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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

This page relates to the War Nation of Krugmar in Aegis. See the Rexdom of Krugmar for information on the current version of this nation.

Krugmar was the War Nation of the Orcs in Aegis. Krugmar was located to the north of the Cloud Temple of Aegis among the dunes of the deep desert. Bloodlust and an unforgiving environment molded the Orcs into a truly mighty race that values strength above all other traits. Spiritually the High Shaman lead the ritualistic religion of the Orcs, whose mysticism thrived on tales of super-strength and unparalleled combat prowess. The Orcs have a hatred and respect for the Dwarves which often leads to open conflict, but all other races are viewed as vastly inferior and are not often welcomed into the hostile desert environments of the Orcs. In Asulon Krugmar was renamed to the War Uzg.

In Axios, the War Nation of Krugmar was recreated by Kulgarok in an attempt to unify the Orcish people after a long period of disorder following the dissolution of the Iron Uzg.


Glazug Votar! Vorgad Ormenar! This is the proud War Nation. Originally a nomadic people, Orcs would live in squalid huts, raiding the resources they required and continuing on to other patches of land for their sheep and cows. However, led by the great Warlord Tythus, they began building permanent homes in the Elven ruins of Sandafell. Although not great architects, they fixed the wall and created simple lodgings and markets inside, one of the towers was transformed into a blood spattered arena, and behind the wall lies the Warlord's Castle and the Dominus Lodgings. Beneath one of the towers lies the Dark Maze of Groumj, created by whom, nobody knows. However, the dark paths of the maze lead into deathly traps and holes, many brave Orcs have died in its dark pathways. There is a legend that there is treasure there that grants you immortality, regardless, the Maze of Groumj continues to be a major attraction for bands of Orcs and other races alike. The War Nation of Krugmar is a terrible sight to behold and the Orcs are not a force to be trifled with.


Krugmar was located southwest of the Cloud Temple of Aegis and occupied a large desert, the lands of which provided plants specific to the region. The Orcs, having adapted to the harsh environment, were able to thrive while other races withered.


The Making of the Clans

The Orc Clans came about when the Children of Krug began having children and eventually they separated into different families, or Clans. These Clans would have many differences and would respect their Clan Father and die for Him. These Clans would eventually start following Greatfathers, and there were two who possessed the most appeal; The Great Warrior Tythor, slayer of the Kar'ak Scorpion, and The Great Shaman Or'ta, Who could call down whole lightning storms.

The Orc Clan War

There were many Clans of Orcs but over time they started getting swallowed up by the Mega-Clans. The two main Mega-Clans were The Rex Clan, led by Warlord Tythor, and the Dom Clan, led by Warlord Or'ta.

These clans fought for supremacy of the land of Krugmar, and many Orcs were killed in the battles, causing many clans to die out. Eventually though, Warlord Tythus, who had taken over the Rex clan after Warlord Tythor had been killed in battle, led a great victory over the Elves, still living in the ruins of an elven city. He renamed it Sanjezal and it became the Capital of the War Nation of Krugmar.

Warlord Tythus led many victories over the Dominus Clan and in one fateful battle, the High Shaman Or'ta tried to use Dark Magic to win. Krug, in anger, showed his displeasure for the weak and sent down lightning bolts to aid Tythus. Or'ta was killed and the Dominus Clan was eliminated, many joining Tythus soon after.

The Beginning

Tythor lay in his tent, looking at his new axe and wondering how many heads would be pummeled by it. An Orc Warrior came running in dressed in battle armor. Or'jak had decided to attack the Rax Clan. Tythor was confused, was Or'jak mad?

He quickly put on some light armor and pulled up his new axe, he ran out of his tent into a scene of Chaos. Arrows were flurrying everywhere and his Shamans were standing with Or'jak,the treacherous worms. He ran with a battle cry towards Or'jak.

