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Magic is the manipulation of otherworldly energies through the expending of one's Mana pool. Mana is the innate magical energy within all living things. It is passively regenerated over time, and is produced in greater amounts in living creatures with souls, such Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and so on. By default, tapping into these otherworldly energies is quite impossible, and as such some kind of connection has to be established in order for one to make use of them. These connections some in numerous forms, but generally they are divided into three broad categories. In order to establish one of these connections, a individual has to seek out a mage who is experienced enough to teach the magic they practice. Should this teaching mage agree to take on a student, that individual will then begin a long and arduous journey to become a mage.

Throughout this journey the aspiring mage will receive numerous lessons of varying type and detail, depending on the magic that they're learning. On occasion, rather than receiving typical sit-down-and-learn lessons, the mage will be required to partake in great tasks or quests, or may even merely need clarification on abilities that come innately. Once a connection to a bank of otherworldly power and energy is established, a mage will quickly find that they have a unique world of abilities and manipulations ahead of them, detailed and catered to the circumstances under which they find themselves.

Learning Magic

Almost all magic is learned in a student-teacher scenario. An aspiring mage will seek out a teaching mage to educate them in the magic they are interested in, or the teaching mage will seek out a potential student they believe may be a good fit for the magic they practice. Far less often, and restricted to very specific circumstances (such as events), an aspiring mage may be able to acquire simple abilities or minute magics, referred to as Feats, without the necessity for a teacher.

Once a student is accepted by a teacher to begin learning a magic, they'll have to fill out a Magic Application (MA) on LotC's forums. This application is a quick and simple process that allows the Story Staff to keep track of who has what magic, and ensures that the mage teaching you has an approved Teaching Application (TA). One cannot teach magic without an approved TA, because thew TAs are designed to ensure that the player in question has an expert grasp and understanding of what they're spreading. As without such a detailed level of comprehension, the risk of spreading misinformation increases greatly and may bring about power-gaming.

Usable Magics

The magics listed below are divided into three broad categories, Arcane, Deific, and Dark. These three are the major divisions of magic on LotC, and refers specifically to the source from which the mage draws energy to use for spell-casting and abilities. Arcane magic utilizes a connection to the Void, a great expanse of darkness and nothingness, Deific magic utilizes a connection to a patron or Aengul, and Dark magic utilizes powers granted by the Archdaemon Iblees, or some other unnatural source.

Arcane Magics

Arcane Magics, also known simply as Voidal Magics, are, as was previously mentioned, the most widespread kinds of magics due to their general worldly acceptance as something normal. The Void itself is a separate plane that exists in an non-perceivable state all around us. As such it is simultaneously nothing and everything, and thus permits great power through the manipulation of its energies in the mortal world. Void magics operate through the abandonment of one's normal mental perceptions of our world to open one’s mind to the limitless nothingness of the Void. Once a connection to the Void has been established, an aspiring Mage will begin to learn how to make use of their Mana to bring about the physical manifestation of a particular type of Voidal magic (depending on the type they're being taught). As a connection to the Void is an inherently unnatural process, one's body will react by displaying, most often, some kind of physical twitch. Once one's connection with the void ceases, either voluntarily, by distraction, or from exhausting a supply of mana; the magic ceases to exist, returning instantaneously to nothing within the void.


- Enchanting, transmutation and warding/abjuration.
- The manipulation and lifting of objects.
- De-materializing matter into the Void for later use.
- De-materializing yourself into the Void temporarily for teleportation uses.


- The evoking and manipulation of Fire and Smoke.
- The evoking and manipulation of Earthly Elements.
- The evoking and manipulation of Water and Ice.
- The evoking and manipulation of Air.
- The evoking and manipulation of Electricity.
- The evoking and manipulation of raw Voidal Energy.
- The conjuring and manipulating of Animals (Morphon), Plants (Perennial), and Elementals (Primordial), of varying type and capacity.


- Illusory manipulation of the senses of others.

Voidal Feats

- Self-illusion through the placing of a Voidal Horror within one's mind.
- Learning about the functionality of an object through magic.
- Creation of a trio of linked portals around an area.

