Battle for New Providence

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Battle for New Providence
Part of the Brothers' War


Date: 21st of the Sun's Smile, 72 S.A.
Place: New Providence, Disputed Lands of Oren
Result: Royalist Victory
  • Peter IV is captured and executed.
  • The Holy Orenian Empire is dissolved.
  • Frederick I secures all former Imperial holdings.
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
OrenRuthernCOA.png Duchy of Reutov
DArkentCoatOfArms.png Duchy of Sunholdt
oathaman1.png County of Valles
huntshillcoa.png County of Huntshill
VuillerCOA.png Viscounty of Vuillermoz
DarkwoodCOA.png Barony of Darkwood
carringtonn.png Barony of Carrington
houndsofdon.png Hounds of Don
HouseGalbraith.png Imperialist Galbraiths
sarkozic.png Imperialist Sarkozics
derosiusnewcoa.png Imperialist Rosius
Romstun COA.png House of Romstun
PrincipalityofAlstion.png House of Alstion
FrederickNovellen.png Kingdom of Oren
ArichsdorfCOA.png Grandmarch of Westfall
orourkecoa.png County of Halstaig
alderz.png County of Aldersberg
CarrionCOA.png County of Dobrov
HouseBasridCOA.png County of Susa
vanderfall.png County of Vanderfall
scyflings?.svg.png County of Temesch
Pruvia.png County of Provins
HouseGalbraith.png Viscounty of Rivia
KomnenosCOA.png Barony of St. Lothar
HalcourtCoA.png Barony of Artois
housekeen.png Barony of Ames
sarkozic.png Barony of Pompourelia
derosiusnewcoa.png Barony of Rosius
OrenianFlag.png Peter IV, Holy Orenian Emperor
OrenianFlag.png Prince John Casimir Novellen
OrenRuthernCOA.png Dzmitry Barrow
oathaman1.png Sir Erik Othaman, Count of Valles
FrederickNovellen.png Frederick I, King of Oren
FrederickNovellen.png Lucien I, Prince-Emeritus of Savoy
FrederickNovellen.png Darius of Mardon, Field Marshal of Oren
~7,600 Infantry ~9,500 Infantry
~7,600 Dead or Wounded ~1,800 Dead or Wounded

Occurring on the 21st of Sun’s Smile, the Battle for New Providence was the largest and the concluding battle of the Brothers’ War. Notably, the Battle was remembered for delivering New Providence into the uncontested hands of Frederick I, the execution of Peter IV, and the obliteration of the bulk of the Imperialist Army.


After the Battle of Reutov, Royalist forces under the command of Darius of Mardon and Andrezj Ivanovich had captured Peter IV and had transported him to New Providence to stand trial before Frederick I. While the initial venture from Reutov to New Providence was successful and uninterrupted, a large host of Imperialist forces began to amass in Imperial strongholds such as Fort Linnord and Reutov. The Imperial host stationed at Fort Linnord fell under the command of the Viscount of Vuillermoz while the Imperial host stationed at Reutov fell under the command of Prince John Casimir Novellen. Together the two hosts coordinated a simultaneous march to the gates of New Providence where they combined their rallies to form a larger army under the command of Prince John and the bastard son of the late Duke of Reutov, Dzmitry Barrow.

Within the walls of New Providence, Peter IV and one of his top military strategists, Erik Othaman were marched into the throneroom of Aster Hall to stand trial before Frederick I. However, upon learning of the Imperialist movement, the trial was postponed. Advisors of Frederick I began sending out birds to nearby Royalist lords for their assistance in the upcoming battle. Legions of soldiers from Blackvale, Mardon, Rivia, Cathalon, and Halstaig began pouring through the back gates of New Providence to join the defense. After organizing the Royalist forces in the town square, Darius of Mardon and the Prince-Emeritus of Savoy, Lucien I, took command of the rally. During the chaos of preparation, Peter IV and Erik Othaman managed to evade guards and hide in abandoned houses in the city where they waited until their army had arrived. Upon the arrival of the Imperialist army, Peter IV and Erik Othaman joined their ranks and assisted in leading the charge against the Royalists.


Knowing they had the larger rally, the Royalist force directed the bulk of its military personnel to the main square to lay in wait for the Imperialist forces in order to engage them in direct melee. The Imperialist forces who lacked the machinery and patience to besiege New Providence responded with a frontal assault. Scouts from the Imperialist rally managed to breach the unguarded gatehouse and lift the gate to allow the Imperial forces to funnel inside of the city. It was then the two forces came face to face. Behind the Imperial forces, the gates were shut close, locking the two forces inside of the city for what would be a deathmatch. Having no other options, the two armies engaged in a quick melee. Due to having superior numbers and warriors, the Royalist faction managed to come out victorious, having only taken a whopping 1,800 casualties which managed to annihilate the entire Imperialist army.


Following the conclusion of the Battle, Peter IV was once more marched back into the throne room of Aster Hall. With him several other notable key members of the Imperialist faction such as Lucia of Azor, Floryan Carrion, and Katerina de Sarkozy had unwillingly joined the procession. After a brief exchange of words between the two leading sovereigns, Peter IV and his consort were executed by the Baron of Cherskavy. Members from the House of Staunton who were Royalist supporters additionally executed Floryan Carrion. Although the final captured Imperialist, Katerina de Sarkozy was quietly ferried out of the hall by Imperialist sympathizers during the chaos of the initial executions.

Upon the conclusion of the executions, several small Royalist hosts commanded by local lords set out into disputed territories to capture Imperialist strongholds. Holdings close to New Providence such as the Barony of Darkwood and the Barony of Carrington were quickly conquered due to the lack of the previously dismantled Imperialist army. With the death of Peter IV and the subsequent quick conquest of Imperialist territories, Frederick I’s claim over Oren became solidified.