A signle arrow collided into his shoulder and sent him falling to the floor. Or'jak cackled and stood behind his shamans. Sending balls of flames into the tents of innocents and warriors alike. Tythor pulled himself up and threw his axe. The Axe hit one of the shamans and the fire spell he was making "fell" to the floor. There was carnarge where shamans had been standing, none had been ready for the fire as it engulfed them. Or'jak slowly got up, burnt like a crisp as Tythor walked over to him. Tythor picked up his burnt axe and named it Fury. He then swung fury down with all his strength onto Or'jak and severed his head easily. Tythor grabbed the head and chucked it to his Battle Bruthas who were laughing and shouting in joy at their victory. Or'jaks force had scattered soon after Or'jak and the shamans had been engulfed in fire. Tythor recieved more bad news. The Lur Clan had been destroyed by Or'ta son of Or'jak. The Phol clan had surrended to Or'ku and then were slaughtered and the Kalak Clan had fled for Human Lands.

Tythor was angry at the destruction of many of his supporting clans. He smashed his fist and shouted "TYTHUS!". A Large Orc, but small to his peers came into the War Tent. He had a few scars from the battle but was mostly unharmed.

"Aye Warlord?" asked Tythus.

"Get word to the clans that owe loyalty to us. Dey need to gather 'ere when we crush the rest of da Dom Clan into te Dust!". replied Tythor.

Tythus did an Orc Salute and walked out of the Tent as the others started Battle plans. He wondered if they would beat the Dom clan and rule over the lands. He smiled faintly at the thought of being a Mighty King but his elder brothers stood in his way.

The Remains of San'lur

Tythus found the ruined Town of San'lur, Or'ta had left no survivors and had even spiked the Mighty Warchief of the Lur Clan. Tythus found Are'lur and his younger Brother Bein'lur amongst the ruins. He sent them with a few Guards back to San'rax, The Tent Village of the Rax Clan.

Tythus saw movement behind one of the tents, Two Goblins were talking about the attack. Tythus drew his Curved Sword and slashed through the tent. He Grabbed the smaller goblin and shouting into his face "So it was you who opened da gate was it den?".

The Goblin in fear wet himself before saying "We waz payed ya see, we din't kno' it waz bad guy army, we swearz!".

Tythus shook his head, in anger he thrust the sword right through the Goblin. He ripped it back out and ran over to the other Goblin who had picked up a dagger. The Goblin said "You no want fight Weezle, Weezle will kill you you stupid orcsies!". The Goblin called Weezle rushed forward taking a stab at Tythus' hip. Tythus quickly whirled around and grabbed fopr the Goblins dagger. Weezle saw this and slashed at Tythus' hand, cutting open his palm. Tythus shouted in anger and punched at Weezle's head, catching his cheek and sending him flying. Tythus thenbrang his sword down on Weezle's dagger hand, cutting it off. His Retinue of Guards came after hearing the commotion and with a rotten rope, tied the Goblin to their old, half dead Mule.

When they reached San'rax it was very dark and most orcs had either gone to bed, or were up drinking and thinking about the batles to come. Tythus saw some of Or'tas scouts heads on spikes and above his fathers tent was a spike with Or'jaks head. Weezle had been taken for Questioning. and it was almost a certainty that he wouldnt survive.

Tythus found his tent, near his Fathers but one across from his elder brothers, Tythin and Tythax. They were Bigger and stronger than him and were Great Leaders. They had won many battles and were hoping to prove themselves in front of their Father. They did not hate or bully Tythus, but they never helped him or gave him a chance. He would show the Orcs how good of a Leader he could be. He then lay down on his bedmat and fell asleep.

Hunters and their Prey

Are'lur was finding it hard to fit in at San'rax, he wasnt built as big as the warriors and hunters here were not held in such high esteem unlike in the Lur Clan. Tythor had given him command of 5 Hunters and he had been hunting down Or'ta's scouts with a passion. They were on a hunt for another scout, this one was hard to find and had been escaping them for days. They say the scout was Or'ta's son. One of the hunters, Ker'dash had said that it was Or'jaks ghost leading them on a merry chase. The others had laughed at that idea and it had raised their morale.

"There he is!" shouted Ker'dash, who was still acting like a warrior, as he had always wanted to be.

