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The realms of the known world consist of a number of isles, continents, and other land masses on which the Descendents have settled and journeyed, and otherwise surveyed across the centuries. Although there have been many locations around the known world, this page is specifically set to focus upon those that have been used as maps in the past. By this, they are considered canon locations that the players have enjoyed over the years. From Aegis, our first realm, to that of the current day.

Past realms used as maps cannot be currently visited in any capacity, due to most of them suffering catastrophes, or other destructive events, warranting the inhabitants of the land to flee to somewhere new.

These canon realms are arranged in order from oldest to newest, each of which specifically refers to the intended use of the land. Throughout the centuries, our Descendents have travelled through major and minor realms, major for those of which the majority of planned event lines, established nations, and other standard practices are carried out, and minor for those that were designed to serve as temporary or transition maps.

Historically, most 'major' realms have followed a naming pattern in which the first letter was always an 'A', in reference to legend lore. However, this pattern was broken once for the following the transition from that of Athera to the large realm of Vailor.

Should you note any inaccuracies, please contact a member of Community Staff to have corrections made.

almaris pointofinterest.png

SA 1 - Present

Work in progress.

The Kingdom of HaenseThe Kingdom of NorlandThe Holy Orenian EmpireGrand Kingdom of UrguanThe War Nation of Krugmar

The Federation of SuticaThe Silver State of Haelun'orThe Principality of AegrothondThe Druidic OrderThe Jade State of Yong Ping

arcas pointofinterest.jpg

FA 1705 - SA 1

The isle of Arcas, a largely fertile peninsula south of the great ice wall, separating Atlas (the previous realm) from Arcas (the current realm). A great mountain range dominates the north and north-west areas of the isle, while a small archipelago dominates the south-west. Huge plateaus cross the eastern coast, while a circular mountain rounds Cloud Temple in the middle of the land.

Holy Orenian EmpireRepublic of VesRexdom of KrugmarPrincipality of AegrothondPrincedom of FennKingdom of Haense

Silver State of Haelun'orUnder-Realm of UrguanFederation of SuticaTalus Grove


FA 1643 - FA 1704

Atlas is a wild, mostly uncharted landscape that has next to no mention in ancient texts. This area seems to be sacred to a number of religions and magic arts for unknown reasons but the contient is largely abandoned. Orcish ruins dot the landscape intermixed with elven monuments, some parts of the land display a gorgeous majesty that stands as a testament to this beautiful, almost untouched, landscape

Kingdom of AgnarumKingdom of GladewynnDruidic OrderFederation of SuticaKingdom of Haense

Kingdom of SantegiaEmpire of ManPrincedom of FennSilver State of Haelun'orWar Nation of Krugmar


FA 1571 - FA 1642

Axios consists of three major islands, Tahn, Asul and Ceru. Large ancient ruins can be spotted across the islands, being the remnants of previous colonise

Kingdom of Kaz'UlrahWar UzgHoly Orenian EmpireSilver State of Haelun'or

Princedom of FennDominion of MalinThe Sutican IslesKingdom of Santegia


FA 1513 - FA 1570

The Isles of Vailor followed the realm of Athera and was made up of two larger islands surrounded by many smaller ones. It was replaced by the Realm of Axios.

Grand Kingdom of UrguanIron UzgHoly Orenian EmpireSilver State of Haelun'or • Kingdom of Malin • City-State of Sutica


FA 1470 - FA 1513

Among the most renowned realms of the server, Athera combined experiences from other realms. It contained a new gameplay feature, trying to create the best realm in the history of Lord of the Craft. Fell to a large worm who consumed most of the world.

Reformed Kingdom of OrenGrand Kingdom of UrguanIron Uzg

• The Eldership of Gimblewood • Caliphate of KhalestineRepublic of Salvus


FA 1420 - FA1454

After Asulon fell Anthos was unveiled. Designed to fix issues that had emerged in Aegis and Asulon, it was destroyed by a large flood, causing the remainder of the population to flee into‍ The Fringe.‍

The Shining Princedom of MalinorConclave of MalinKarakatuan EmpireThe Grand Kingdom of Urguan

The Holy Oren EmpireThe Kingdom of RenatusThe Kingdom of HerendulThe Holy Kingdom of RuskaLenfarthing

The Fringe

The Fringe was released as an expansion to Anthos in a similar to fashion to Aegis and The Verge. Located far away from the borders of Anthos; it soon became a refuge for the survivors following the destruction of Anthos. The Black Scourge were defeated here during the time that the descendant races inhabited it.


Thales was designed to allow testing of several new plugins in preparation for Athera and to provide a replacement for The Fringe. It was the most recent minor realm in Lord of the Craft.


FA 1351 - FA 1414

After the Destruction of Aegis the survivors sailed to Asulon. A far larger realm than its predecessor, Asulon contained many more nations, longer travel distances and two new playable races. It existed for approximately 70 years before being abandoned for‍ Elysium.‍

The Holy Princedom of MalinorWar UzgThe Empire of UrguanThe Holy Empire of OrenMenorcressHaelun'orKingdom of Holm

Kingdom of AlrasKingdom of RenatusRealm of HansetiKingdom of GalaharKingdom of SalvusKingdom of Seventis


After the fall of Asulon the survivors sailed to Elysium. Made mostly of tall mountains and many deserts, Elysium had many dangerous mobs. It is also remembered as having a large chicken population. It was released before Kalos and existed alongside it for some time.


A world made to complement Elysium, Kalos had several large islands. The defining feature was the Badlands, an area of the Wilds where many server rules were relaxed. About 10 years was spent in Elysium and Kalos before moving to Anthos.


FA 1305 - FA 1351

The first realm of the server, Aegis is where Iblees fought the Descendent races and everything was made. Existing for slightly over 1350 years, Aegis was eventually conquered and destroyed by the Undead.

Old Kingdom of OrenGrand Kingdom of UrguanHoly Princedom of MaliorRexdom of Krugmar

Kingdom of AlrasKingdom of RenatusHansetiSalvusFree Kingdom of Aerarium

The Verge

The Verge was originally released as a new area for peoples of Aegis to explore and collect resources in. It gained a prominent part in the server lore when it was used by the surviving Aegeans after the Destruction of Aegis to flee to Asulon. It was not as large as Aegis and did not have nearly as large a population. The world was notable for having very dangerous fauna.

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