Cloud Temple of Aegis

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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.
Cloud Temple of Aegis

The Cloud Temple Of Aegis was the house of God and the home of the Monks of Aegis. It was widely regarded as the location of the most powerful magic in all of Aegis. All people were born here regardless of race.

Nearby in the forest lay the monastery of the Temple where the Monks lived. The library of the Cloud Temple was also close by. Krugmar and Malinor were the closest nations to the Cloud Temple. The Cloud Temple and all of its occupants were under the supreme protection of God. They did not wage wars nor extend their boundaries. Their role in Aegis was to guide newborns into the world of Aegis. Therefore no nation was allowed to wage war against the Cloud Temple of Aegis. The Temple was a place of powerful magic and considered to be the safest place in all of Aegis from Dark Magic. The symbolic importance of the Cloud Temple was tested many times over its existence.


When one was knocked unconscious or severely injured, the monks from the temple were quick to retrieve the body and take it to the temple for healing. Once the healing was complete, one would reappear in the Temple. The monks, much like those of the Wilven Sanctuary of Asulon, were skilled in healing even the most severe of injuries.

The Grand Library

The Grand Library, located on the Temple grounds next to the race huts was a collection of books from all over Aegis. It was a place of learning and peace for all races. It's original curator and collection had disappeared long time ago and the Druid Order had stepped in to reopen the library. Efforts were taken to restore the collection to former glory.


No one knew exactly when the Cloud Temple was created, only that it was at the center of Aegis and the King's Road began off of it.

Battle of the Wandering Wizard

In 1336 the Wandering Wizard requested aid from Aegeans transporting ancient relics from Al'Khazar to the Cloud Temple. Plagued by Undead, the final battle occurred at the Cloud Temple when the Wandering Wizard was defeated. The Cloud Temple trembled under the power of the Undead and was damaged.


Following the success of the Champions in the Nether to seal away the Undead, Iblees let loose his wrath on the lands of Aegis. He destroyed the Cloud Temple in lightning, flame and monsters, including the rare dragons. With the fall of the final place of sanctuary all hope was finally gone for Aegeans, and they fled to the Verge to escape to Asulon.