"Not so loud ya fool!" replied Are'lur as he held his bow up high, aiming it at the scout. Questioning was not needed, and they did not want to let this scout get away. He fired his bow and Krug was with him that day as the arrow hit the Scout in the neck, flinging him off his Jabberwack, a Large Lizard that was big enough to be a mount.

They rushed over to where the scout had fallen, and were very suprised to see that the scout had indeed been Or'ta's young son, Or'ka.

"Or'ta wont be pleased to find 'is son dead, will 'e?" asked Maka'phol, knowing the answer.

"Well, i hope 'e notices, i 'ave a fight i need to pick with 'im" said Are'lur, remembering Or'ta's attack on his village.

"Cut off da 'ead and send it to Or'ta" said Ker'dash, eager to have a battle soon and hoping that he would fight in it.

"Alright, bag it up and send dis Jabberwack to da Dom camp" said Are'lur.

After Bagging up the head, and sending the Jabberwack back to the camp, they started returning to San'rax when 20 Mounted Jabberwacks came riding towards them. An arrow appeared in the shoulder of Ker'dash, sending him flying back before two more thudded into his chest. Maka'phol drew his sword just in time to get his head cleaved in half. The other three hunters didnt last more than 20 seconds as the were cut down and shot to pieces.

Are'lur shot one of the Orcs down before an arrow pierced his chest, coming out of his back. He fell down to his knees and looked up to see Or'ta standing above him, a strange staff in his hand.

"You, You…Killed my son, now ya shall die ya evil lil' lur, like da rest of ya family, and i will kill ya lil' brutha too, Bein isnt it? I shall enjoy tortuing him!" said Or'ta, spitting into Are'lurs face the whole time he was saying it.

The last thought Are'lur had was of his family and Beins future before Or'tas Scythe swung around, cutting his head off in one clean swipe. Bein would scream when he opened the bag addressed for him, with Are'lurs head in it.

The Battle of Nomafd Plains

The Great Army of the Rax Clan was made up of many Clans, with the Dash,Phols, Pak, Teka, Reg contributing the most men to the battle. Tythor was angry about the Death of Are'lur, which meant Bein was the last of the Lur Clan. Maka'phol was a mighty warrior and hunter and he was the heir to the Phol Clan, they were even more weakened now.

His Horde was 5000 strong, Or'ta had 7000 and 20 Battle Shamans. 2000 of the 7000 were Mounted Jabberncks whereas Tythor only had 1200 Mounted Jabberwacks. The Battle could not only hope on numbers then, it would have to be Strength.

The Great army marched out of San'rax, many would not return. Tythor rode his Great Jabbernak, a giant of a beast, with his new black armor which had cost him a lot of gold ingots, at the front of the Army, Proudly waving his Axe to the cheers of his battle Bruthas. His sons rode beside him.

Tythin had been left at San'rax with 500 Orc soldiers just incase Or'ta planned a counter-attack there. When both armies had arrived on the plains, they sized each other up. 1000 Jabberwacks were missing from Or'ta's army, and so was Or'ta's brother, Or'ku. Tythor had a horrible feeling that they were headed for San'rax.

At Once the remaining thousand Mounted Jabbernaks charged, heading straight for Tythax and his 1200 Mounted Jabberacks. Tythax charged aswell without thinking and was heading straight of Kal'sar, One of Or'tas Generals and a great fighter.

The two Jabbernak armies smashed into each other, body parts went flying as curved swords swung round. Tythor could see Tythax fighting Kal'sar, both were cut in many places. At Tythors Roar and Or'ta's cackle the rest of the armies charged.

Tythor ran straight through the front line of Or'ta's infantry, smashing back 5 Orcs and killing another two in seconds. His mighty axe cleaving away the infantry as if they were nothing. He gave a quick glance over to where Tythax was, and saw him falling off his Jabberwack with his head missing. Tythor would grieve for his son later, he soon reached Or'ta and his strange scythe and with a roar entered battle with him. Or'ta was quick and his scythe opened many wounds and Tythor wasn ot even denting his armor. He brought up his axe just as Or'ta whirled his scythe around, opening up his stomach and ripping some of his guts out.

