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There are various plants and other green things that have been present in many realms. They can be helpful, harmful or do nothing at all.

Ant Blight A fungus that plagues fruit trees.
Alabaster Leaf A plant with alabaster hued leaves which grows around fallen trees in dry parts of the forest.
Arugula's Omen Aesthic detailing to an area which could create a more immersive roleplay scene.
Bladderwort A plant that floats on water, good for people who have suffered blood loss.
Blazing Fern A growing vine-like plant bright orange and red, known to change colors and be a useful ingredient in alchemy.
Blissfoil A plant with blue flowers that numbs a part of the body when in contact with the skin.
Blistering Toad A small fungus with the appearance of a toad itself in which causes corrosive rashes should it be consumed.
Blonde Blossom A small, yellow petaled flower, occasionally featuring a white to yellow gradient; used for decorative purposes.
Chimera Weeds A weed that attaches to small dead animals and insects and places them in a zombie like state.
Crimson Vase A flower with great crimson colored petals the shape of a vase; it is warm to the touch.
Crouching Feather A plant with three big petals growing from a stalk which appear to look like feathers.
Glowberry A tree that bears luminescent berries, it is occasionally used as substitute edible lanterns.
Diddyfunkles Considered a dangerous but useful plant, the Diddyfunkle coats itself with a very itchy substance.
Faerie Truffles A fungi that is able to stop growth.
Fire Flower A rose like plant that bursts to fire when fully mature.
FlameTongue Root A rose like plant which releases spores that make one oversensitive to pain, and with a feeling of burning.
Flash Fruit A yellow fruit which only grows on top of the tallest trees of the realm.
Gislocinovi The Gislocinovi has strong healing abilities, used as an anti-bacterial bandage, when strung up together by string.
Habgosnits The Habgobsnit produces a small juice, that when collected, a dosage could numb some parts of the body.
Halfling's Grass Tall grass which grows near Halfling's towns, able to grow just as tall as this race.
Picote Tall grass with unique anti-bacterial properties if treated right. Found near riverbanks.
King's Ivy A delicate flower found mostly growing in ancient ruins around the world.
Kutuhith This common plant is found along the sides of roads all around Axios.
Miloptris Typically found on fallen trees, these colourful mushrooms will glow brightly in the dark.
Night Sap A honey like substance that causes a sense of calmness and sleepiness but is highly addictive.
Red Rose A small plant which has a pink to red gradient colored flower.
Serpents Stalk An emerald hued stalk that grows on the side of water in forests which great properties to heal burn wounds.
Shadeleaf A small, short plant; causes hallucinations, used as a drug.
Tippens Root A purple flower which grows next to dead trees in the forest; its roots smell horrible but stop bleeding in a wound near instantly.

Ashwood Tree In the summer the tree secretes a powerful flammable liquid which is called “Ash Syrup”.
Axefeller Tree Growing in very specific conditions upon mountains, these trees are known for their iron-hard properties.
Cerridwen's Charm This tree is often found in deep in healthily forested areas and grows to be up to 70 feet tall.
Cerridwen's Curse This is an invasive plant that tends to hang from trees and continue to grow to incredibly long lengths.
Elderwood Elderwood is often times utilised by elves to assemble cities and is famed for its ineptitude to be burnt by anything.
The Jovian Oaks Men who came upon them wrote in legend they were but magical trees.
The Ro'ah Tree This tree is very rare and flammable.

Aqua Nymph A small chain of blue baubles that grow under the water; used as a remedy for burns, not to be consumed.
Biteit A small non-toxic greenish mushroom that may have brown dots on it's top in which is used as an ingredient in alchemy.
Blistering Toad A small fungus with the appearance of a toad itself in which causes corrosive rashes should it be consumed. Also found in forests.
In Trapper de Crawlers A carnivorous plant in the form of a confusing entanglement of four to seven leaves, its stem appearing slick and thin.
Jailer's Moss A sticky white moss that grows in the caves in swamps.
Mandragora A plant which grows in the shallow waters that releases paralyzing spores.
Moonmoss A lichen type plant which grows in the shallow waters that releases paralyzing spores.
Nim's Beard A thin orange fungus that spreads like wildfire once in a warm damp environment.
Saffvil A disgusting green grass that grows on dead animals and plants in the swamp.
Swamp Blossom A flower of purple and green hues that grows on the branches of trees.
Red Snapper A small carnivorous plant, it can trap feet and ankles from unsuspecting victims.
Dwarfs Pumpkin A shrub with orange-colored leaves which has a strong bad smell.

