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There were many nations throughout the history of Lord of the Craft. Some kept the same names throughout realms, while some only lasted for one realm. In order to be considered a full on nation some conditions must be met, including complete political and military independence, recognition by other nations and existence for at least one Elven week. These are subject to change. Nations all have distinct Political Systems in place.

Aegis Nations

In Aegis there were originally four racially-based nations:

  • Oren, the nation of the Humans.
  • Urguan, the nation of the Dwarves.

Independent Kingdoms

Neutral in all sense of the word, not aligning themselves with any singular race.

The Free Kingdom of Aerarium, a peaceful nation with the city of Aeriel (city). Founded in 1312, in a remote location on the trail to Havens[[. Alras, the merchant nation, peaceful in all that it was. Alras, was located to the west of the King's Road, connected by the High King's Road It was to the south of Oren and the north of Kal'Urguan.

Phoenix Revolution

Following the Phoenix Revolution, Oren split into three nations:

  • Realm of Hanseti, from the lands of the Teutonic Order. Hanseti ruled over the far eastern reaches of Old Oren. The long trip through forest, desert, and mountains provided a less than enjoyable journey to the capital city of Hanseti.
  • Kingdom of Renatus, from the former lands of Oren. The Knight's town located on the King's Road. To the south was Kal'Urguan and Whisper Isles, and Alras and Al'Khazar were to the north.
  • Salvus,A peaceful nation, Salvus was confined to the Isle of Salvus, near the former lands of Oren. Salvus was eventually added to the Kingdom of Renatus, which later became the Holy Oren Empire

Asulon Nations

In Asulon, the Mori'Quessir were discovered to have their own nation of Menorcress. Krugmar took on the name of The War Uzg. There were the following nations from Aegis:

  • Alras at the fall of Aegis, the nation Alras sailed King Syrio's Beard towards Asulon. Though this time Alras wouldn't be as much as a peaceful nation as it once was. After many years of war, the dwarves would overtake it to be renamed Kaz'alras.
  • Hanseti at the fall of Aegis, the nation Hanseti, would also sail to Asulon. Though much like Alras their nation would be riddled with wart times.
  • Grand Kingdom of Urguan The nation of Urguan strong as its always been. In the newly rebuilt city of Kal'Karik, disagreements arose between Thorik and the Irongut Clan Father, Hiebe Irongut, leading a group of dwarves to leave the Kingdom, forming the island nation of Holm in the far northeast of the continent. Descending Urguan in an Isolationism time.
  • Holm was created on an island near the Elven lands by a group of Dwarves shortly after arriving in Asulon.
  • Salvus was attacked by a coalition of Hanseti, Renatus, Seventis, the War Uzg, Alras and the Twilight Army. The nation became part of Renatus. When plague broke out in Seventis and eventually spread across the whole of the lands that nation agreed to be annexed by Renatus. Following the beginning of a war between Hanseti and Renatus the former surrendered. With all Human lands reunited they were renamed to the Holy Oren Empire.
  • Seventis The Nation of Seventis created when several towns located near the Sanctuary of the Cloud Temple joined together and moved to a new location to establish the new nation.

Asulon Fallen

When Asulon fell, there were the following nations:

  • Holm
  • Holy Oren Empire
  • Urguan
  • Malinor
  • The War Uzg

Anthos Nations

The Mori'Quessir remained in Asulon and Holm was never recreated in Anthos. In Anthos The War Uzg ceased to be a nation, and the Orcs divided themselves into the Orcish Clans as they have for centuries. Haelun'or separated from Malinor, forming the Enclave of Haelun'or. The Holy Oren Empire dissolved, splitting into five Kingdoms, all of which became Dwarven vassals. Ruska hastily annexed Adunia and Galahar. After some time, the Kingdoms of Ruska and Oren were granted independence.

Over time, the Kingdom of Ruska enveloped the Kingdom of Oren and reformed the Holy Oren Empire, the Orcs conquered the Kingdom of Salvus and converted it into the new Orcish capital, Gronkkston, and the once grand Dwarven empire lost the majority of their lands. The former Human capital of Abresi was torn down and rebuilt in a much more compact manner. It was called New Abresi. Somewhere during this period, the Kingdom of Herendul became recognized by the Holy Oren Empire. It was comprised almost entirely of Human Northerners and sat right on the border with the Frozen North.

Then the Black Scourge began to assault many of the lands on Anthos, in an attempt to terrorize its inhabitants. The Elven capital of Laurelin was hit the hardest, and the entire city was completely destroyed and covered in taint. Efforts began to construct a temporary refugee camp next to the destroyed city, and this camp eventually became the new Elven capital of New Malinor. Shortly after, the Dwarves moved from their previous capital of Kal'Azgoth to the city of Kal'Ithrun, much closer to the Nation's Crossing.

Around this time, the Holy Oren Empire was dissolved once more and became simply the Kingdom of Oren. This kingdom existed unchanged for 20 or so years before it united with the Kingdom of Herendul, however they kept the name of the Kingdom of Oren. A few years passed, with relatively no change in any of the major nations, save the construction of Barbek hold in the Dwarven lands. Then, during the great war between the United Anthos Coalition and the Dwarves with their Scourge allies, the Shining Princedom of Malinor fell to internal rebellion and became the Conclave of Malinor, which had a different government run by a High Magistrate and was allied with Oren.

Athera Nations

The survivors of Thales arriving in Athera, there were several nations that moved from past lands. These nations include:

Imperium of Oren, home of the Humans. Haelun'or, a High Elven nation nation providing protection for all Elves. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, home of the Dwarves.

Unofficial Nations

Although official nation status is limited to those listed above, there have been several other settlements or areas that have been informally or mistakenly referred to as nations. These include Drauchreich in the Nether, the Halfling town of Branborough and the Elven cities of Normandor and Haelun'or in Asulon. Most recently, the migrant nation of the Adunia has surfaced in Anthos.

Atlas Nations

Atlas (Years 1643-1704) was first discovered by the Descendants on a journey to escape the ruined landscape of Axios. They followed a naval chart that mapped the way to a potential new home but was blown off course in a sudden barrage of weather and found themselves on the peninsula of Atlas.A mere accident fled them to a thriving land.

Arcas Nations

Human Nations

Elven Nations

Orc Nations

Dwarven Nations

Mixed Race/Other Nations