Tythor fell back a bit, and looked around at his army which was being massacred. He pulled up his axe one last time and threw it as hard as he could at Kal'sar, who had decided to go to the toilet on the corpse of Tythax. The axe caught him in the collarbone and rip most of his neck out, killing him instantly. Tythor fell to his knees, holding his guts in and breathing very heavily. He looked up at Or'ta and started laughing as Or'ta swung his scythe around. They say his head continued laughing for up to 5 minutes and it scared even Or'jak.

Suprise San'rax!

Tythus was standing on the wooden palisade, waiting for his Fathers army to return. He was anxious, this was the first major battle to happen and could be a decider of the war, only time would tell. He was about to step off the wall when he saw a lot of dust blowing near San'rax.

He at first thought it to be his Father returning, but then he heard the trampling of Jabberwacks at full speed. He turned to Gore'khan to shout a command when a spear flew through the air and hit Gore'khan full in the chest, hitting him off the wall to his death.

Tythus quickly shouted "THYTIN, WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" before jumping to the floor of the wall as another spear flew past him. He could see Khal'phol and his men starting to open the gate. The treacherous worms must have made a deal to escape the Phol massacre, Tythus thought to himself.

As the Warriors ran to stations and started shooting back, Tythin came out and with a roar charged at Khal'phol, but khal was heavily surrounded by guards making it near impossible to get close to him. Tythin was speared by one of the Phol guards and stabbed by another before he could even draw his sword. There was no time to grieve for Tythin as Khal'phol finished him off, Tythus instantly leapt to the defense but it was too late, the Mounted Jabberwacks were burning, wrecking and they had even turned on Khal'phol and wiped the grin off his face when they chopped it off. Tythus called for a retreat and knew the only place that was safe would be the ruins of an unnamed elf city.

He led the fastest warrior to this city, he only had 100 orcs and not many supplies. Tythus thought about giving up to Or'ta and hoping for mercy but his father and Krug would look down at that. By the time they reached the Unnamed city the smoke from San'rax had cleared and they couldn't hear the laughter of Or'ta

- Da Bubhosh throqu of da clans as recorded by Dominus Bein'lur, a few months before his Death.


Led by the absolute rule of a warlord titled Rex

- The Rex has complete control over the War Nation regarding internal affairs and war time decisions

- A sector is governed by a Dominus who reports to the Rex

- A High Dominus vying for the warlords title may challenge the Rex to single combat. If he wins he becomes the new Rex. If he loses he faces heavy fines and possible loss of title or banishment at the discretion of the Rex

A High Shaman governs religious affairs and serves as a liaison between the War Nation and the Temple. He may act as an advisor to the Rex or as an ambassador to other nations.


The Krughai was the official army of the War Nation, Led by Dominus Craotor'Lur and Targoth Lud'Gorkil


The notion that orcs have a "nobility" like that of the Humans is absurd, but those who prove themselves to be valiant warriors, shaman, leaders and diplomats may find themselves granted with the title of Dominus. A High Dominus is the equivalent of a Human Duke or Elven Prince. They may challenge the Rex, and if successful, they become the new Rex. If they lose, however, The Rex decides their fate.

The Making of Krugmar

Warlord Tythus became King of the Orcs, and out of respect for his old clan, he made the word King become Rex. In respect to the Dom Clan he made his Lords the Dominus. He also helped the Shamans, who had always been the outcasts of the clans, fit in with Krugmar and made Or'gok, son of Or'ta, who had been spared by Krug for his honor and potential of orcish magic, the High Shaman.

From there Warlord Tythus set his borders, and set about trying to find the Dominus. The first two he found were Thyst who had showed his worth in the arena, and Grum, who was a great military tactician. Grum would later disappear, never to be heard from again.

While walking in Sanjezal, Tythus noticed a lowly guard, called Bein, who had an idea for an orc military guild. He gave him permission to start it and so the Ferox Legio was born. The success was great and Tythus made Bein'lur a Dominus.

