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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Aegis (1300-1351) was the very first Realm featured on the Lord of the Craft. Topics on Aegis are wide ranging, including the races that inhabited the lands, nations and cities that formed the heart of Aegis. In 1351 Aegis fell to the Undead after their increasingly greater attacks, and it was abandoned in favour of Asulon.


See: Ancient History and Modern History of Aegis


Major Nations of Aegis

Cities and Settlements

Notable Figures

  • Syrio Forel - Former High King of Alras, known for his suave tactics in diplomacy and his great skill in accumulating vast amounts of wealth, his name went on to almost embody the principles to which the Kingdom of Alras stood for. Though originally at odds with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan during the reign of Thorik Grandaxe, detached from the nation and brought forth the illustrious merchant nation of Alras.
  • Gaius Marius - Founding Hochmeister of the Teutonic Order and Hansetian patriot, responsible for countless military triumphs including the total subjugation of the Kingdom of Oren in Aegis.
  • Mogroka'Gorkil - The leader of the Great Cultural Revival, Mogroka lead the Orcs into their Golden Age. At their peak the Orcs could outnumber a majority of factions and orders with Mogroka as their Rex. His rule is defined as the peak of Orcish civilization and since his disappearance the Orcs have seen a significant decline.
  • High Prince Native - Known as the Bearded Elf, Native was the first High Prince of Malinor after Malin's death, and is considered the greatest and most renowned Elven leader to ever live. Through High Prince Native, the Elves were at the height of their golden age. They held vast amounts of land, provinces, wealth an most of all, respect. Under High Prince Native existed the militant defenders of Malinor, the Wardens, Aegis' largest military body that dwarfed all other orders and nations in terms of troops.
  • Urir Ireheart - Often regarded to have displayed the traits of an Ireheart more than any other, Urir was known for his fierce disposition and stoicism in battle. Though at first a very controversial figure due to his aggressive and merciless nature, he later sacrificed himself to safe the lives of the descendants as they fled from Aegis, and for his actions was declared a Paragon of the dwarven faith. Unfortunately Urir paid the ultimate price for his valiant deed and was turned into an undead himself.
  • Thorik Grandaxe - Founder of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Thorik was a towering figure and a noble leader who did away with the status quo, and with the help of his advisers invented a new form of government and leadership for the dwarven nation to rule by. He was known as a diligent and resolved leader, as well as a hardened warrior, who led the dwarves to victory in the Great War of Aegis. Unfortunately, he was slain outside Kal'Azgoth by the servants of Ondnarch.
  • Valen Grandaxe - A long-serving Lord of the dwarven nation for many centuries, Valen was a dwarf who many aspired to live up to. Known for his kindhearted nature and adeptness with words, he served his kin with unending loyalty, acting as a diplomat and tactician during the Great War of Aegis, and later venturing into the nether as one of the three heroes who attempted to challenge the Undead scourge. Shortly before his death at the grip of the Nether Curse, he played an important role in forming the Articles of Urguan and helped to establish much of the known history on the Ironborn Clan.
  • Brett Perea - Former Oren political figure.
  • Dawn Perea - Popular baker and proprietor of 'Dawn's Bakery' in Al'khazar in Aegis and Queen of Oren towards the end of Aegis' time.
  • Pampo Perea - Former King of Oren. He was slain by Overlord Freyj of the Undead at the battle of Al'khazar.
  • Edmund Sheffield - Former King of Oren.
  • Enor Sheffield - Former King of Oren.
  • Ivrae Sheffield - Former Queen of Oren.
  • Eze'kiel Tarus - First King of the Kingdom of Renatus.
  • The Wandering Wizard - The most powerful magic wielder and protector of Aegis. Well known for his constant support to the four races and slaying both High Prophet Rott and Overlord Freyj of the Undead.
  • Overlord Freyj - Original Overlord of the Undead. Reigned for a short time until he was slain by The Wandering Wizard after killing King Pampo Perea at the battle of Al'khazar.
  • Prophet Rott - Original Prophet of the Undead. Was also slain by The Wandering Wizard. Was vital in corrupting people into the Undead.
  • Overlord Tyrion - First known as Inquisitor Tyrion, the former Lord of Whisper Isle rose to Overlord, founding the first Undead Keep in the north and leading attacks against Snowy Fields and Alstion.
  • High Prophet Fyrste - Turned by Rott on the first night of Undead attacks, he spearheaded corruption tactics against the people of Aegis. Under his leadership, the Undead completed their conquest of Aegis, which included the fall of Snowy Fields, Alstion, Al'khazar, Ravenhold, Alras, Laurelin, Galahar, Kal'urguan and Sanhar. Author of many malevolent works depicting Undead atrocities.
  • Kip, Gimblo, and Len - The Three 'founding fathers' of an organized halfling kind. Sometimes lesser known than Petyr Brandybuck, the three all are known among the halflings and scholars of the world as the first true halflings.
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