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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Athera (1470-1513) was a realm in Lord of the Craft replaced by The Isles of Vailor. Athera succeeded Thales. It was a mysterious land, containing many strange locations, natural formations and ruins. Despite this mystery, many pieces of literature could be found which tell of times long past. A traveler's guide also made note of the many formations and landmarks found in the land. All the races were situated on a main road, similar to the King's Road in Aegis. This road is called the Stone Road.


1468: Athera is settled, and within several Elven days many settlements have been built.

1469: The Chivay Dynasty is overthrown. Boris III Carrion is crowned as the new Emperor of the Imperium of Oren and the Imperium is later renamed the Holy Oren Empire.

1472: The Teutonic Order officially retires and leaves the Realm of Hanseti in the hands of its civilian sector, the remaining Sariants of the Order scatter throughout the world and nations.

1475: The Silver Enclave of Haelun'or and its High Elven government are overthrown, the remainder of its supporters go into hiding. The State of Laureh'lin rises from the remains of it, and utilises the city of Annil'sul as its capital. The Halflings of Gimblewood reform their government into a Mayorship around the same time. This removes Garmel and Petrus from their titles of Elder, making Fumble Willowbottom Mayor and Thimble Clearwater Sherrif. Thimble only lasts in the office for a short time before being replaced by Amell Maplehook.

1476: Kal'Agnar is invaded by the Undead, the Empire of Khorvad soon takes over the city.

1477: The Königreich of Aesterwald is absorbed by the Holy Oren Empire, once again uniting the Human race under one nation.

1479: After two years since the initial invasion, Kal'Agnar is retaken by the Dwarves and their allies.

1481: A year long rebellion results in the break up of the Holy Oren Empire, forming the kingdoms of Renatus and Oren. The Königerich of Aesterwald also regains independence.

1483: Petrus is surrendered over to Renatus; the Kingdom of Oren becomes the Kingdom of Galahar (and later on the Kingdom of Akovia.)

1484: The State of Laureh'lin returns the capital of Annil'sul to the supporters of the Silver Enclave of Haelun'or due to increased pressure from both its supporters and the Kingdom of Renatus. This results in the reforging of the city state of Haelun'or.

1487: Kaer Angren is destroyed by the undead and the majority of the leadership of the Kingdom of Renatus is corrupted by them. The Kingdom of Renatus collapses shortly and its remains become the Mardonic League.

1491: After a several year long conflict, peace has been made between the Kingdom of Akovia, Mardonic League, the Dwarves and the orcs. The city of Petrus has been ceded over to Akovia, who have reformed the Kingdom of Oren.

1494: The ruins of Leyulin is invaded by the Silver Enclave of Haelun'or and the Reformed Kingdom of Oren. The capital of the State of Laureh'lin had previously moved to a new location called Cerulin (built over the ruins of Norithel) due to the war threat.

1498: War ensues between the Reformed Kingdom of Oren and the Silver Enclave of Haelun'or. This was due to several High Elves assassinating the King of Oren: Andrik Vydra.

1500: The States of Laureh'lin and Ker'nor are vassalised by the Reformed Kingdom of Oren in response to the conflict. Later in the year, the Silver Enclave of Haelun'or is also vassalised, bringing the High Elven-Human conflict to an end.

1505: The war between the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Reformed Kingdom of Oren comes to a close with the signing of a treaty.

1510: Martial law is enacted in the Protectorate of Haelun'or after an illegal coup had occurred, Lord Adrian de Bar was appointed the governor of the Silver City.

1511: The first official battles of the war between the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Iron Uzg begin, with the Iron Uzg marching to conquest Kal'Eknar before being held back by the Dwarven Legion.

1513: The Orc-Dwarf War comes to an end, and within a few months a giant worm destroys most of Athera. The descendant races then move on to The Isles of Vailor.

Ancient History (Prior to Descendant Immigration)

Ancient Atherans operated on a different calendar system to the one used now. Dates found are therefore merely a guide as they could be any form of time calculations imaginable.