The Nomad Village

The Nomad village was land granted to Dominus Thyst for his greatness in the arena and for leading many young orcs to Sanjezal. To this day it has many citizens and Thyst's Manor is the envy of many.

The Riverside Massacre and the Making of Sanhar

Dominus Bein'lur saw a village called Riverside near Sanjezal and took a look with some of his men. They were greeted rudely by fools who didnt know the lands they were on and they even attacked Shez'lab, one of Bein's friends. Dominus Bein'ur declared war and although the battles were foggy and unclear, it is known that the orcs won overall.

Bein saw a lot of potential in the ruins of the village, and with permission of Warlord Tythus he founded an orc town that would give cheap, affordable homes to orcs as Sanjezal's homes were full. They destroyed part of a mountain and tore down all the buildings, then got to work. Soon Sanhar was complete. To this day, Sanhar has been expanded greatly and remains a fully-functioning town.

The Skirmish with Petri's army

An orc called Petri bought a home in Kel'og, and soon he had lots of orcs gathering to make an army. His army brought the attention of Dominus Bein after he had heard that they had attacked Dominus Thyst. Bein and his followers rushed to Kel'og immediately, ordering a stand down of the army. Thyst fought and defeated the one who had attacked him and a battle went on between the orcs and Petri's men.

High Shaman Or'gok turned up and shot lightning at them, very angry at their disrespect to Warlord Tythus and one of his shaman, Dominus Thyst. Petri's army scattered, defeated, some leaving the War Nation of Krugmar and some rejoining it.

Krug and the New Army

The orcs recreated their Army and Bein'lur, the Hordemaster, lead the Rex's Horde. He was helped by Warboss Gorefang and Warboss Shez'lab. The Army also began work on a new Fort called Fort Krug, in honour of their Glorious Father, Krug. They completed the Fort, it was approved by Warlord Tythus and the army began recruiting.

Return of Or'ta and the Death of Thyst

Or'ta the Dark Shaman returned from death with the help of Iblees after he was sent to the Nether by Krug for using Dark Magic. He attacked numerous orc cities before he was killed by a group of orcs in the Battle of Sanjezal; he destroyed his own soul after killing the orc who held it. Thyst then challenged Tythus for the title of Rex and was mortally injured in the fight, he soon died and went to the spirits. This left one remaining Dominus alive, Dominus Bein, who was kidnapped by Or'ta but eventually returned.

The New Rex

The clans and The Horde, fed up with the leadership of Rex Tythus, united together to overthrow him.

They set up camp outside of Sanjezel with siege towers, catapults, rams, and ballista's. They were ready to destroy and cause mayhem if the Rex did not forfeit his title.

As the deadline of the assault on Sanjezel neared, the orcs started to fight amongst themselves. The Gorkils, the largest clan in all of Krugmar, wanted their Chieftain, Mogroka'Gorkil the Bloodthirsty, to be the new Warlord. While the other clans were in support of the mighty Gorefang'Khor, the Lower Dominus. As the fighting got out of hand between the orcs, the two leaders decided that the matter needed to be settled one way or another, for if it did not the rebellion would fail.

Gorefang'Khor and Mogroka'Gorkil decided to duel. The duel lasted for three days but neither of them got the upper hand. On the fourth day, the two leaders no longer resembled the two orcs that they were three days ago. They were a shadow of themselves from so much brawling without food or water. As the duel began, both warriors landed a solid punch upon the other, simultaneously, and they both fell flat on their backs. The Duel ended without a winner.

The war drums were heard and the war cries of the orcs and the shaman chanting could be heard throughout Krugmar. There would be bloodshed and civil war, both sides knew this was not going to end well, but it must be as there was no winner.

As the two sides prepare to clash, The Wandering Wizard appears and stops them, telling them, "The Clans must unite, not fight. Your enemy is close. You will only allow the Undead to run free in the lands while you fight among yourselves. Make an alliance! Create a new government and work it out together."

