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As the Descendents trail throughout the various Realms of our world, a great number of Kingdoms, Empires, Federations, and Federations have graced and cursed the land they have raised their walls around. Many, to this day, still stand stalwart against the tides of the sea. Having fallen and risen from the ashes time and time again, these homes have stood against the test of time. To their merit, further civilizations have embraced the morning's warmth, and seek to provide unique and never-seen-before cultural concepts and ideas.

The lists below are broken into two sections: Current Nations, and Current Major Charters. A Major Charter is a Charter of appropriate size, one that has reached Tier 3 or 4, and a Nation is a civilization with the respective title.

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The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, known as the Kingdom of Haense or simply Haense (New Marian: Haenz; Raevir: Henzij), is a centralized, united monarchy composed of two crowns, Hanseti and Ruska, and ruled by a single individual known as the king. Highlanders make up the majority of the population of Haense (especially Haeseni, but also Batavians, Raevir, and Norlanders) and the state claims to be the "Realm of All Highlanders". Its current capital is Reza, one of the largest human cities in Arcas, which is situated in the south of the kingdom and surrounded by the Haeseni lowlands. Excluding the dense urban area of the capital, the rest of the nation is mostly rural with its denizens spread out across the forests and highlands.

Current Leader: Heinrik II, King of Hanseti-Ruska
Haense Settlement Guide

The Kingdom of Norland is a absolute monarchy ruled by a single individual known as the king. Highlanders comprise of the majority of the population of Norland (specifically Norlanders) and the King claims to be 'Protector of the Highlanders'. Varhelm is the current capital of the Kingdom of Norland, which is located along the great northern mountains of Almaris. There are two primary Jarldoms which swear fidelity to the King of Norland, Luemont and Elysium. The Red Faith finds its home in the Kingdom of Norland as both the most practiced religion of the region and the official state religion, with the largest Hearth Temple standing next to the great Keep of Varhelm.

Current Leader: Vane Freysson Ruric, King of Norland
Norland Settlement Guide

The Holy Orenian Empire, colloquially known as Oren, or the Empire, is an absolute autocratic monarchy composed of the several vassal states and territories of humanity. The official state religion is the Holy Canonist Church. Governed by an Emperor and the collective limited sovereignty of its vassals, the Holy Orenian Empire encompasses one of the most powerful, expansive, and diverse realms. It is situated along the center of the continent composed of the Imperial heartlands, with the capital city of Helena as the seat of the Empire, and its many vassal states across the continent.

Current Leader: John VIII, Holy Orenian Emperor
Oren Settlement Guide

The Jade State of Yong Ping [永平] more commonly referred to as Yong Ping is a electoral oligarchic state made of the Five Ministries, each headed with their own Minister charged with keeping peace and balance in the State. Yong Ping is a mix of Proto elves and humans, with the occasional dwarf or orc residing within its borders. Located along the coast in between East and West of Xin Zhou (known as Almaris), the bustling Capital is home to Li-ren and Oyashiman cultures alike. Hailing from Ai-Zhou, the Jade State was founded by the main family clans of Li, Chen, Tianrui, Watanabe, and Masamune. The nation was created as a place of refuge from the ongoing wars back on the Ai Zhou peninsula, with its denizens seeking escape from the tyranny of the crumbling Li Dynasty. Now a prosperous trade city with a strong emphasis on preserving culture and peace, the Jade State of Yong Ping boasts its role as the home of Huajiao, and its many off shoots such as Shidoism as well as the Oyashiman worship of Kami.

Current Leader: Li Xiuying, Zhu of Yong Ping
[Settlement Guide: INCOMING]

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is a constitutional monarchy primarily ruled by an individual known as the Grand King. Being the sole nation of the Dwarven people, Urguan has continuously been a bustling hub of dwarven goods, knowledge, culture, and religion. While not an enforced practice, the Brathmordakin is the religion of the land, seeing all Dwarves inhabiting Urguan following its teachings. The current capital city on the Realm of Almaris is Kal'Darakaan, meaning City of Ancient Might in the common tongue. Originally settled centuries ago by the ancient Dwarves, the expert craftsmanship left the city is almost pristine condition, allowing the newcomers to the land to settle there quickly. Outside of the capital hold, Hefrumm, the village of the Forest Dwarves, is the only other major hold within Urguan's lands.

Current Leader: Levian'Tol Grandaxe, Grand King of Urguan
Urguan Settlement Guide

The Silver State, Silver Enclave, or simply Haelun'or, is the nation of the High Elven peoples. Their largely marble city boasts an architectural style unique to the High Elves, one that they have been using since the early days of their nationhood. Their nation is administered by a governing body known as the Silver Council, headed by the Sohaer, who takes advice from the Maheral, the High Elven epitome of culture, tradition and a symbol of purity.

Current Leader: Kolvar Uradir, Sohaer of Haelun'or
Haelun'or Settlement Guide

The Druidic Order is a tropical oasis situated along the coast of the Painted Archipelago on the South Coast of Almaris. Boasting a grand library it serves as place to teach budding Druids, as well as a base of operations from which the Druids uphold their vigil over nature.

Current Leaders: Harold Withfoot, Dwyn Lorenthus & Liri Asimilum, Archdruids of Talus Grove
Talus Grove Settlment Guide

Krugmar is the home to the world's Orcs and is founded on Krug's Code which deems that "Might makes right." This means that all disputes and political affairs are settled in the arena by a klomp, or a duel. The orcs speak their own dialect of common known as "The Blah" and they worship The Spirits who represent the elements, ancestors, and parts of culture such as hunting. They often demand a tribute from visitors and are eager to take sides in a war so as to sate their curse of blood lust. Clans make up the nation, each clan having their own culture and unique members, and any Orc is expected to find a clan that they will stay with for the duration of their entire life.

Current Leader: Hu-din, Rex of Krugmar

The Crown of Elvenesse, colloquially known as Elvenesse, is a constitutional monarchy and the eminent realm of elves upon the continent of Almaris. Ruled by its head-of-state, the High Prince, and administered by a bicameral council, the nation models itself as a united realm for all descendants of Malin and a successor state to the ancient Holy Princedom of Malinor. It hosts the largest population of wood elves upon the continent, as well as a sizable populace of sea elves and dark elves.

Encompassing the temperate western peninsula known as the Arm of Malin, its capital city of Amaethea is situated between the coast and the Orcocarne mountain range, serving as a bustling centre for seafaring, trade and craftsmanship. Beyond the mountains lies the forest of Dorthonion, which shelters the halfling village of Bramblebury, a safeguarded semi-autonomous dominion. The enshrined state religion of Elvenesse is the Wild Faith (Elnarnsae'ame), which promotes the ritual worship of the Aspects, Cernunnos and Cerridwen.

• Current Leader: Evar'tir Oranor, High Prince of Elvenesse •

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