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Kingdom of Salvus (1300-1420)
Salvian King Seal
Republic Of Salvus (1468 - 1520)
Salvian Republic Banner
Capital: Solace - Asulon
Kingston - Anthos
Leone - Athera


Demonym: Salvian
Government: Monarchy - 1300-1425
Republic - 1468-1520
King/Queen of Salvus (1300-1425): Perea Family - 1300s
Hightower Family - 1400-1420
Bedevere Family - 1425
Chancellor of Salvus (1468-1520): David Campos

The nation of Salvus was established in Aegis by Enor Sheffield and Dawn Perea following the Phoenix Revolution and collapse of Oren. In Asulon, the nation established the capital of Solace and continued to live in peace until a coalition declared war upon them. Salvus was eventually added to the Kingdom of Renatus, which later became the Holy Oren Empire. Salvus continued to exist in Anthos as a large and vital part of the Empire. When the Empire collapsed Salvus became an independent kingdom once more until its fall in a siege to a coalition of orcs, dwarves, and humans. Whilst later iterations of Salvus existed, it had already passed its peak by late Anthos. By the time of Athera Salvus would once again find itself refounded as a Republic becoming a jewel in the realm by survivors of the dissolved kingdom. It would however meet its eventual dissolution due to poor conditions during the nation's arrival in Vailor and eventual hunger from the new cold environment sparking revolutions.


In Aegis, the island that Salvus was established on was not widely known. The once nameless island was the childhood home of Lady Dawn Perea. After she met and married King Perea, she kept returning to the small island, using it as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of Al'Khazar. Soon, her closest friends followed her there, each one building their own abode and experiencing the peace and tranquility of the tiny landmass. Following the destruction of Al’Khazar and Winterfell, the island received a new purpose. By opening the doors of her vacation home to all who were now homeless, adding as many rooms as possible within its walls, and then branching out as new structures were needed, the island of Salvus was transformed.

In Asulon, the people of Salvus reestablished their peaceful nation on land directly south of the Cloud Temple Sanctuary. The capital of Solace grew rapidly and became the largest city in Asulon. Salvus joined the coalition in war against Renatus. King Enor disappeared from the nation and Edwin Sheffield began to rule in his absence. Over time King Sheffield and Queen Dawn were increasingly seen as unfavourable rulers from both within and outside of Salvus, as were their military force, the Peacekeepers. When a coalition declared war on Salvus and Queen Dawn was killed, Salvus was acquired by Renatus. The city of Solace became nearly devoid of life. When the rest of the Human lands were added to Renatus it was renamed to the Holy Oren Empire. Salvus was eventually given to the Hightower family by Emperor Godfrey and their rule was marked by a largescale resettlement of Salvus.

Salvus was again established in Anthos and was well-known as a large source of wheat and ale for the Empire. It however suffered from intense political pressure and internal corruption among its ruling nobles, as well as an increasing population and crime rate that could not be curbed with its guard force. As a result it received major ire from those within the realm of humanity. With the fall of the Empire, Salvus became an independent nation again for a short while until its eventual fall to a coalition of orcs, dwarves, and humans in a siege as a result of a failed diplomatic gamble by its ruling family the Bedeveres who eventually fled the enflamed Kingdom. The decline of Salvus is largely written about in A Shield's Memoirs.

In Athera, Salvus was refounded by former shield and cardinal cross Lord Commander David Campos along with many other old Salvians. Casting away the failures of nobility of the past, a Republic would rule firm over the nation with elected positions for governance. One such position being the Chancellor who'd serve as the head of state. Designating the capital as Leone, it'd become a jewel among a torn realm of war and political mischief and would boast a strong industry, enlightened ideals, and a powerful guard force.

The Republic of Salvus would migrate to the realm of Vailor just as every other nation. However, the historical tragedies of Salvus returned with the Republic being pushed off course by a storm and forced to land in a much colder region within the north compared to the Salvian's preferred 'green and warm' landscape. A city of beauty would be constructed however with agitation erupting due to orenian agents infiltrating and hunger becoming more wide-spread due to sabotage the nation would eventually break apart after a civil war left the landscape barren.