Deity Magics

Deity Magic, sometimes somewhat inaccurately labeled Holy Magic, is the manipulation of energies through the use of one's Mana as gifted from a higher power. Most often this higher power is a Patron or Aengul. These Mages are often bound to a strict set of rules or tenants that must be adhered to should they desire to continue to receive the powers bestowed upon them. A violation of a tenant could spell disaster through their forced disconnection, rendering them unable to use the Magic any longer.



  • Witchdoctor
- Travelers into the Immortal Realm who ask for curses from the Spirits.
  • Farseer
- Travelers into the Immortal Realm who ask for blessings from the Spirits to bless others with.
  • Elementalist
- Creators of pacts with the Spirits that allow for the manipulation of worldly elements.
  • Lutauman
- Travelers into the Immortal Realm who ask for blessings from the Spirits to bless themselves with.
  • Spirit Smith


  • Nature's Communion
- A connection to the Aspects that permits communication with the natural world.
  • Control of Nature
- The fundamental manipulation of the natural world.
  • Herblore
- The manipulation of plants/herbs for the creation of powerful potions and poisons.
  • Blight Healing
- The forced removal of tainted/blighted or corrupted areas of nature.
  • Shapeshifting
- The changing of one's form into an animal one has connected with.


- Immortal agents of the Archaengul Aeriel who are charged with the protection of the Descendant Races.


- Manipulators of deific mists and runes as granted by the Aengul Xan.


- A scarcely known deific magic centered around the creation of powerful runes on objects.

Dark Magics

Scarcely known and often reduced to here-say and legend, Dark Magics are those obtained from the Archdaemon, Iblees, or otherwise are those of an immoral or evil nature. Often, however, the users of these Magics will not view them as dark or evil, but rather will simply see them as another aspect of supernatural existence for their manipulation.

- A twisted form of Shamanism powered through the violent consumption of Spirits.
- Powerful ice magics obtained through one's transformation into a Fjarriauga.
- The manipulation of Amber, a corrupted form of Mana, powered through a parasite attached to one's soul.
- The manipulation of ghosts/spirits and ectoplasm, a mixture of life-force and active Mana.
- The manipulation of one's own blood, or the blood of others, to empower spells or use unique abilities.
- The creation and manipulation of magical fire that eats away as a creature's soul, and the binding and summoning of demons known as Inferis.


A highly specific type of magic that is centered around the creation of sentient constructs through the use of other, largely Arcane, magics. Practicioners of this type are known to create great "stone-men" and otherwise otherworldly familiars that are stalwartly loyal to their assigned master(s).

- The creation of sentient familiars through the use of transfiguration, conjuration, and voidal evocation or arcanism.
- The creation of sentient stone or wooden golems through the binding of a soul to a core, or the use of Thanium.

Miscellaneous Magic

Magics that do not reasonably fit into one of the main three categories, whether due to inexplicable or unrelated origins. These magics generally center around the manipulation of other natural energies unassociated with the Void, Aenguldaemonica, Ibless, or another patron.

- The use of airflow to manipulate Mana to effect the properties of objects and items.
- placeholder.

Shelved Magics

Magic that once was, now reduced to history alone. These magics cannot be learned, and only exist in lore. However, it is possible that through an approved rewrite, one or multiple of these magics may come back for players to learn.

- Telepathic communication and the illusory manipulation of the senses of others.
- Powerful healing magics as gifted by the Aengul Tahariae.
- Undead manipulation of life-force for warding and the use of dark abilities.
- The creation of nigh-unbreakable contracts of a magical nature.
- The voodoo-like manipulation of others through a connection to their soul.
- The direct manipulation of life-force permitting the creation of Undead and the great influencing of the natural world.
- Also known as "Anti-Magic", the abilities granted through the use of Fi allowed a caster to cease the use of and cause great harm to all other Magics.
- A time-manipulation magic granted by the Daemon Metztli.
- An ancient Undead magic from the Black Scourge era, used by the now extinct Harbingers.
- A Necrotic practice utilized by the Undead, servants of Iblees. The boon was lost once the Nether was sealed and Iblees began his conflict with Aeriel.
- Functions similarly to Fi'hiiran'tanya, yet it's different in that it does not require the theft of a soul for use.

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