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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

The caverns of Menorcress are the eternal sanctum for the Mori'Quessir, which served as their nation and capital city. They lived in Asulon for over one thousand years before the arrival of the Aegis survivors and had established a complex society in Menorcress. The city itself was considered one of the greatest labyrinths of the lands; often those that stepped into the city found themselves lost for countless days. When Asulon was abandoned the caverns of Menorcress were blocked off, preventing anyone from entering or exiting. The ultimate fate of the Mori'Quessir and the caverns is unknown.

Noble Families

Each section of the city was controlled by a different Noble Family, each with their own specialties and all ruled over by the Royal Family.

Duskryn House

The Duskryn House are, despite their origins have shown themselves more than able to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. A freak experiment from the former Valsharess, Meleresse Miiystra: their unusual heritage as a collective has enabled the Duskryn members a rather unique outlook on the Mori'Quessir society, and has shown much worth with regard to versatility of their talents. From cultural aspects to politics and diplomacy, the Duskryn serve in all fields for the city of Menorcress.

Alean’ndar House

This house's specialty is entertainment and is one of the few male rule families in the city. City happiness, social activities. Owns, runs and operates; taverns, brothels, theatres, inns, gambling dens, fight clubs, races, and the Grand Library. Also plans social events and public shows for the city. Runs the Bardic Collage for the training of Bards who specialize in sings, instrument playing, fortune telling and story telling.

Tiers of the City

The City of Menorcress is made of several tiers or levels that increase in elevation with tier one being the the lowest and where the city entrance is located.

Tier One

Located on this Tier is the marketplace, information building, apartments, shops mines, docks and slums.

Tier Two

Homes and business are located on this tier along with the entrance to the Academy Cavern. Notable businesses on this tier are the blacksmith, The Reaver's Dice and the city's most popular bar, The Torchlight Tavern.

Tier Three

Located on this Tier are more homes, both compounds of the Alean'ndar and Duskyrn Families, and the Bardic College.

Tier Four

Lastly the fourth and finally tier holds the Citadel, the seat of power in the Mori society.