Notable figures

- Dawn Perea - Former Queen.

- Enor Sheffield - Former King.

- Edwin Sheffield - Former King.

- Ella Perea - Former princess.

-James Hightower- Former King

-Lancel Hightower- Former Prince

-Aron Bedevere- Former King

-Ostromir Carrion- Former King

-David Campos- Former Chancellor

Salvus has been ruled by the Sheffields, Pereas, Hightowers, and Carrions. In its transition to a Republic, it'd be under the rule of David Campos until its dissolution.


Salvus has had some of the largest and most populated cities in Asulon and Anthos.

    • Asulon**

Salvus was dominated by the capital city of Solace, where many people tended to congregate. Salvus was a place of peace and prosperity. The capital city of Solace was divided into two sections: the inner city and outer city. The inner city was namely the church of worship, shops, a tavern, Dawn's Bakery, and low to high wealth homes. In the inner city, home taxes were paid in Minas, while in the outer city, they could be paid with either minas or wheat. In both cases, house basements were not legal unless paid for.

The peace keepers of Salvus were just that: the Peacekeepers. They protected the city and ensured peace. Unfortunately, the guard force appeared to start to fall to corruption. The guard force was disbanded and reformed as the Ordinators. These were headed by Timayame as Head Ordinator. These, however, also were viewed as corrupt by the people.

Once the most populated Human city, it fell to neglect after the defeat of Salvus by the coalition. The physical war seemed to be headed by the "Twilight Army", as well as many noble houses. Hanseti was originally arrayed against Salvus, though they later changed sides. This made Salvus's list of allies to be the Dwarves and Hanseti, against the Orcs, Seventis, the Twilight Army, Renatus and Alras. They took Riven without too much resistance, killing more Ordinators. When the time came, Salvus was taken over. During the war, King Sheffield abandoned Queen Dawn, leaving her the sole ruler. She was later attacked by her own guard force, being protected only by her friend, Edward Talbot, who perished alongside her.

    • Anthos**

Kingston was the capital and one of the largest cities in Anthos. A compact city, it was often well populated and conducted much of the Human trade. The city was closed down by order of Emperor Godfrey I using the threat of disease and high levels of crime as cover. In reality the Emperor sought to punish the Kingdom for its participation in the Battle of the Dreadfort between the Teutonic Order and the Blackmonts/Flays during the height of the Orenian Civil War. At his command, the first Knights of Saint Amyas and the Order of the White Rose initiated martial law and slaughtered the disarmed guard force mercilessly.

After the Empire had fallen it once again reopened after the salvian military convinced the new ruling family, the Bedeveres to reopen the gates and was protected by the Legion of the Cardinal Cross until its fall to the coalition of orcs, dwarves, and humans in a siege. This was caused by the Bedeveres abandoning their alliance with dwarves of Urguan in favor of the newly reformed Kingdom of Oren for political favor. Oren would send no military as they'd preferred the city to fall due to past greivences.

    • Athera**

The City of Leone would become the capital of the Salvian Republic in the southern lands of Athera. It quickly became one of the largest settlements in the realm boasting industry, enlightment, and diplomatic strength as it unified the disorganized free-settlements of the southern continent.

    • Vailor**

The Salvian Republic would repeat its history of tragedy after a storm blew its people adrift, forcing the nation to land and settle in the harsh and cold environment of northern vailor, a landscape the people of Salvus were not accustomed to. While a city boasting beautiful architecture was built, it would not be long before hunger created revolution with Orenian agents funding a rebellion. The Civil War between loyalists and rebels would tear the Republic apart and lead to its dissolution.


In Aegis, Salvus was confined to the Isle of Salvus, near the former lands of Oren. In Asulon, Salvus was largely composed of plains and grasslands, especially around the capital, but there were also numerous features such as mountains and forests. In Anthos, Salvus was situated in the west of the Human lands, among flat and grassy plains. In Athera, Salvus was located in the southern hemisphere of the eastern continent. In Vailor Salvus was confined to the cold north-western peninsula.