Atheros A white with brown and grey spotted root, found under trees, which is commonly used to reduce pain.
Fire Flower A rose like plant that bursts to fire when fully mature.
Insect Ligans A carnivorous plant with leaves coated and producing a sticky substance and disguised beneath a peaceful appearance.
Peku Peku A giant man eating trap plant. Its secretions can be used to make paralyzing poisons.
Phoenix' Teardrop A flower which petals glister in the sunlight.
Singed Kha A useless plant, standing out from the usual foliage as its leaves extend wide with a red stain, only causing irritation to skin.

Tundra and Snow Lands
Athin An algae that apparently is able to make a swell lotion; the process of finding such is extremely difficult, though.
Drilltongue A vine that can be used as a rope with the ability to create woven baskets, bags, et cetera.
Elfs Hair Vine A delicate, ice-white vine that is used as a strong ingredient in alchemy.
Elrow Berries Berries that often used in poisons.
Frost Vine A small blue plant which grows in the freezing environments, used to numb pain and loosen stiff muscles.
Larihei's Fingers A white plant which grows under the snow on mountain tops.

Black Sun's Spinster A plant that represents that of a black flower; it is said to prevent pregnancy in women, should it be eaten a few hours before mating.
Blood Grapes A desert plant that only grows when it is fed blood.
Blood Lotus A small rust colored plant that grows in hot climates in which is used as a dietary supplement, providing several vitamins and nutrients to the consumer.
Cactus Better known in its form as 'cactus green'- it causes a sense of euphoria for the user; the plant has been found in every realm, usually in abundance of the Orcish deserts.
Cactus Green Cactus Green is a herb that's mostly used for smoking. It gets the name from its colour and the plant that the herb is extracted from.
Clutcher's Straw A tar like grass with shard black roots that grow in the savanna.
Desert Berry Bush Appearing as a withered rose bush, the stalk of the plant are said to be poisonous, killing an animal after one day of consumption of the inner juices.
Drakes Tail Yet another one of the rarest herbs in the realm, the briar has the ability to offer a fever-inducing poison, also used sternly in alchemy.
Goblins Ivy A brownish-green vine of the deserts; the ivy is used to make a scentless, tricky and mild poison.
Gijaklul A rare desert flower that has an odor compared to that of rotting flesh; used with the potential of healing alongside maintaining an obscure, faint glow.
Javens A large sand spur with green colored stripes going along the plant, commonly utilized by field-doctors to reduce their patients' pain.
Khurub A tangled mop in the desert. Used to bake with and make rope out of.
Murex Cactus An odd little cactus with a squat, spiraled cone structure.
Zawabate A plant with prominent hues of green and yellow, its petals short and curvy, and its stalk tall and proud; used for minor healing, though if consumed too heavily can cause severe and brutal delusions and mental illness, working as a mind-altering poison.
Wisp of Old Wisp of Old flowers grow and bloom only once every 7 years upon a cactus.

Assecula A thin pale blue fungus that grows on tree roots in pure darkness.
Bronze Dust A substance that irritates the skin, having little to no use other than so.
Corvisange A thin resin that is found on rocks deep within cave systems.
Miners Helmet A large mushroom found in damp corners, causes major damage to the nervous system upon consumption, failing to make a suitable potion.
Saproot Saproot is a small tuber that often grows in close clusters with other saproot in dark caverns, known for their faint glow, their unusual spice, and their niche medicinal uses.
Shadowcap A mushroom with a bark like stem, causes vomiting and paralysis if ingested
Wisp Breath price in trade.
Uruk's Shroom They are commonly used in Shamanistic rituals and meditation.

Aquate Root Aquate Root's liquid hydrates dry or chapped skin when used in creams
Jokers Scum One of the rarest plants known to man, found growing at the deepest parts of the sea; it has the ability to disfigure one severely, melting flesh.

Other locations
Cryptus Shroom A small, flaky brown mushroom found on decaying bodies in dark crypts, used as a regent and a dehydrator.
Lilypad Grown in many ponds.
Potatoes Grown in farms.
Pipeweed A smoking herb that is found near water.
Pumpkin Grown in farms.
Melons Grown as food.
Nightglow A flower that glows in nighttime.
Orcs Braid Found in the entrance of sewers and other areas of waste.
Reeds They grow everywhere near water.
Spirit Magnolis Spirit of Nature's body
Starlit Monacrie A tree with glowing sap.
Wheat Grows in farms.

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