingdom of Oren, the cultural center of Aegis and home of the ambitious Men.

The First Kingdom of Oren

Originally founded by Exalted Horen himself, not much is known about the fate of the kingdom in the centuries after his demise. Before the rise of King Daniel of Oren, the pre-Godfreyian humanity was split between a variety of independent kings and dukes, not unified under any common banner and outside of the control of the King of Oren. In fact, after the burning of Pontia in 1000, many human lords had deviated from the original Creatorist faith, some of whom had took up Aengulic worship. Many before King Daniel had attempted to take up the title as King of Man, most notably the Prince Baldwin IV of Balain in 1231 and the Horen-scion King Edmund of Mzen in 1235, both of whom were denied (Baldwin by his assassination en route to Jrent and Edmund by his defeat at the Battle of Harwock). King Edgar of Aaun, father of Daniel, had also attempted to claim the title, having the support of numerous lesser lords yet could not find the support among the fractured clergy. It was in St. Daniel's reign that the kingdom could truly call itself the united polity of mankind once again. By moving his capital to Al'khazar, he was able to exert control over many of the minor lordlings and polities that had ignored the King of Oren's rule before. During his reign Oren also expanded into the North, claiming control over the Northerners with the vassalisation of Snowy Fields and Winterfell, and the construction of the fort-town of Alstion. After St. Daniel's abdication however, Oren fell on hard times. His successor and former Seneschal, Pampo Perea, was murdered by Undead. His succesor, Edmund Sheffield, became Undead. And finally his heir, Enor ruled so ineptly that he spawned the Phoenix Rebellion, splitting Oren into Renatus, Hanseti, and Salvus.

The Old Kingdom of Oren was the expansive kingdom of the Humans for many years in Aegis. The capital of Old Oren was Al'Khazar for most of its existence, the city located toward the south of the nation and home of the ruling monarch. The kingdom was located to the north of the Cloud Temple of Aegis, and was the northernmost kingdom on the continent. Traveling to Oren and the capital from the Cloud Temple was facilitated by the King's Road, which helped connect Oren to the other kingdoms in Aegis.

But the Undead threat always loomed large over the lands of Oren. The Undead were always most active in the snowy northern reaches of the realm, which were guarded by Winterfell, and it was from there that they launched their increasingly greater attacks upon Aegis. Cities in the north rose and fell, ravaged by Undead or buried in blizzards. Many of the greatest battles against the servants of Iblees were fought in the north. For a time, the Undead power weakened, and the north grew into a more stable and peaceful part of Oren. But it was not to remain, as the strength of the Undead returned, and they again renewed their attacks.

King Pampo Perea was killed by Undead in Al'Khazar, the city he helped build, the place where the people went to him for security. His replacement, his Seneschal Edmund Sheffield, also tried to counter the Undead, having considerable success at times. But it was his corruption and turning to the Nether that was one of the greatest victories of the Undead. Under King Enor Sheffield, the Undead only continued to attack, with increasing ferocity. In 1337, the city of Al'Khazar was taken by the Undead, King Enor Sheffield was kidnapped to the Nether and the city was left in uninhabitable ruins. The Humans scattered throughout the lands, taking refuge in the northern cities and among other races. In 1340, the northern settlements of New Alstion, Crimson Vale, Celestine and finally Winterfell all fell to the Undead, giving them a free hand in the north. The kingdom of Men was reduced to the town of Galahar, a shell of their former greatness and power. Frustrated with what they perceived to be a lack of action against Undead by King Enor Sheffield, the Phoenix Revolution rose to overthrow the King. Oren was in chaos as the Revolution resulted in divisions among Humans, espionage and fighting and King Enor leaving the throne and giving the crown to Gaius Marius. Eze'kiel Tarus, the leader of the Revolution, and Marius agreed to split the remaining lands of Oren, creating the Realm of Hanseti and Kingdom of Renatus in the process. Not long after, Enor Sheffield and Dawn Perea declared the island of Salvus a nation in its own right, and the first Kingdom of Oren was well and truly ended.

