The Cloud Temple

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Cloud Temple on Arcas

The Cloud Temple is a safe, peaceful location in which all souls begin their journey. The Wilven Sanctuary Monks live within the Cloud Temple, providing aid and assistance to all those in need. No crimes or atrocities can be committed within the Cloud Temple due to the Monk's magic, creating a secure location where all are welcome. The Monks are known for providing healing services and resurrecting souls which have perished in the realm.


The Cloud Temple or some form of it has existed in all the realms that the descendants have visited. Either being a complete temple or simply a small camp of the Monks, the Temple has provided a place of peace a refuge and healing for as long as anybody can remember.
For specific information on the Cloud Temple in each realm, see:

Location event

Numerous historical events have taken place at the Cloud Temples, including great battles and the transition to new lands.
Some notable events are:


The Cloud Temple is generally located centrally in the realm to allow easier access to important locations. It is placed so new players, and old, can find their way to settlements and nations with ease. There are signs on the main roads that can direct to Cloud Temple, as well as direct a player from the Temple to the location they wish to go.


The Cloud Temple is the starting location for all new souls, making it a key spot in the realm. In addition, the Monks' ability to resurrect souls allows for the continuation of life even when a person dies (although they will not remember the events leading up to their death). The Cloud Temple is where everything begins for a new soul, and thus is very important in their journey to learning the ways of the realm.

Cloud Temple Public Farms

Farm in CT for Arcas

The farms outside of the Cloud Temple are there for everyone to use for completely for free. You can find wheat that you can harvest in order to create bread or grab some breeding material. The only rule of the farms is that if you take from it, you must replant for other players! The grounds are watched over by the Cloud Temple monks and are typically always stocked. There are chests placed in the middle that can give you access to spare seeds and sometimes even wheat! Sometimes carrots, potatoes and even beets can be found in the farm. This is helpful for new players who need access to food to get from Cloud Temple to other charters and nations.

Cloud Temple Market

Shops at Cloud Temple on Arcas.

Within the Cloud Temple grounds you can find the market place. Within the market you can find an auctioneer as well as a bank. Items within these stalls are some items that cannot be found naturally such as; leads, spawn eggs, name tags and other miscellaneous items. Also within the market is the renowned and most expensive item in the game; the Elytra! You can find things from ice, packed ice, and blue ice to even a hookah. If you go further down the road toward the Northern nations you will find a small purple market cart off the path. If you have found this you have found the Shop of Wonders. This mysterious shop has magical items that cannot be found anywhere else within the current map of Arcas. Though the items cost a pretty penny, and will surely break your bank.