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The Lord of the Craft world contains a multitude of races that you can play as. The core of those being: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, and Orcs. These races can be freely played by any player. There are also sub-races of the core races that can be played. Additionally, there are some additional races that you can make with a Creature Application [1]. Such as: Kharajyr, Musin, and much more.

Humans, known collectively as Mankind or Humanity are the most common race in the realm. Their origins harken to Horen, the legendary first King of Man. Humanity is split into the sub races of Highlander, Heartlander, Farfolk, Eastern Farfolk, and Farfolk. Each of the sub races has their own unique attributes and culture. Religion typically is an important cornerstone of human culture, with the majority of humanity following the Church of the Canon. Other faiths include but aren't limited to, the Red Faith, the Iman al-Rashidun, and various aengulic religions.

The Highlanders are a human cultural group, made up of pioneers, yeomen, and all those who choose to live in the rougher corners of the world. Generally of a smaller and more spread population than the city dwelling Heartlanders, they lead rougher lives in the wilderness and on warpaths. The variation in their culture is great, made up of a great many nations & groups who maintain a solid nucleus of population separate from the population centers of the Heartlanders. Good examples of Highlander cultures are the Hansetian, Haeseni, Raevir, & Norlandic.

The Heartlanders are a human cultural group, made up almost universally of those humans who reside within cities and urban centers. This includes both the peasantry & the nobility, all those who traditionally reside within the large cities of man. Nobility & social hierarchy of large importance to a great many Heartland cultures. Good examples of traditional Heartland cultures are Salvus, Renatian, Courlandic, & others.

The Eastern Farfolk are a human cultural group. They typically have pale to sallow skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. Most Eastern Farfolk people live in Yong Ping, however some live in other lands. The rich and aristocratic often favour luxurious silks and intricate embroideries, with decorative elements such as buttons or jade pendants hung from the belt are used to denote status. As it is customary for both genders to leave their hair long, hair ornaments such as a small crown and pin for men, or an intricate dangling buyao for ladies are used to style hair in elegant coiffs.

Any human that is not of the Heartlands or the Highlands—which is to say, any human from a far-off or exotic land—is called colloquially a "Farfolk". As such, they have various different shades of hair, skin, and eyes, and have numerous sub-cultures relating to the lands they originally hailed. Peoples from nations as diverse as the Sons of Karaman, Kadarsi, Mèllè, and Li-Guo all fall under this category.

Halflings are short, stout people, typically around 3 feet tall. Halflings live in houses inside hills called burrows. They are well-known for being peaceful, farmers, smokers, and drinkers. They hold some of the best parties known to the races, full of booze, games, and dancing. Many Halflings prefer a simple life isolated away from civilization, but a select few live in cities and towns. Halflings have a reputation for being docile and peaceful, often staying out of politics and warfare. Still, they can be surprisingly dangerous when provoked.

Dwarves (Dwarven: Dwedmar) are a descendant race and the sons of Urguan. Although thought to be native to the Aegisian city of Kal'Urguan, it is often debated that their origin lies in the Hall of Urguan, an ancient ruin hidden in the fallen continent of Athera. Birthed as eight Elder Clans, the dwedmar have endured through their fruitious lines, also forming various lesser clans throughout their history.

Adunians are a half breed descended from a tribe lead by Harren, the son of Horen and Sarai, the leader of a group of elves known as the Mali'Dun (this means Adunians are part-elves, though not all half-elves are Adunians, only the ones descended from those specific groups). The Adunians once occupied a mountain range on the Northeast coast of Aegis, but their rule was overturned in fourth century and they were banished across the sea. The Adunians settled a small continent to the Northeast of Aegis called Al'Ildic, where they thrived until the Undead Invasion in the fourteenth century which almost vanquished them from existence. Survivors fled back across the sea to Aegis and many integrated themselves with human society.

Elven, as they believe their heritage makes them the 'highest' of the races. The culture of the High Elves is based upon racial purity above all else as they despise interbreeding with other subraces. 'Pure' Mali'aheral, or those who are 100% of High Elven blood, are referred to as Mali'thill to further distinguish between High Elves who are pure and those who are not. Most Mali'aheral live within the nation and lands of Haelun'or. However, some are spread throughout other lands.

The most diverse of the elven sub-races, the Wood Elves are closely tied to nature. They are also known as the Mali'ame, which means "Elves of the Forest" in their ancient tongue. This is obvious enough, as Wood Elves are typically the happiest within the wilds, and it was in the deepest forests of the ancient world in which the race was born. Their name in the Common tongue- Wood Elves, likely comes from an old mistranslation from interaction with humans, but it is a name many Wood Elves have embraced with pride, as it conveys the humble, earthy nature of their people.

The Dark Elves are the dusky skinned children of Malin. In ages past they were called the Mali'ker by their High Elven cousins, meaning Dark or Night Elves. Physically, they tend to be slightly taller than Wood Elves but shorter than High Elves, and are the most muscular of the Elven sub-races, though still frail in comparison to the other Descendant races. Their skin tone usually ranges from a light gray to jet-black, and their hair varies from pale white to silvery or dark hues. The Dark Elves are a passionate, spiritual group, with their culture based around expression and their roots stemming from devotion to family and worship of the Ancestors.

Orcs are the descendants of Krug and are native to the War Nation of Krugmar. To most Orcs, the most important thing is the hunt and the protection of their tribe and clan. For that reason, they do not intermix well with foreign cultures and often think less of other races. Many Orcs establish tribes and build strong clans around the mythic figures of their ancestors.

The Kharajyr, or simply Kha, is a race of digitigrade humanoid creatures sharing many biological traits with that of felines. They are covered from head to toe in fur with hair colour depending on one of the four subraces: the Kha'Pantera, the Kha'Tigrasi, the Kha'Cheetrah, or the Kha'Leparda. The Kharajyr are the creations of the Daemon Metztli, and are the result of many failed experiments when the Daemon combined the being of humanoids with Ocelots - despite this, the Kharajyr as a culture fiercely worship the Daemon as a Goddess.

Note: This race requires a Creature Application to play [2].
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