The Holy Oren Empire was often casually referred to as Oren, but the two Nations were distinct entities. It is also common for all the Human lands and nations to be generally referred to as Oren. At present, the descendants of the old kingdom largely live in the Holy Orenian Empire.


To the west of The Cloud Temple of Aegis lays the proud Kingdom of Men. Oren, the jewel of the west, stood proud on Landcleaver Mountain. Inhabited by the Men of Aegis, it was the newest of the cities. The formidable fortress and its walls guarded the humble city from atop the Mountain, perched on its highest point. The land of Men is green yet industrial, although they do not harbour a love for nature such as the Elves they still enjoy the company of trees and Tall Grass. They also harbour great farms and pastures. At the bottom of the mountain, the sturdy wooden houses of Oren protected its inhabitants. Inside these cosy abodes were crackling fires and warm beds, the last frontier before the wilderness in the west, its fabled for its warm taverns and secret societies. Open to all races of Aegis, it boasted of large marketplaces and busy roads. The Old Kingdom of Oren, the cultural center of Aegis and home of the ambitious Men.

Notable Figures of the Old Kingdom

Enor Sheffield - Previous King Of Oren, abdicated during the Phoenix Rebellion. Later became King of Salvus

Edmund Sheffield - The former King of Oren, corrupted by the Undead.

Ivrae Sheffield - Former Queen of Oren, murdered by her husband after his initiation to the Undead.

Princess Rose Sheffield - Youngest daughter of Edmund.

Princess Alice Sheffield - The oldest daughter of Edmund. Killed by an assassin after an Undead attack.

Lady High Constable Atriana Tarus - Former Commander of the Oren Guards. Betrayed Oren to the Undead and became one herself.

Saint Dan - Once a King of Oren, the sainted Dan roamed the kingdom he once helped to build into a mighty land. He later became Lord of Alstion.

Lord High Chancellor Everard Hightower - Former head of the Privy council of Oren. Died of old age.

Lord Brett Perea - Lord of Whisper Isles and son of former King Pampo Perea

Dawn Perea - Baker and owner of Dawn's Bakery, later Queen of Oren and Salvus.

Pampo Perea - Former King killed by Undead.

Rhonin Perea - Eldest son of Pampo and Dawn Perea.

Gaius Marius - Briefly held the crown of Oren, later ruled of the Realm of Hanseti.

Eze'kiel Tarus - Leader of the Phoenix Rebellion, later the first King of Renatus.

>Previous rulers of Oren include Gaius Marius, King Enor Sheffield, King Edmund Sheffield, King Pampo Perea, King Dan, and the beloved King Horen whose memorial stood just inside the Al'Khazar city gates.


Oren was home to some of the most colourful landscape in Aegis. Nature and buildings dominated the King's Road leading to the nation. Away from the road there can be found many small flat lands filled with sand that people refer to as Gods evaporated tears. Al'Khazar was surrounded by mountains, small and high, which almost felt to grow each day. Al'Khazar itself was built around a mountain that was surrounded by water and beaches. North of Al'Khazar and separating the northern reaches of Oren from the south was the majestic forest of the Wildewyn Woods.

Cities and Places


A great and powerful city of Men and capital city for many years. Harborer of literature, keeper of intellectuals, guardian of men, Heaven on Aegis, the city of Al'Khazar was a mighty figure among the landscape of Aegis. Once a small settlement, then a huge city full of life. Al'Khazar was thought to be protected by it's unbreakable walls and proud guards. Many Undead assaults were unable to overthrow the guards, people and walls.

However, the Undead managed to overthrow the whole city in 1337, facilitating their gain of control of the whole northern section of Aegis. Al'Khazar fell to the Undead when they tainted the whole city, raising a portal in it that spread a poisonous miasma, killing anyone who entered. The city contained;

- The Market District.

