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The Fringe is a minor realm similar to the Verge, notable for being the true home of the Order of the Golden Lance.

To reach the Fringe the people of Anthos had to open an ancient door under the Cloud Temple of Anthos. The Black Scourge had there, after it's capture, mined down until they reached it. It was protected by holy magic, and closed. The Door of Eternity, as some had called it, needed three keys to be opened. The Order of the Golden Lance had the most knowledge on that door, and knew how to open it. They searched for many years for the keys, with they would not have found without the help of the people of Anthos aiding them. When the keys were collected, the Golden Lance leaders set to open the door, being attacked by the Scourge in it's way. If not by the brave armies of the nations, they would not have succeeded. Behind the Door, a long tunnel existed. After a long walk, they reached the land of the Fringe.


The Fringe is surrounded by large mountains on all sides, most unable to be climbed. The hills are of various materials, including obsidian, sandstone, and clay. Precious minerals are scarce, and with the end of Anthos, they have to live with what they had brought from their former home. Many of the nations decided that it would be best to move to this new land, and soon new cities were beginning to be built. The monks moved their temple there as well.


The war against Setherien and the Black Scourge reached it's end after the End of the Anthosian era. Guided by the Order of the Golden Lance, the descendants uncovered the parts of the mythical weapon created to defeat the Black Drakaar. The armies of all the mortal races united and found it's way to the Red Realm, the place where the armies and Setherien stayed. There they fought against the appearing armies of corrupted beings, but advanced slowly onto the main castle of Setherien. For three elven days they fought in those lands, until they reached the Drakaar, the main battle started. The mortal's attacks did not seem to damage the great beast, and many were falling from it's attacks. The battle even moved to the temple area of the Fringe, where the Order of the Golden Lance was able to prepare their weapon. With a clear shot to the heart of the beast, it was destroyed, and peace from the dark forces returned to the land, but war between the mortals had not ended.

A great war between most of the nations started and ended in the Fringe. It was a war between the Krughanistan Bloc and the Crimson-Silver. The Krughanistan Bloc was made up of Kal'Urguan, Krugmar, Alras and the Teutonic Order. The Crimson-Silver alliance was composed by the Imperium of Oren, and the Silver Enclave of Haelun'or. The war started by reasons of disrespect, pride of the nations, alliances of one side which became enemies with another, but mostly because of raids and attacks being performed on all sides.

An illness that was then named Khorvad's Grip by some then flooded the realm. The illness was greatly contagious and great activity placed those infected in large amounts of pain. As such, both sides of the war agreed in a truce, so as to stop the spread of the plague, and as well because their own men could not fight. While peace agreements were never reached, no major hostilities were performed again.

After the illness started to be controlled, the Realm started to decay. A huge drought appeared, and started to destroy the crops and kill the animals. The temperature rose and lakes, rivers and farms started to dry up. The drought was lasting so much that the people of the Fringe started to try and find a way out of those lands, for their own survival. A bright crimson light rose into the sky as visions heralded the way to a paradise free from the drought of the realm. Desperate, the descendants made their way to a portal which lead them from the dead realm of the Fringe and to Thales on the year 1465.


  • Vekaro - A human town located in the center of the Fringe.
  • Kaldonia - The capital city of the Imperium of Oren.
  • Krughanistan - The old city of the orcs, located in the desert.
  • Kal'Arkon - The Dwarven city in the Fringe, built into a large rock formation surrounding a lake.
  • Tahn'siol - the capital city of the Silver Enclave of Haelun'or, it was composed of four districts, one for each subrace and another for the Snow Elves.
  • Atgaard - A trade town not associated with any nation.
  • Alras - A merchant city located on top of Kal'Arkon after Alras' revival.
  • Ivybend- Residence of Most of the Halflings.
  • Orc camp- A new settlement for the orc nation near the cloud temple.
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