1183: Dark Magics outlawed after Ezekiel Cunningham massacres

1334: Rivel marches to Urguan's Hall after being attacked by an army of constructs to find the doors shut up


  • Elves
  • Dwarves
  • Orcs
  • Humans
  • Ascended
  • Aengul
  • Daemon
  • Halflings
  • Other interesting races

Official Nations of Athera

  • The Reformed Kingdom of Oren- The nation of the Humans, located in the Heartlands. It houses all varieties of Humans within its many duchies. In recent times its lands have now encompassed the Silver Enclave of Haelun'or (the High Elves,) the State of Laureh'lin (the Wood Elves), the State of Ker'nor (the Dark Elves) and the northern lands.
  • Grand Kingdom of Urguan - The nation of the Dwarves.
  • Iron Uzg - The War Nation of the Orcs.
  • The Eldership of Gimblewood - The only Halfling village in Athera known to the public, albeit there are many smaller villages out in the wilds secluded from the world. Its location avoids many Atherians, but it is hidden in plain sight where many explorers begin their journey...
  • The Caliphate of Khalestine - The nation of the Qalasheen, a desert dwelling people.
  • The Republic of Salvus - An independent nation, housing people of all races.

Cities and Settlements

(Capitals of major nations are marked in bold, while ruined towns are italicized.)

  • Aldersberg, a town located to the north of Petrus, it has since become a ruin and most of its inhabitants left for the town of Leuvaarden.
  • Al-Dirakh, an isolated city in the southern deserts of Deus Proditor, home of the Qalasheen.
  • Aleksgrad, a human town in Owysnwood, mainly producing animal products. A Raevir settlement with many other cultures flocking to it.
  • Atgaard, a small settlement located atop mountains in the eastern part of Athera.
  • Ayrmet, used to serve as the home of a large mercenary company; the Company of the Wolf.
  • Cerulin, the location has been occupied by many towns over its history, most notably the settlement of Norithel.
  • Laureh'lin, the home of the Wood Elves.
  • Dragon's Peak, a town located to the east of Petrus, and home to House Horen.
  • Gimblewood, the sole village of the Halfling subrace.
  • Haelun'or, the home of the High Elves, it has since come under the control of the Reformed Kingdom of Oren, but still remains tasked to the original owners. The city of Annil'sul used to occupy its location and the Wood Elven city of Leyulin once stood nearby.
  • Kaer Angren, the former home of several orders such as the Order of the Flaming Rose and the Order of the Red Dragon, the location also served as the capital of the Kingdom of Renatus before being corrupted into an Undead fort. In recent times it has been cleansed, however.
  • Kal'Karaad, the capital of the Dwarves, a few decades ago it was under the control of the Empire of Khorvad for a time.
  • Karovia, a settlement to the south which once served as the capital of the Kingdom of Akovia.
  • Ker'nor, the capital of the dark elven state, now known as the Ancillary of Ker'nor, client state of Oren.
  • Kodar'Goi, previously known as San'Vitar, this newly built Orcish city is now the sole city of the Orcs.
  • Korath, a Human town under control of Baron Cantonus Chivay. Producer of Lumber and food for surrounding Human lands.
  • Leuvaarden, a large town to the west of Petrus and a long gone arena known as the 'Atlas Arena,' for a time it was known as Pravets. It is also home to the Holy Order of Saint Amyas.
  • Montfort, a small town which presides over the March of Adria.
  • Nerezza, a ruined town located to near the also ruined city of Vanderfell.
  • Oakhearth, a small village to the south east of Cerulin.
  • Paralon, a small city located in the far south, it was renamed Paradise shortly before its demise.
  • Petrus, one of the largest cities in Athera and the capital of the Reformed Kingdom of Oren. Famously known as the 'Jewel of Humanity', it has served as the capital of most of the largest Human nations in this time period.
  • Polaris, an old ruined town in the northern canyons, now being rebuilt under a new name.
  • Salvus, unrelated to the Salvus of old, the Republic of Salvus is located in the south of Athera and remains independent of all other nations.
  • Siegrad, a former Dwarven fort located in the northern lands of Athera (known as Hiebenhall,) it now has been converted into a Human town with a new name.
  • Vanderfell, the former capital of the Konigreich of Aesterwald, located north of the Cloud Temple. It was destroyed and a forest now resides in its place.
  • Werdenberg, a farming town located to the east of Petrus and just south of Montfort.

