Phoenix Revolution

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The Phoenix Revolution
Galahar Uprising.jpg
The Galahar Uprising, 1341
Date: 1341
Location: Kingdom of Oren
Result: Peace Treaty
Phoenix Rebels and Allies:
Phoenix Rebels
Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan
Teutonic Order and Allies:
Hanseti Arms.png Teutonic Order
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rexdom of Krugmar
Commanders and leaders
Phoenix Rebels and Allies:
Eze'kiel Tarus
Zibaen Vivyaen
Urguan Emblem.png Grand King Thorik Braveaxe
Teutonic Order and Allies:
Hanseti Arms.png Hochmeister Gaius Marius
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rex Mogroka'Gorkil

The Phoenix Revolution of 1341 was a country-wide revolt in Oren against the rule of King Enor of Oren, rallied under the banner of prominent nobleman Eze'kiel Tarus, a Harrenite. Before any true fighting occurred, however, King Enor abdicated in favor for Gaius Marius, Hochmeister of the Teutonic Order and long-time enemy of Oren. This was a hugely unpopular decision, with the Phoenix Rebels refusing to accept the Hochmeister's rule. After a brief conflict, the Kingdom of Oren was split two-ways between Tarus and Marius, creating the separate realms of Renatus and Hanseti respectively.


The rule of the kings Edmund and Enor Sheffield were marked by both widespread support and opposition. Following the Blight of Al'Khazar, in which King Enor was kidnapped and held by Undead, opposition to their rule increased. There were claims that the Sheffields were inefficient rulers out of touch with the common people. Some suggested that Enor was following in the footsteps of his Undead-turned father when he was held in the Nether. Supporters of the Sheffields stated that the fall of Al'Khazar was inevitable, as the Undead had been gaining power and the city was too large to defend properly. His opposition saw the city's fall as a symbol of the decline of Oren under his rule. In 1340 the Undead attacked the north, capturing the towns of New Alstion, Crimson Vale, Celestine and Winterfell. With Al'Khazar and the north controlled by Undead, Oren was reduced to almost solely the city of Galahar. Popular opposition increased slowly at first but gained further support.


In the early stages of the revolution the planners focused on gathering as much support as possible from individuals, guilds and nations. A spot on the White Road was chosen as a meeting place and propaganda center. Eze'kiel Tarus and Zibaen Vivyaen emerged as early leaders in the revolution, gathering many supporters to the cause. The symbol of the Phoenix was chosen as it represented a new chance for Oren, rising from the ashes of the Sheffields' rule.


King Enor, sensing that popular opposition to his rule was rising, stepped off the throne and gave the crown to Gaius Marius. This decision was immediately opposed by the Phoenix revolutionaries. As head of the Teutonic Order Marius had come into conflict with Oren previously. The revolutionaries hooded themselves and seized Galahar in opposition to Marius. Negotiations between the main revolutionaries, Marius and Ascended soon followed.


Gaius Marius and Eze'kiel Tarus met for negotiations and decided to split Oren in two. The eastern Realm of Hanseti to be ruled by Gaius Marius and the western Kingdom of Renatus to be ruled by Eze'kiel Tarus. The Phoenix army was created in Renatus. The two were to be ruled as a biumvurate, with both men sharing power. Shortly thereafter, however, it was decided to make Renatus and Hanseti into their own nations. Hanseti would have a capital at Konigsberg and Renatus at Galahar.


Not all supporters are known, as they were often hesitant to reveal their true identities. Support ranged from donating items and distributing propaganda to large-scale planning and battling. Many of the supporters had occupied important posts under King Enor, including military and political positions, while others would continue to remain influential for many years. Supporters included Aryon, Artorus Elendil, Lord Gideon Silverblade, Hayden Silverblade, Huron Silverblade, Jack, Dash Rogers, Salmeer, Braxis Silverblade, High Judge Boiendl Silverblade, Kya Silverblade, Eze'kiel Tarus, Throdo Therving, Josef Timothee, Zibaen Vivyaen and Hawk Whitestorm. The revolution also gained the support of the dwarven Grand King, Thorik Braveaxe, having previously fought alongside many of its leaders during the Great War - he ordered the Legion to intercept orcish forces along the King's Road as they attempted to reinforce Teutonic efforts to suppress the uprising.


The Revolution was opposed mostly by those loyal to King Enor. Many went to the island of Salvus with Enor and Lady Dawn Perea, eventually making it into a nation. It was also opposed by the orcish clans of Krugmar, who desired to see Gaius installed as a valuable ally on the Orenian throne.

Major Confrontations

  • 1341 - Battle of Galahar - Rebel victory
  • 1341 - Battle of the King's Road - Dwarven victory

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