- The Cathedral and Housing Districts.

- A sprawling sewer system, including a behind closed doors district, which however nefarious it might seem, helped the capital in its own secretive way. Unfortunately in its later years this area fell into disrepair and was largely abandoned.

- The mighty Keep of the King or Queen.

- Many acres of farm and agricultural land.

- Guarded highways to many other settlements and important landmarks such as Talun, Lunavara and Cloud Temple.

- The Oren Guard, who faithfully provided security to the nation from their base in the city.

Whisper Isles

One of the first Human settlements outside of the capital city, a previous King of Oren ordered one lord of his court to go south and provide a new community from which Fish and glass could be collected to help support the growing kingdom. For years it was a picturesque community on the shores of the massive Whisper Lake. The Whisper Isles struggled to provide goods and shelter to travelers on the King's Road and to combat the criminal efforts of bandits in the surrounding wilds. It was further harmed by the defection of its founder, Tyrion Lannister, to the Undead. Under the ownership of the once prince, Brett Perea it flourished into a beautiful waterside city.

Whisper Isles was traded to the Orcs of Krugmar in exchange for the town of Kramoroe that sat on the King's Road. After Kramoroe was destroyed Galahar was built on the site.


Dunwood was a quaint town of Halflings. Though it's location was not a secret, it was "conveniently out of the way." It was the site of Dunfest. During the Phoenix Revolution it seceded from Oren.

Aemon and Daemon

These twin towers stood for generations at the southern border of the Kingdom of Oren, providing a view over the King's Road and the wilds beyond. The shifting borders of the nomadic Orcs occasionally pass into the region of Aemon and Daemon with tension and even combat not uncommon in their history. There were rumors spreading through the land, saying that there is an Ancient Dungeon inside the mountains. Mighty Wizards have sealed the Dungeon with a magical spell.


Winterfell was established as a northern border to defend Oren and Al'Khazar against the Undead threat. It existed for many years as a military outpost where criminals were sent to serve punishments. The city was then under the rule of Lord Pampo Perea and Lady Dawn Perea for many years, under who it flourished. It was the last northern settlement to fall to the Undead in 1340 as part of their attack on the north.

"May our Sovereign live long and may his rule be blessed by the God."


Built on the ruins of Kramoroe, Galahar was established as a feudal town on the King's Road. For a number of years it expanded and grew as more people were attracted to it. Following the fall of Al'Khazar and then the north it received a large number of refugees and was made the new capital of Oren. Mighty walls and new defensive structures were built to prevent a similar attack that felled the rest of Oren.

Army of the Old Kingdom

Oren had one of the largest armies in Aegis, commanded by Lord High Constable Felix Farnsworth. Many of the city guards of Al'Khazar were assigned to protecting travelers on the King's Road where banditry is common. In previous conflicts, the Oren Guard helped to fight the Undead in Snowy Fields and Alstion, as well as patrolling the southern areas of Oren down to Whisper Isles.

Also, notably, a contingent of Oren Guards fought at the Battle for Sanhar, which resulted in a victory.


The architecture in the Kingdom of Oren was heavily influenced by the materials available to settlers of each city.

In Al'Khazar, most homes were built with an oak support structure and stonework first floor, while additional floors consist of timber framework and white plaster nogging. This was primarily because the city on the mountain had an abundance of stone and massive trees, and the clay in the area, when combined with sheep's wool for cohesion, was a particularly pure white.

In the human colony of Whisper Isles, stone was much harder to come by but the local population adapted to utilize sand adobe for the buildings. Pine and cypress lumber were prized in Whisper Isles because of their resistance to moisture in a very humid environment.

In the cold northern outpost of Winterfell, stone and timber were used to provide shelter from the wind and snow. Clay in this area was hard to come by and prized as a way to seal seams and keep out drafts.

