Kingdom of Agnarum

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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.
Kingdom of Agnarum
Thrummazos ur Agnarum
Official Flag of Agnarum
Capital: Kal'Azgaryum
Languages: Dwed
Religion: Brathmordakin
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
King : Utak Ireheart
Founders: Gimli Metalfist, Grimrodd Hammerforge, Fimlin Grandaxe, Grilthram Hammerforge, Bjor 'Sugartits' Cottonwood, Dwarger Silvervein, Utak Ireheart, Ulhart Grandaxe, Borin Grandaxe
Historical Era:

Founding of Agnarum (1690)

Preceded by:

Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan
Confederation Of Hammers.png Confederation of Hammers
Kingdom of Bogrin

Succeeded by:

agnarum.png Under-Realm of Urguan

The Kingdom of Agnarum, commonly called Agnarum, (in Dwarven; Thrummazos ur Agnarum) is the dwarven nation formed after the Kingdom of Bogrin merged with the Confederation of Hammers to create a better home for their dwarven kin. Following in the footsteps of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Agnarum is a home for all dwarves that adheres to the Dwarven Spirit and the Brathmordakin Religion.

The Kingdom of Agnarum's name has a double meaning; with Agnarrum meaning Mountains and Agnarumm meaning Mountain's Folk.

In 1706, Fimlin Grandaxe announced the creation of the Under-Realm of Urguan and Agnarum became a kingdom of the Under-Realm.


After the splintering of the Dwarven race during the War of the Beards The Dwarves were scattered to different lesser nations. Among these nations were the Confederation of Hammers and the Kingdom of Bogrin. These two dwarven nations saw the need for unity among their kin after fighting against the September Prince from the lands nearby Kal'Bogrin. Thus they formed together to create the Kingdom of Agnarum.



Before the founding of Agnarum

The dwarves were splintered across numerous different groups and nations following the fall of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. While the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah became the largest, many dwarves were dissatisfied with their ways, and practice of kinslaying. The Confederation of Hammers was eventually founded with the idea of being an equal council of dwarves that could prevent a tyrant from gaining power. Due to their challenging of Kaz'Ulrah's overlordship of the dwarves, they attacked the capital, Azgaryum numerous times, though never successfully. The threat increased, however, when Kaz'Ulrah brought the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna to their side against the Confederation, and the human allies in Whitepeak also abandoned the Confederation for Renatus. This caused the Confederation of Hammers to collapse, with many such as the Silvervein clan abandoning it for Kaz'Ulrah. Some remained in the Confederation, though it faded out from dwarven politics.

Years later, the Grandaxe clan being disunited between Kaz'Ulrah and Holm(A dwarven-run republic home to many races) decided to abandon both and found the Kingdom of Bogrin named after the first Grandaxe. This caused outrage in Kaz'Ulrah, though the situation never escalated to direct hostility. The Kingdom was founded to be a "third path" for the dwarves and to show that if unity among the Grandaxes can be reclaimed, the same can be done for the dwarves. The September Prince, an evil being aiming to destroy cities across Atlas destroyed the city of the High Elves, position just northeast of Bogrin. The Grandaxes, now joined by the Ireheart clan launched an offensive to repel the Prince from the area. Before the battle began, remaining dwarves from the Confederation of Hammers arrived to help, and the offensive was successful. Seeing what they could do together; Bogrin and the Confederation began to think of merging as one.

Azgaryum, the capital of the Confederation of Hammers was destroyed in an attack by ratmen from the cavern depths. In retaliation, the Dwarves of the Confederation, along with a force from Bogrin pushed into the caverns below and found a large cavern with a ruined city inside it. With Azgaryum gone, the Confederation chose the ruined city, named Kaz'ad Barakir as their new capital and announced a resurgent Confederation of Hammers. Because of this the Silvervein clan returned, along with many of the Starbreaker and Stormfist Clan.

After the founding of Agnarum

Seeing so many of their kin move into Kaz'ad Barakir, the Grandaxes and Irehearts living in Bogrin merged with the Confederation and founded the Council of Agnarum. With the merge, Agnarum became the largest nation of dwarves and the new center of dwarven culture, politics, and influence.

While dwarven culture prospered in Agnarum, little was done to reform the government, military, guilds, as well as repairing the city. To this effect, The Articles of Agnarum were written, and Fimlin Grandaxe was unanimously elected to be the First King of Agnarum. Due to the burning the schematics to repair Kaz'ad Barakir, a new city was constructed in the same cavern and named Kal'Azgaryum, after the original city.

During the Third Atlas Coalition War Agnarum remained neutral, even though their dwed kin of Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah was involved. After the fall of Kaz'ulrah, many of its Dwedmer joined Agnarum, but kept to remember their old ways and traditions.

