The Third Kingdom of Oren

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circle info req sam.png This page contains information about Lore, which can’t be accessed at the current moment, including past realms, forgotten forms of magic and more.

This page is about the Third Kingdom of Oren. For other iterations see, Oren.

The Reformed Kingdom of Oren was formed by King Andrik Vydra after the Schism War, when its capital city in Athera, Petrus was ceded to the Canonist League.

It was formed from the unification of the former Kingdom of Akovia, March of Adria, and Duchy of Savoy. Since its beginning, it has faced many conflicts, at times embattled against every other nation. After the murder of King Andrik Vydra by the Mali'aheral of the Silver City, the kingdom saw a brief interregnum governed by Regent Vasili Vanir. Years later, Duke Olivier de Savoie was crowned. Under his rule, the three Elven nations were vassalised, and the kingdom was militarily unmatched. In the year 1523, Guy de Bar was crowned King.

It was ruled by King Guy de Bar from its capital of Felsen, in the realm of Vailor.


  • The Kingdom of Oren, ruled by King Guy of House Ashford de Bar.
  • The Duchy of Savoy, ruled by House de Bar.
  • The County of Felsen, ruled by House de Bar.
  • The County of Peremont, ruled by House de Bar.
  • The Barony of Dour Watch, ruled by House de Sola.
  • The Barony of Maecht, ruled by House de Sarkozy.
  • The Duchy of Courland, ruled by House Staunton.
  • The County of Vanholm, ruled by House Bracchus.
  • The Commonwealth of Kaedrin, ruled by House Chivay.
  • The Counties of Hengfors, ruled by House Chivay.
  • The County of Redmark, ruled by House Bedell.
  • The Barony of Thornewood, ruled by House Bedell.
  • The County of Krinfrid, ruled by Foltest of Aeldin.

Dependent Territories:

  • The Governorate of Malinor, administered by Viceroy Helton Chivay.
  • The Province of Laurehlin, governed by Praetor Tristen Tresery.
  • The Proctectorate of Haelun'or, formerly governed by Sohaer Laethis Izalith.
  • The Ancillary of Ker'nor, governed by Arbiter Dak'ir Des'nox.

Destroyed Territories:

  • The Duchy of Adria, formerly ruled by House Sarkozic.
  • The County of Novellen, formerly ruled by House Sarkozic.
  • The County of Barrowyk, formerly ruled by House Vladov.
  • Barony of Waldstadt, formerly ruled by House Stafyr.
  • The Barony of Wyrmwood, formerly ruled by House Marna.
  • The Duchy of Haense, ruled by House Barbanov.



  • House Ashford de Bar


  • House Ashford de Savoie
  • House Chivay
  • House Bracchus
  • House Stafyr
  • House de Sola
  • House Bedell
  • House Fournier
  • House de Denesle


  • House Roke
  • House Varodyr


  • House Sarkozic
  • House Vanir
  • House Vladov
  • House Barbanov
  • House Horen of Marna
  • House Othaman