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In this simple guide we will cover everything that you need to know to start writing wiki pages for existing lore of the server. The guide will cover a variety of important topics to write lore wiki pages that match the standards of the rest of the wiki, whilst preventing excessive work to the writer and being as informative to the reader as possible.

Refer back to the Wiki Guide and the Rulebook for rules and general help with writing and using the wiki.


When writing a wiki page describing some of the lore of the server, there are a couple of simple principles that you need to remember.

1. The purpose of a lore page on the wiki is not to simply copy and paste the lore from the forums, two copies of the same lore are not needed. The lore page on the wiki is meant to serve as an easily digestible place to read a summary of the lore. Covering everything that is needed for a rudimentary understanding of the lore, with access to the full lore page for more explanation and full understanding.

2. Clearly Provide links back to the original lore.

3. Use backbones to make your life easier, our current backbones should cover basically any piece of lore



To ease the creation of new pages for lore, a number of backbones have been created. Backbones serve as simple formats that can be copied over and simply filled out. Currently in our arsenal, we have a variety of backbones for the creation of lore. Including Magic, Creatures, Flora, Minerals, Potions, and Races. These should not be used and end all and be all for lore pages. If you believe that your lore requires explanation of topics that are not covered by the backbones feel free to add onto the page you are currently working on. Though, in most cases the backbones should be used as the minimum for lore pages, if you believe that some of the topics are extra for the lore that you are creating a page for, speak to a wiki custodian about the issue. On another note, if you believe that a backbone is required for some type of lore, and we are missing it. Feel free to create one yourself or speak to a Wiki Custodian to discuss the issue.

There are a couple things to remember when using backbones for creating pages.

1. Most of the text within the backbones are used as fillers. Make sure not to forget any "Describe the history of the mineral." or "What is the appearance of the potion?" in the final version of the page.

2. Backbones can be expanded upon, feel free to add new sections or expand the sidebar with whatever is needed.

3. Backbones are meant to work with as many pieces of lore as possible, if there are areas of the page that are unneeded, please speak to a Wiki Custodian before removing them.



Navtables are another important resource to use while creating new pages for lore.