Under High King Fimlin Grandaxe The kingdom knew relative peace, wealth, and joy.


When arriving to Arcas the Dwarves of Agnarum built a glorious new city, the city of under the sun, the city of Kal'Varoth. It was maginificant and designed to house all of the dwarven kin, with the forest dwarves residing in the herfumm village.


While those who live in the Kingdom of Agnarum reside in Kal'Azgaryum, but holds control over the outlying settlements founded by the dwarven nations that formed it.


  • Kal'Azgaryum Originally known simply as Azgaryum, it was the capital of the Confederation of Hammers until its destruction. In its wake it was rebuilt and given the Kal' prefix after denoting it the capital. The original Azgaryum was constructed by the Metalfists, Silverveins and Hammerforges while the rebuilt city was designed by the architect Fimlin Grandaxe.
  • Kal'Bogrin A small hold founded by the Grandaxe clan used to be the seat of the Kingdom of Bogrin until the formation of Agnarum.
  • Hefruth Narvak A village founded by the Cottonwood clan it was formed during the time of the Confederation under Boldrumir Cottonwood now used as a base of operation for the Forest Dwarf
  • Bailestrun A village founded by two friends, Civ Stormfist and Kanto Stormfist the village was once under the Silvervein clan during the time of the Confederation of Hammers, when the Silverveins left the Confederation Bailestrun became independent, soon after the founders suddenly left without a trace, the village itself has swapped hands many times over the years of the original founders disappearance, Before Egoi Stormfist retook the village transforming the ruin into a village for his clan.



Agnarum's culture comes from the collective culture of the clans that inhabit it. Many of the inhabitants are warriors or craftsdwed, with the Dwarven Legion being very prominent in daily dwarven life. At its core the dwarves of Agnarum have a firm belief that kinslaying of other dwarves is wrong, and thus have a strong dislike of the Frostbeard and Ironborn clans. Agnarum also holds true to the dwarven traditions that shaped the dwarves, as well as the Brathmordakin Religion of the dwarves,

Common Phrases

"Narvak oz Agnarum!, Narvak oz Dwedmar!" meaning "Glory to Agnarum!, Glory to the dwarves!" is a common phrase used to praise the Kingdom and the dwarves.


Agnarum's religion is the religion of the Dwarves, The Brathmordakin.


Council Members

Silvervein: A prosperous clan of Mountain Dwarves with rich history. The Silverveins cover a wide range of professions and vocations. Ultimately they are known to be skilled miners and warriors. This clan is one of the founders of the Confederation of Hammers.

Grandaxe: An influential clan of mountain dwarves that has stood the test of time. Grandaxes are known to be noble warriors; equally skilled in both battle and politics. Most Grandaxes are distinguishable by their fiery hair, though not all of them carry this trait. Above all else, Grandaxes adhere to a code of honor and hold the rest of their kin in high regard.

Ireheart: An elder clan known to be ferocious warriors that fear little on the battlefield. Irehearts are a mountain dwarf clan, though their physical features tend to be variant they are differentiated by their numerous tattoos.

Hefrumm: The Forest Dwarves community, known for being very religious, druids, and great chefs. That community consists of the Cottonwood, Treebeard and Mossbeard Clans.

Metalfist: A clan born from within the chaos of the dissolving of the first Confederation of Hammers. Gimli Metalfist, the clan founder, created the clan under the name of his father's company and nickname; "Metalfist."The clan was on creation founded by Dwedmar of Steelheart culture. The Dwedmar of the 'Spoils of War'. The clan in current days focuses more on refining their craftsmanship, though keeping their military traditions as Steelhearts high and praised.

Starbreaker:An Elder clan of Cave Dwarves mostly comprised of smiths, miners, and Golemancers. They are known for their scholar pursuits and their smithing ability, capable of creating weapons and armor of masterful skill.

Irongut: Irongut Clan is an elder clan. This clan is most notable for its line of ascended blood and accepted use of magic within the dwarven society. Since their creation in Aegis, the Ironguts had held much influence within the dwarven timeline, presenting their own grand kings multiple times.

Not Council Members

Hammerforge: A clan that consists mostly of blacksmiths founded by Grilthram Hammerforge, the first Runesmith of his clan. This clan is young but influential and the founders of the Confederation of Hammers.

Emberhorn: A clan of Mountain Dwarves known to be formidable fighters despite their smaller numbers. They are also distinguished by their ability to ride rams into combat.

Irongrinder: Founded on the principles of honor and duty to Urguan’s legacy, some of the greatest engineers and runesmiths of Dwarven kind carried the name Irongrinder.

Stormfist: A clan of mountain dwarves, widely known for there strange hair color and having very weak blood ties to snow elves, they are also known as scholars, explorers and wanders most notable, survivors.

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