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Da Kirkja Dverga


Da Kirkja Dverga is the Dwarven Clergy, the leaders of the Dwarven faith of The Brathmordakin. They spread the teachings of the Brathmordakin to all who wish to follow it. They are Upholders and teachers of the laws of the Brathmordakin; gods of the Dwedmar. The guardians of the faith of the Dwarven race. They are also in charge of organizing the holy orders of the dwarves and makes sure the will of the Brathmordakin is done.


Da Kirkja Dverga has been part of dwarven society since the first Kingdom of Urguan. Their members respected and honored among dwarves. However, with time dwarven society became more militaristic and the clergy soon became weak, during these years it was not uncommon for there not to be any leader of the clergy. Because of these times of lack of leadership the clergy suffered multiple schisms. With time the clergy became strong once more after the rebellion of the Mountain Monarchy, under the leadership of High Prophet Aldal Ireheart.

After the independence of the Frostbeards in the second Frostbeard rebellion the dwarven clergy was once again divided. Starting with High Prophet Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe who led the clergy of New Jornheim at the time, to then High Prelate Thoak Goldhand who created the Ar Yemarin Anaros in New Jornheim when it was about to formally create the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. The creation of Ar Yemarin Anaros formally divided the dwarven religion. Unlike the past form of clergy the Ar Yemarin Anaros was renounced for keeping track of their past leaders and hence despite its short life information about it is as easily found as the original clergy. This would be mainly thanks to the Treebeard High Prelates that led it in different times: High Prelate Ozneat Treebeard, and High Prelate Dutesli Treebeard

Despite the fall of Kaz'Ulrah the Ar Yemarin Anaros reached the continent of Arcas under the wing of the Kingdom of Agnarum. This Kingdom would soon after be renamed as the Under-realm of Urguan. There were three more High Prelates of Ar Yemarin Anaros in Agnarum before it merged back into Da Kirkja Dverga thanks to High Prelate Fili Grandaxe who was the last High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros. When he reunited the clergy High Prelate Fili changed the title of Prelate to Preceptor. This was probably a diplomatic act to unite both clergies. It is important to note that Prophet/Prelate/Preceptor are ranks that mean the same and usually changed due to the influence of politics in religion. Prophet was changed to Prelate by the Ar Yemarin Anaros because they believed that the title of Prophet was a heretical title and that the name was being use to spread the propaganda of Urguan loyalists. The title of Prelate was changed to Preceptor to make sure that Da Kirkja Dverga and its titles was not connected to the politics of the dwarves so that it can remain as a center of unity for dwarfkind. After High Preceptor Fili Grandaxe, Preceptor Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe was elected by the council of Preceptors as the new High Preceptor. Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe focused on having the clergy be able to fend for themselves in the case that the kingdom falls again so they can still guide the dwarves without having to politicize their duties. For this reason he formed Orders that will help the clergy to achive this: The Holy Guard, The Order of Anbella's Word, and The Order of the Moon, being some of them.

Previous Leaders of the Religion

Aldal Ireheart

Aldal was the High Prophet that led Da Kirkja Dverga during Anthos. He was known as an extremely kind an pacifist dwarf. He would try to retire as a leader of the clergy, however, because of the incompetence of some of the dwarves that came after him he had to return multiple times to revive the clergy once more. Aldal became High Prophet again in Axios. He was one of the last High Prophets before the schism.

Chase Irongut

Led the Clergy after High Prophet Aldal Ireheart. Chase was mainly known for his fights against the undead threat. He cleansed the Shrine of Dungrimm of undead beasts in the Kal'Akron undercity.

Lori Ireheart

Came after High Prophet Chase Irongut. Little is known about this High Prophet. One of his known actions was naming Grand King Midgor Ireheart a kinsalyer. He would later be removed and replaced by Aldal Ireheart.

Morug Goldhand

Became High Prophet after High Prophet Aldal Ireheart. He was cracked down on the worship of Wyrvun and other allies of the Brathmordakin. This was one of the main causes of the schism in the Clergy.

Thoak Goldhand

Thoak Goldhand was the first High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros and led the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah through a major religious revival. Due to a lack of interest in religion in the last iteration of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan there was a general lack of knowledge about the Brathmordakin. Thoak took it upon himself to teach the general populace about the ways of the gods, and helped reconnect the dwarves with the Brathmordakin.

Mithrad Frostbeard

Mithrad Frostbeard was the second High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros and helped lead the clergy during the turbulent times after the death of Verthaik II Frostbeard. Mithrad worked closely with Thoak to ensure that the clergy was being well maintained in all Kaz'Ulrah territory and ensured that Dwarves living beyond the main nation were also being visited by his clergymen.

Nerak Frostbeard

Nerak Frostbeard was the third High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros and took the clergy over from Mithrad when Garrond Frostbeard became High King of Kaz'Ulrah. He helped lead some reformations in the clergy which would help aspiring dwarves join in the clergy much easier.

Ozneat Treebeard

Ozneat Treebeard was the fourth High Prelate of Ar Yemarin Anaros he was given this title by the current King of Kaz'Ulrah Thoak Goldhand which he made the Clergy into a more widely spread Clergy following all dwarfs where ever they be preaching and following The Brathmordakin allowing the once known Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah clergy to be known as the dwarven clergy which he gathered dwarfs from all different dwarven nations. In 1692 he stepped down from being the High Prelate handing it over to his Son in hopes he could follow the path that he once took.

