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The economy is based on the mina (mi-nae), the currency. Other forms of trade exist such as emeralds and the barter system, but minas are generally accepted by all races and nations across the realm. Over the years, economy and trade flourished due to trade becoming more global in the realm. All races tend to trade with eachother, and trade is frequently boosted by war, which makes the prices for iron and minerals skyrocket time and time again. As trade grew, many sorts of companies arose. No longer were companies that simply sold goods the only kind. Businesses began to arise that sold services instead, most notably mercenary companies but also things such as classes, gardening etc. In cities, taverns, markets, stores, warehouses and taxhouses are a common sight, all parts of the ever-growing economy. Of course the economy of the realm isn't as simple as it sounds, there's a lot to it.

General Pricing

The price of each good varies on supply and demand, the most useful and rare being the ones that sell best. Those that seem to be the best sellers are ores, and tools made from them. While many buy using the mina, there are many that would profit greatly from trading goods for other goods. While some set and trade in their shop, while others travel the lands to get the best prices. Prices of items will vary across Anthos, making it profitable to understand which areas have best access to certain resources.


Taxation is a common thing. Taxes are a way of income for governments. A descendant can hire a house in a village in town and as hire, he pays taxes to the landlord. Some nations or settlements don't issue taxes, yet normally there are taxes in place. Especially for the bigger towns and cities. These taxes can be invested by the government in things such as the army, infrastructure or sometimes just straight into the monarch's pocket.

Selling On The Market

In many locations one will find markets or simply market stalls. These can be hired by people and then they can sell their wares there. One simply needs to fill a chest with goods, fill the shelves, set prices and they'd be done! Travellers, citizens or tradesmen can come by and look at their wares and buy or sell what they want. A mere descendant will find themselves able to set up one shop, though more experienced ones are able to manage multiple.

Selling To The Cloud Temple

One of the most important sources of income of the realm is the Cloud Temple Market. The Cloud Temple will buy standard wares such as wood, farming goods and ores, all in unlimited demand. For Lumberjacks, Farmers, Miners and such, this is a great, if not the greatest, source of income and thus is the main way of money flowing into the realm. One can simply bring as much of their goods to the market as possible and sell it all for a consistent price.