Dawn Perea

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Dawn Perea

Lady Dawn Perea was a Human baker, political leader in Oren and Queen of Salvus.


Dawn was married to Pampo Perea during his reign as King of Oren in Aegis. She was considered quite popular with the people. She owned Dawn's Bakery, a large and often frequented bakery in Al'Khazar that grew so popular it was able to expand to other locations in Whisper Isles, Laurelin and Winterfell. Following the death of King Perea at the hands of Undead Dawn was no longer Queen when Edmund Sheffield took the throne. She remained in charge of Winterfell until it fell to Undead in 1340.

Following the events of the Phoenix Revolution Dawn and the former King of Oren Enor Sheffield established the Kingdom of Salvus, designed to be a peaceful nation among the infighting of the Humans. Many Humans joined the new nation. Upon the move to Asulon Queen Dawn remained in power in Salvus for many years, ruling from the capital of Solace.

Queen Dawn grew more controversial as time went on. Many peasants of Salvus began to believe rumours that she was a witch. She was increasingly seen negatively by other nations, and war was declared on Salvus by Hanseti, Renatus, Alras, The War Uzg, Seventis and the Twilight Army. Queen Dawn was killed in the early stages of the war, prompting infighting among the coalition. Family

Dawn was married to Pampo Perea until his death. They had two sons and a daughter, Rhonin Perea, Brett Perea and Ella Perea.