Throughout the kingdom, glass was used sparingly as the rudimentary fire kilns necessary to heat glass and pane it into windows require much time and are a dangerous craft. Although there are a few skilled artisans whose glass is prized, even the masters cannot make clear glass thick enough to support large windows that can be safely installed. Over time, techniques for creating glass were better developed and it became more used throughout Oren.

The Second Kingdom of Oren

Upon the death of Emperor Siegmund Carrion, his successor and nephew, Henrik I, ascended to the throne of the second Holy Orenian Empire. However, he refused to adopt the style of Emperor, instead returning to the previously held designation of King of Oren. This Kingdom would not last long after Heinrik's death in battle during the Zionist War, as shortly thereafter House Chivay returned from Aeldin and formed the third Holy Orenian Empire.

The Third Kingdom of Oren

The Reformed Kingdom of Oren was formed by King Andrik Vydra in the realm of Vailor after the Schism War, when its capital city in Athera, Petrus was ceded to the Canonist League. It was formed from the unification of the former Kingdom of Akovia, March of Adria, and Duchy of Savoy.

Since it's formation, it faced many conflicts, at times embattled against many other nations. After the murder of King Andrik Vydra by the Mali'aheral of the Silver City, the kingdom saw a brief interregnum governed by Regent Vasili Vanir. Years later, Duke Olivier de Savoie was crowned, after an election by the various lords of the realm. Under his rule, the three Elven nations were vassalised, and the kingdom was militarily unmatched. The kingdom suffered the Duke's War, one of the most brutal and bloody civil wars in Orenian history, which pitted the Adrian Duke against the Crown. The Savoyard loyalists won out in the end, but the war left the kingdom crippled.

Guy de Bar was crowned as king in 1523, who ruled from the city of Felsen. It was not long after Guy de Bar's coronation that he was assassinated, and the fifth Holy Orenian Empire created under Emperor John I Horen, in an event known as the Horen Restoration.


  • The Kingdom of Oren, ruled by King Guy of House Ashford de Bar.
  • The Duchy of Savoy, ruled by House de Bar.
  • The County of Felsen, ruled by House de Bar.
  • The County of Peremont, ruled by House de Bar.
  • The Barony of Dour Watch, ruled by House de Sola.
  • The Barony of Maecht, ruled by House de Sarkozy.
  • The Duchy of Courland, ruled by House Staunton.
  • The County of Vanholm, ruled by House Bracchus.
  • The Commonwealth of Kaedrin, ruled by House Chivay.
  • The Counties of Hengfors, ruled by House Chivay.
  • The County of Redmark, ruled by House Bedell.
  • The Barony of Thornewood, ruled by House Bedell.
  • The County of Krinfrid, ruled by Foltest of Aeldin.

Dependent Territories:

  • The Governorate of Malinor, administered by Viceroy Helton Chivay.
  • The Province of Laurehlin, governed by Praetor Tristen Tresery.
  • The Proctectorate of Haelun'or, formerly governed by Sohaer Laethis Izalith.
  • The Ancillary of Ker'nor, governed by Arbiter Dak'ir Des'nox.

Destroyed Territories:

  • The Duchy of Adria, formerly ruled by House Sarkozic.
  • The County of Novellen, formerly ruled by House Sarkozic.
  • The County of Barrowyk, formerly ruled by House Vladov.
  • Barony of Waldstadt, formerly ruled by House Stafyr.
  • The Barony of Wyrmwood, formerly ruled by House Marna.
  • The Duchy of Haense, ruled by House Barbanov.



  • House Ashford de Bar


  • House Ashford de Savoie
  • House Chivay
  • House Bracchus
  • House Stafyr
  • House de Sola
  • House Bedell
  • House Fournier
  • House de Denesle


  • House Roke
  • House Varodyr


  • House Sarkozic
  • House Vanir
  • House Vladov
  • House Barbanov
  • House Horen of Marna
  • House Othaman