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Cloud Temple

The Cloud Temple is where new players start their journey after leaving Tutorial Island [1], and it is home to the Wilven Monks. Villany is not allowed in Cloud Temple or in the area surrounding it. The Cloud Temple grounds have a variety of useful things that you may use. Some of the things that the grounds have are: a farm, resource pits, a mine, the market district which includes a banker and auctioneer, and the Dragur Library.


There are a plethora of languages within Lord of the Craft. Everything from variations of Spanish, French, Norse, Italian, Japanese, and Russian. Not to mention, the languages of the races such as Elvish, Dwarvish, Orcish/Blah, and many more.


Knowing how to roleplay is very important as this is a roleplay server. There are a variety of different channels that you can use. Many of these channels allow you to talk and only be heard in a certain radius. This creates more immersive roleplay as if you're whispering, someone across from the room shouldn't be able to hear you.

Money & Economy

The server has a universal currency that is known as mina (min-ae), the pural version being minas (min-us). You can obtain minas through a variety of different methods: getting a job, selling items, and much more!