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Powergaming is the carrying out of unrealistic, unfair, or godly actions. This includes forcing emotes on other characters, whether inside or outside of combat, performing unrealistic physical or mental feats, such as a Halfling easily besting an Olog in single combat, ignoring the effects of a mental disability, or ignoring the effects of magic, and otherwise acting godly, such as being invincible and possessing unfair and lore-breaking powers.


  • If the player Ailan113 emoted: "John swings his sword, cutting off Richard's head instantly." Ailan113 would be Powergaming, because he forced his emote, an instant kill emote, on the character Richard. A proper emote would be: "John swings his sword, attempting to slice at Richard's neck."
  • If the player Ailan113 emoted, while playing a frail elderly character: "John ran along the edge of the rooftop, jumping across the opening to the alleyway below to reach the roof of the adjacent building." Ailan113 would be Powergaming, because it is unrealistic and unfair for a frail elderly character to have such agility.
  • If the player Ailan113 suddenly gave his character, or made a character with, godly and imagined powers, and then went and roleplayed this character as invincible and possessing the ability to insta-kill people by smiting them, Ailan113 would be Powergaming by creating a god-character.


Metagaming, often also referred to simply as 'Meta', is the use of information acquired out-of-character, in-character.


  • If the player Ailan113 read over the Necromancy wiki page, and then proceeded to have his character, John, suddenly become totally aware of what Necromancy was, the player Ailan113 would be Metagaming.
  • If the player Ailan113 is in a nation discord, and received a PM from one of his friends to get online because "there are raiders in the city", and then Ailan113 got online and ran halfway across the map to help defend his friends, he would be Metagaming because his character wouldn't know the city was being raided, as his character wasn't informed, the player controlling the character was.
  • If the player Ailan113 was informed via a voice chat with his friend that a certain character, who we'll call Kyle, was planning on betraying Ailan113's character, and then Ailan113 preemptively attacked Kyle so that he couldn't betray him, Ailan113 would be Metagaming.