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The Brathmordakin

The Brathmordakin are the Dwarven Gods, the divine rulers of the race. There are nine Dwarven gods with Yemekar, the creator, as the strongest and the de facto leader. The other gods are a collection of eight aengudaemons. The reason Dwarves worship a god is to secure a place for their souls in the afterlife. When a Dwarf dies, his soul travels to Dungrimm’s keep on the moon where it is auctioned off to the god who bids the highest for it. A Dwarf that has faithfully served their god in life will have a much greater chance of bought by and serving that god in the afterlife.

Halfling Spirtism

The halflings are not ones to dwell on religion, but many times they make references to the Harvest Guardian and/or Spirits, stating how they will bring a good harvest if one behaves properly. Once halfligns did meddle in Pumpkinism, but upon spreading to bigg'uns it only brought false belief and improperness.

The Old Faith

The Old Faith is a religion commonly practiced by Northerners and Adunians.


Om'echan is a religion revolved around the five Great Gods of Aegis and the lesser gods that succeeded them in their absence. While in Aegis Om'echan slowly started to grow as a religion, and was followed by people of all races, but once arriving in Asulon many of the followers passed taking the deeper knowledge of the religion with them.

The Viera

The Viera is the religion of the Teutonic Order that believes Asulon and Aegis are inherently different. Hero Gods like Honra, Kriger, Krenari, Elsi and Fagari rule Asulon from the heaven realm Lighthalzen, where their greatest followers live alongside them after death. A religion that honors courage and prowess in battle, The Viera has produced many a great warrior.

Remormed church

The Church believes that each mortal is capable of influencing his own fate by making either "good" or "bad" choices. The reformed Church is highly orthodox and conservative.

The Faith

The Faith was the main religion of the Holy Oren Empire. Many Humans still practice the religion and it is common throughout the Human lands. There are several core beliefs of The Faith.


Muri'jah is a Rassidi pagan religion, still practiced by a small minority of their people. It states that the Creator is the overall superior being, with the Aenguls as his servants, then the Prophets.


Puritarianism is a religion based around the belief of Aeriel as a male god, and the only god. It believes that Aeriel is a figure of purity, whereas Iblees is a figure of corruption, however it also believes that they are both the same, just in different forms. The religion does not believe in other Aenguls or Daemons, instead declaring them as simple forms that Aeriel and Iblees take.


The Valkyrian religion is based around the belief that all races should live together and was brought to the attention of the world after the rise of New Dawn in Asulon.

Religion of the Four

The religion of the Four is the belief that four aenguls, the powerful aenguls of the race, are the servants of the Creator, who when followed grant gifts of peace and happiness in return for converting to the cause of attempting kindliness. It is a belief centered around the betterment of society as a whole, instead of one person by their means.

Aepheism: Wrath of the Sun-God

The belief of Aepheism is that there is one sun god in control of everything, and one primordial deity that is the sun-gods lover. Birthed from them came the elves as the other races evolved from what they lived around: Dwarves from living rock. Orcs from mud, and humans from clay. This belief is often among sun-elves, who believe themselves the last to continue in the true path to their All-Father, the Phoenix.

Orcish spirits

Orcish shamans believe that all elements, ancestors and ideas have a spirit corresponding with them. Different shamans may connect with different spirits, some easier than others. Only the wisest and most learned orcs would know all the spirits, taking years to learn them and understand their powers.

Kharajyr Religion

The belief based on Metztli as the creator of the world and made Kharajyr as perfection. They believe in another god who is the counter part of Metztli, the evil they shown to defend Metztli from. They don't believe in Aenguls or Daemons. The religion has no name than Kharajyr Religon.