War Wiki Guide and Rule Set

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What is the wiki?

The wiki itself is an archive that allowed the community to document and record events in LOTC history. Well, it is ok to have some bias on pages such as nation or settlement pages, all war-related pages must be bias-free due to their conflicting nature on them.

Rules of the war wiki page

  • Everything in the war wiki must remain bias-free, one side will not be favored over the other. If bias does appear on the wiki then the overseeing CT Member will remove it.
    • Example of Bias: In a showcase of triumph, The Orenian Forces managed to push back the Orcs, not without sacrificing brave warriors and honorable warriors.
    • Bias-Free Version: The Orenian Forces managed to repel the Orcs.
  • Do not harass CT Members, if you engage in the harassment of CT Members they reserve the right to report you to moderation who will deal with the situation accordingly.
  • Do not start a wiki war or fight over the wiki page. If this happens then it is subject to being locked by Management.
  • Do not use information from the war wiki page that you do not know in rp, it will be considered meta-gaming and handled by moderation accordingly.
    • If it is in a missive, it is public.
    • If your person was there for it or heard about it then you can know about it.

Requirements for adding battles/skerms

  • Significant roleplay must occur before and after the PvP.
  • The battle in question must have had at least 15 players on both sides
    • All War claims will be added.
    • All sieges will be added.
  • Information is given to the overseeing CT member.

Special Circumstances

  • Death(pk) or Capture and Release of a Major Figure.
  • Death(pk) or Capture and Release of an NL.
  • The battle that started a war.
  • The battle that ended a war.

Requirements for adding allies

  • Defensive/Offensive pact.
  • Public post of allegiance.
  • Confirmation by the NL.
  • Allowed to partake in the war by moderation.

Requirements for adding stuff on the timeline

  • Any major battles or skirmishes.
  • Any allies joining.
  • Any pacts made.
  • Any major/minor events.
  • Flavor text prior to warclaims/sieges.
  • Anything deemed important by CT.

CT Exclusive Rules and Responsibilities

  • The CT Member(s) in charge of the war wiki page is not allowed to participate in the overall conflict in order to remain unbias.
  • The CT Member(s) in charge of the war wiki page must remove any bias they see.
  • The CT Member(s) in charge of the war wiki page may ask the overseeing manager to lock the wiki page if people are fighting over it.
  • The CT Member(s) in charge of the war wiki page may edit the page freely and change inaccuracies if they occur.