  • Fauna and Flora
  • Creatures
  • Plant life

Notable Figures


  • Andrik Vydra †, the first King of the Reformed Kingdom of Oren.
  • Olivier de Savoie, the second and current King of the Reformed Kingdom of Oren.
  • Maric Varodyr II †, the first and only king of the Kingdom of Renatus. He led the Renatus rebellion and later was turned undead.
  • Vibius de Sola †, former Augustus Marshal of the Imperium Tertius, led the the Crossing of the Nocibur.
  • Robert Chivay, former Emperor of the Imperium Tertius.
  • Daniel I, the High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon during Athera.
  • Godfrey III Horen, former head of the Mardonic Leauge.
  • Tuvya Carrion †, first Emperor of the Imperium after Chivay's reign. He lost it due to rebellion.
  • Arn Rovin †, the last Konig of the Konigreich of Aesterwald before its collapse at the end of Schism War.


  • Phaedrus Lle'hileia, who lead the revolt against the mali'aheral dominated state of Haelun'or.
  • Kalenz Uradir, former leader of Haelun'or.
  • Artimec Camoryn, former nation leader of Laureh'lin, diplomat that created the Leyulin/Plateau split.
  • Ac'Aelu Corval, leader Leyulin who repelled a Haelun'orian coup, former High Chancellor of Laureh'lin.
  • Dak'ir Des'nox, lead the Dark Elves throughout Athera.
  • Iatrilemar Elervathar, who attempted to broker peace with Phaedrus during the revolt.


  • Balek Irongut, Grand King of the Dwarves after Hodir Doomforged's death. Revived the dwarven nation.
  • Jorik Grandaxe, Grand Marshal of the Dwarves during much of Athera.
  • Vorstag Ireheart, Grand King of Urguan in early Athera, died reclaiming the armor of Urguan from the Undead.
  • Skippy Irongut, Yemekar's Pick of the Dwarves during much of Athera, created the Red Urguan's Workers Party.
  • Fimlin Grandaxe, Grand King of the Dwarves in early Athera, lost and reclaimed the city of Kal'Agnar from the Undead.
  • Verthaik Frostbeard, a controversial dwarf in the eyes of many, clan father of the Frostbeards.
  • Hogarth Irongut, Lord Chancellor of the Dwarves in Athera, later becoming the High Prophet of the Brathmordakin
  • Grungron Irongut, a dwarf of Ascended blood, untainted much of Athera from the Undead.
  • Hodir Doomforged, Grand King of the Dwarves for much of the Dwarf-Human war in Athera, died in a naval battle.
  • Uldar Irongut, Lord Steward and Arbiter of the Dwarves. Once firmly in his seat of power, he ruled the Dwarves in his notably cynical and ruthless manner. All for the good of Urguan, though often contrary to the will of the citizenry.


  • Vrogak'Gorkil, Rex of the Orcs during Anthos, returned to Athera to unite the separated clans into the Iron Uzg.
  • Deka'Ublu, founder of the Goblin Clan Ublu, one of the biggest and most unified Goblin clans to date. Widely regarded as the figurehead of the Goblin freedom movement.
  • Rusk'Dom, slaughterer of the High Elves and Shaman Rex.


  • Fumble Willowbottom, Elder upon the formation of Gimblewood - Currently Elder - Noted Halfling Diplomat and Reformer.
  • Petrus Frondor, Elder upon the formation of Gimblewood - Currently is Sherrif - Claims that the city of Petrus was named after him.
  • Rupert Herbwallow, Elder upon the formation of Gimblewood - claims to be the inventor of the firespark.
  • Garmel Fitzgibbon, Succesor to Rupert Herbwallow - believed to have lower than minimum IQ - Famed Mailman of the Fringe.
  • Amell Maplehook, Succesor to Petrus Frondor after period of Fumble's mayorship.
  • Lotho Pondtopple, Succesor to Garmel Fitzgibbon after period of Fumble's mayorship.
  • Milo Herbwallow, Burrower who completed nearly all the burrows of Gimblewood.
  • John Tookbody, Famed burrower and suspected undead.
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