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From fraternal lodges and mercenary organizations to thieves guilds and disruptive cabals, numerous organizations have existed across time, and few have managed to survive through the ages, most falling prey to economic turmoil, internal fracturing, and war. Those that have survived often carry with them stories of destructive battles and the tell-tale signs of a traitor. They may speak at length of their experiences in ages long gone, or may have devolved to silence and secrecy in an effort to continue their hard fought survival. Regardless of one's story, or the nature of their existence, the realms of the world have been home to countless guilds and organizations, and this page seeks to inform and provide depth to those of the world. If you find any inaccuracies, whether in summary or content, please contact a member of Wiki Team within the Community Staff to have these corrected.


Church of the Canon
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Canonism is the religion of the Holy Scrolls, or 'the Canon', which are the Word of GOD delivered to the world. Originally referred to as the 'Temple of the True Faith' the church today is simply referred to as the Church of the Canon. The Church operates on a simple hierarchy, overseen by the High Pontiff, who is elected by the Septarchy, or College of Cardinals. Canonism is the dominant religion throughout the Human realms, and is one of the largest and longest continually existing religion on LotC.

Current Leader: His High Holiness, Johannes I

The Brathmordakin

The Brathmordakin are a pantheon of gods, the divine rulers of the dwarven race. There are seven dwarven gods with Yemekar, The Creator, as the strongest and leader of the Brathmordakin. The other gods are a collection of six aenguls and daemons. Dwarves worship all seven gods, but each dwarf has a "main patron" which they try their hardest to please in life, hoping that in death their patron will bid upon their soul to serve in Khaz'A'Dentrumm. The Brathmordakin is maintained by a clergy known as the Da Kirkja Dverga (or simply The Holy Order), with the head of the clergy being called the High Preceptor. This is the dominant religion among Dwarves, with a majority following one of the pantheon members.

Current Leader: High Preceptor, Norli Starbreaker

The Kashgari Pantheon

The Kashgari Pantheon is a faith worshipped by the Karamanoğullari and their converts. It houses a large variety of Shamanistic elements around their creator Kashgar and his many Iyeler descendants, or souls. The faith is heavily oriented around ancestral communication, harmony within the mortal realm and leading a life of temperance and competence. Kashgarism is embodied by the Böö, who is an equivalent to the infidel's High Pontiff and is elected by the Şamanlar: the Shamans that represent a singular family or nation and their passed ancestors.

Current Leader: Leal servant of Kashgar, Guardian of Souls, Böö Oğuz Karamanoğlu