Dutesli Treebeard

Dutesli Treebeard was the fifth High Prelate of Ar Yemarin Anaros, she was granted the title once Ozneat Treebeard stepped down as the High Prelate only to give it to his adopted son, Medabo Treebeard, however Medabo was soon later disappeared without any warning leaving the appointed guardian of Medabo to become the High Prelate. Dutesli Treebeard as High Prelate reworked the Ar Yemarin Anaros system saying it was too many unneeded ranks for a Clergy, making Ar Yemarin Anaros very basic when it came to positions. Dutesli's leadership of Ar Yemarin Anaros was said to be very logic for herself was a true believer of peace and unity, she used her position to eliminate all those who had wronged The Brathmordakin by force or with her words. Dutesli also believed that the Prelates of her time was rather useless so she took it upon herself to spread the word of The Brathmordakin.

Fili Grandaxe

Fili Grandaxe was the sixth High Prelate who reformed the clergy into Kirkja Dverga. By doing so becoming the first High Preceptor of the clergy.

Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe

Baldin Frostbeard was the First High Prophet of New Jornehim in this role he talked to Wyrvun in Arcadia, and later on in the new continent of Arcas he became the second High Preceptor of the clergy. In his time as High Preceptor He focused on detaching the religion from politics and protecting the religion from being used as a tool for the king or anyone else. For the protection of the clergy and for it to be able to do its job to the best of its abilities he created a couple of orders which welcomed individuals that were not directly part of the clergy but were willing to help serve the Brathmordakin. Baldin also focused on purging any corruption from within the clergy to make sure its believes are not corrupted. During his time as High Preceptor the clergy reached numbers rarely seen in the clergy. He spearheaded controversial decisions about the clergy like accepting the members of the clergy of Ulrah as default members of the Kirkja Dverga legitimizing their religious leaders. Under his leadership Dutesli Treebeard was made a Hero of the Faith. Baldin stepped down on the year 1728 choosing to return to his duties as Preceptor and founding the order of the Shadow Priests. His greatgreat grand child Lyra Goldhand would take up the mantel of High Preceptor after him as she was elected by the council of Preceptors. In 1731 after Lyra's departure, Baldin was chosen by the council of Preceptors to become once again the High Preceptor. Some years later he fell ill and made Norli Starbreaker his Herald of Yemekar making Norli the dwarf in charge while he was sick. Some years later when Baldin recovered he held a meeting where once again he stepped down and a vote was made to make Norli Starbreaker the new High Preceptor. After the election Norli made Baldin into his Herald of Yemekar.

Lyra Goldhand

Lyra Goldhand was the Third High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga. During her elections all Preceptors casted their vote and all of them chose Lyra as High Preceptor. The first of her kind to become High Preceptor, Lyra's leadership seemed like it would be something new to the clergy. In 1730 she redacted the document called;The Great Purge. With this document she removed those members of the order that seemed unfit for the post. Important members like Fili Grandaxe and Kazrin Starbreaker. That same year she vanished leaving the clergy without a head until Baldin Frostbeard became High Preceptor once againin 1731.

Norli Starbreaker

Norli Starbreaker was the Fourth High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga. He was elected by unanimity after his excellent work as Herald of Yemekar taking over the duties of the second High Preceptor who was deadly ill at the moment.

Ranks of the Clergy

High Preceptor the leader of the Clergy, in charge of overseeing its functions and head of all subordinate ranks.

Preceptor Senior members of the Clergy who are knowledgeable in the Clergy’s teachings and are familiar with all of the gods. They are the most experienced teachers and preachers of the clergy and hold domain over Priests and Initiates. They typically dedicate themselves chiefly to a single god so that they can focus their efforts in one area of theological thought.

Herald Heralds are trusted members of the clergy with dedicated jobs. Heralds are chosen by the High Preceptor and can only be removed from their position by the High Preceptor. Heralds have a say in the council of Preceptors on their respective areas of concern. Only members that are the rank of Priest or above are allowed to become Heralds, however there are some positions only open to specific individuals. Heralds have the most freedom to act independently from the larger clergy, being able to create smaller order to help them do their duties. All Heralds have the ability to be the face of the clergy in their respective fields. Each Herald has their own sigil they must use in official documents alongside the sigil of the clergy. Heralds tend to also lead lesser orders within the clergy like the Dvergaram da Rhadav Varekan.

Priest Priests of the Brathmordakin are experienced in their ways and are familiar with many or all aspects of the gods and the teachings of the Clergy. They are responsible for being mentors to Initiates and to the Dwarven race as a whole. Priests have shown that they are willing to dedicate their lives to the Brathmordakin and work towards mastery and the rank of Prelate.

Initiate Initiates are followers of the Brathmordakin who have shown interest in serving the gods and the Dwarven race though involvement in the clergy. While they are initiates, it is their job to work closely with the other members of the Clergy so that they may learn the teachings of the Brathmordakin and the Clergy fluently and eventually teach others the same.

Acolyte Initiates When a dwarf is too young to officially be in the clergy he/she is given the rank of Acolytes. These dwarf beardlings help around the temple tending to the needs of the preceptors and High Preceptor who teach them on the ways of the Brathmordakin in hopes they will one day be good and responsible members of the clergy.

Orders within Da Kirkja Dverga

Kirkja Akvel The order of the Holy Guards is composed of devout dwarves and other believers of the faith. These guards defends the clergy and make sure the word and tenants of the clergy are obeyed and protected. The Herald in command of this order is always the Herald of Yemmekar. The Herald of Yemmekar is also the second in command to the High Preceptor, hence if the High Preceptor is unavailable the Herald of Yemmekar can temprarely take his/her place.

Dvergaram da Rhadav Varekan The Order of the Hidden Light, or better known as the Order of Shadow Priests. The clergy members that dedicate their service to this order are tasked with the safekeeping of the dead and helping all to have a proper burial. This order is headed by the Shadow Preceptor, a rank that goes hand in hand with the title of Herald of Dungrimm.