Dawn's Bakery

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Dawn's Bakery

Dawn's Bakery refers to two different bakeries that have existed. The first was founded by Dawn Perea and existed in Aegis and Asulon. Dawn Ashby opened a new bakery in Anthos, once again calling it Dawn's Bakery. Although they share the same name the establishments were owned by different people and held unique functions.

Dawn Perea's Bakery

Dawn's Bakery was a series of famous bakeries. The original location in Al'Khazar, owned by the late Dawn Perea, was extremely popular and regularly had ten to fifteen customers. Initially, the bakery attracted patrons due to the fact that the baked goods were delicious and inexpensive. Later it attracted even more attention as Dawn married Pampo Perea, then the King of Oren, making her the Queen. Even after the fall of King Perea, crowds still flocked to the shop to enjoy the cheap, quality food and the myriad of people that stopped by. Also notable was Hempshine, Dawn's assistant in running the bakery.

The overwhelming success of the first bakery in Al'Khazar led to more in locations such as Whisper Isles, Winterfell and Laurelin. Following the fall of Aegis, Dawn started a new bakery in Salvus that remained popular in the heyday of Solace.

After the war of Salvus, the bakeries died with the former Queen.

Dawn Ashby's Bakery

Founded by the Ashby Family, Dawn's Bakery was a famous restaurant located in Kingston. Owned and ran by the Ashby Family. The Bakery was a public social hotspot since the arrival of the people from Asulon. The Bakery was supplied mostly by the Ashby Farms outside of the walls of Kingston. After Salvus fell to the Orcs the bakery was destroyed.