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Currency is a necessity for any purchasing or selling experience. After all, money makes the world go round—or square in the case of Minecraft. And LotC is no exception to this, having its own special currency which is used in transitions all across the realm. The server uses a special currency called mina (min-ae), the pural of the word being minas (min-us) which are utilized worldwide on the server. There are many methods for obtaining mina, whether that be getting a job, selling your services, or selling items. The possibilities are practically endless.


There are several commands used for managing your money and paying others. Below is a list of them and their uses.

/money - shows you how many minas you hold on your person currently.

/money pay [user] [amount] - pays the named player the desired amount of minas.

/money drop [amount] - drop money on the ground for anyone to collect.

/money help - opens the money help menu which tells you all the commands.

It is also not recommended that you hold all of your minas on your person at once and instead use our bank plugin. More information about it can be found on our Mechanical Guides page.