Pampo Perea, King of Oren

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Pampo I
Pampo Perea.jpg
King of Oren
Reign: Unknown-1304
Coronation: Unknown
Predecessor: Daniel Horen
Successor: Edmund Sheffield
Born: 1125, Aegis
Death: 1304
House: Perea Family
Spouse: Dawn Perea
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Pampo Perea, also known as Pampo I, King of Oren, was a former King of Oren and Lord of Winterfell. He was killed during an assault on Al'Khazar in 1304 during the Undead invasion of Aegis. His seneschal, Edmund Sheffield, succeeded him to the throne of Oren and surpassed his eldest son Rhonin. He was married to Dawn Perea, with whom he had Rhonin Perea, Brett Perea, and Ella Perea.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Rhonin Perea 1280's? Dead Unwed Firstborn son to Pampo and Dawn Perea. May have died in destruction of Asulon
Brett Perea 1280's? Dead Unwed Secondborn son to Pampo and Dawn Perea. Died in Aegis
Ella Perea 1280-1290's? Dead Unwed Firstborn daughter to Pampo and Dawn Perea