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Artwork by unknown
Note: Players can play this creature as their own persona on the server by making a creature application.


While its brothers and sisters are crafted by the elements and conjuration, a new approach was taken- wishing for more physical ability over ranged prowess. From research, the Telekinetic variant Atronach is born—an atronach to surpass all standard atronachs physically, able to possess the strength of a peak condition orcish warrior to dominate the melee battlefield; ranged and projectiles still remain in their arsenal, however it is limited. With its boons come weaknesses, the Atronach will still fall prey to wards and fi magic, as well as fall threat to their plates being damaged and destroyed… yet with an odd twist; their cores pose as their hearts, should it be destroyed, the Atronach will shut down, to be repaired later.

Its being imbued with a mass of magical energy; yet its form seemseeminglyies on the conjuration aspect, but more so on the alteration with an atronach's cognitive and physical function. Because of this, the Atronach may draw from its own being to grasp at the earth before it, and due to closeness of the body, the energy required to move and utilize its functions are incredibly minimal if not nonexistent (think of it akin to a telekinetic limb).


A Telekinesis Atronach can appear to be many things, ranging from a suit of armor to an odd animal like shape. So long as the enchanted plates and core are properly imbued and within their respective locations, the being will come to life. Should one look within the metal or simply see gap, said person would find the areas seemingly empty- save for faint ribbons of arcane energy coursing within; most notably, these ribbons appear to mass about the facial region, crafting what appears to be eyes. Much like their brothers, these Atronachs can only reach 7 feet in both axises, and as stated previously, keep their enchanted plate.


The Atronach possesses great abilities similar to its kin, able to issue magic and use physical power; however the power of the atronach is tilted, shifted and turned to have physical capability overpower its arcanic abilities- being physically strong as an orcish warrior now. Due to the tilt, the arcanic power is weakened; the atronach has difficulty with issuing its telekinetic change on the area about it, limiting its reach to six meters (six blocks) and even then, the Atronach is unable to lift great weight within its field of change, seemingly only able to rip larger chunks of rock in comparison to boulder lifting telekinetics.

On Upgrades

Physical upgrades prove ineffective to these beings, the imbued telekinetic energies seemingly ignoring the upgrade and treating it like it was already a part of its being. Magical prowess cannot be upgraded; however the potential of upgrading mental capacity is possible, allowing them to process faster.

On Damage to the plates

Severe damage to the plating will cause the same issue other atronachs have- bleeding out their element and slowly draining them of their fuel. Yet, the telekinetic power seemingly becomes more unbound yet detrimental; being able to increase their range and lifting capacity in the severly damaged or destroyed area at the heavy price of diminishing their fuel. There are times when a telekinetic atronach can attempt to place their destroyed plate or pieces of it back where it was, acting as a pseudo repair, yet minimizing the effectiveness of said area - making the plate useless.

Pros and Cons

  • New form of Atronach
  • Able to use limited telekinesis
  • Physically stronger than a standard atronach
  • The telekinesis is limited, only able to possess the strength of standard telekinetic
  • The range of these atronachs are within its field of effect, being a six block radius.
  • Do not cast faster than a telekinetic.
  • Unable to have further upgrades for its physical strength.


  • Must adhere to Atronach Redlines

  • Field of change will be six blocks standard, seven or eight if plates are heavily damaged.

  • Should a plate be heavily damaged or destroyed, the bleed out effect must be RPd

  • These Atronachs cannot be upgraded to have better physical strength.

  • An Atronach cannot surpass an average or adept Telekinetic


By creating a certain enchanted device, one can link it with an Atronach. By doing this, the master is able to take control of the Atronach- see what it sees and maneuver its body. This proves useful for a variety of reasons: It allows one to be safe from harm’s way as the Atronach takes the damage, scouting is easier, and travel towards a terian ever unsafe for mortals is plausible through the Atronach. By using projection, one must keep in mind a few things: Illusions will now work on the Atronach, as it is the master’s mind now interpreting or helping interpret for the Atronach, one is unable to cast their own arcanic abilities through the atronach, and must rely on the Atronach’s ability; should the connection be severed by wards, damage, or fi- the connection is severed, and will likely heavily disorient the user, finally the user can only take control of one Atronach at a time.

On the connection’s severance

Should the Connection be severed or destroyed, it will temporarily frazzle the user’s mind and make them forget the occurrence leading up to the Atronach’s demise, as well as put them out of commision for 20–30 minutes (effectively as long as the death timer is to revisit an area you previously died in). Should the connection be severed earlier, the user’s mind will succumb to a powerful headache, and put them out of commision for 10–15 minutes.

Creating the device

This device and its creation is kept in secrecy, though it is to be said that the device requires enchanting, knowledge of mental magic, and cognatism. (I won’t divulge on the entire process, much like the creation of Drone, Goliath, and Telekinetic Atronachs; they are to be learned.)

Pros and Cons

  • Allows for an Atronach Forger, or the Atronach master to play their own Atronach
  • Allows a new dynamic, and provides the user with some safety.
  • User is limited to the Atronach’s abilities.
  • User is effected by illusions.
  • Death memory rule applies.
  • The connection can be warded, destroyed, or Fi’d.
  • Unable to control more than one Atronach
  • User is unable to do anything while controlling the Atronach.

Redlines for Projection

  • No Death Memory.

  • Must follow Atronach rules.

  • Player can only control one Atronach at a time.

  • Player must make an MA for the Atronach and state that they are using the connection device.\

  • If you suicide bomb, your character will be put out of commision for a week IRL (Sorry, none of this Arcane Puppetry suicide bombing crap)