After hearing from The Wandering Wizard, the two leaders got back to their senses. They greeted one another as brothers again.

"This has been foreseen!", a cry was heard from the back of the Gorkil Clan lines. It was Elder Shaman of the Gorkils, Krink. He came out and stood beside the two leaders. He said there was a Prophecy; that two brothers not by blood will unite the lands of Krugmar and lead the orcs to victory and that it will be the orc's Golden Age. He then told them that they must challenge the Rex together.

Mogroka'Gorkil and Gorefang'Khor set out to Sanjezel where they met the Rex and both challenged him to a duel. Arrogant, the Rex accepted both at the same time. The fight that ensued was the end of Rex Tythus.

Now Warlord Mogroka'Gorkil and Warlord Gorefang'Khor share the Rex title.

Sanhar Riots

Shez'lur, son of Bein'lur, gathered up some orcs that believed Mogroka'Gorkil to be an usurper, because he had not been a Dominus before the challenge, they decided to destroy Sanhar and then launch a full rebellion. Mogroka'Gorkil acted quickly and soon had the Rebels in full retreat. Shez'lur was killed in the fighting, as was Dran'gob and Grimfang. Gorefang'Khor noted that these had once been his friends. Mogroka'Gorkil only saw Bein's Followers, who followed their leader even when he was dead.

Unfortunately, Sanhar had been mostly destroyed. Many buildings were on fire or collapsed and the water system had flooded the city; a total rebuild of the city was needed. Some say the rebels remember that Bein wanted the city rebuilt, and decided to give their lives giving a reason for the rebuilding of Sanhar. Other say that they just went crazy over all of the deaths of major orcish political figures, and decided to blame it on Mogroka'Gorkil and the rebellion. Whatever the reason, one thing was for sure; Sanhar would be rebuilt, bigger and better than ever.

Towns and Settlements

Sanjezal - Overseen by Warlord Mogroka'Gorkil

Sanhar - Overseen by Dominus Craotor'Lur

Nomad Village - Overseen by Dominus Craotor'Lur

Whisper Isles - Overseen by Dominus Craotor'Lur

Gorkilla - Overseen by Warlord Mogroka'Gorkil and Uzggoth Lud'Gorkil

Fort Krug - Overseen by Uzggoth Lud'Gorkil

Fort Tythus - Overseen by Uzggoth Lud'Gorkil

Malrug - Overseen by Brayden Roze

Famous Orc sayings/quotes/speeches

"All dos loyal to Krugmar, da land made by da creator and shown to Krug where he tested his might against the relentless sand and wind. Krug, who defied Iblees when none other dared, who struck da first blow. We are his sons and daughters da Orcs! We are gathering together from all our towns and cities Those of you who left for da hunt in other lands of Aegis return and help to begin a new chapter in our story. When we have gathered and assembled our leaders. When we have secured our great Desert. When our army echoes across the four lands of Aegis with da drums of our furious resolve. Then we will smash the undead apart once and for all. This is not a clan struggle for power. We are here for our whole races very survival and we won't stop until everyone again fears and respects da sons and daughters of Krug." -Yaghy'Gorkil, At Sanjezal when deposing Warlord Tythus

"The fight be not over until you win it." -Warlord Mogroka'Gorkil, In a letter to Mira'Gorkil his mate

"Honour is not something granted to those passive; it must be claimed and worked for with every action and breath. To allow weakness to take root and fester is to betray yourself and every orc around you. I would see you dead before you do that." - Warlord Mogroka'Gorkil, expressing hes views on life.

"This shit stinks like a pig's arse in the summer time." -Warboss of the Krughai when sacking Alkhazar.

"I get what you are saying brother I wont like it but I feel it might be necessary." - Craotor'Lur, After hearing what Mogroka'Gorkil has to say about deposing Warlord Tythus.

"The dead died alone, boy. Make a friend or join them." - Karthun to his son Roktar

"GnH-H! BIG IZ BIG! I WONDER WHO HE GETS THA' FROM!" -Mira'Gorkil, referring to Mogroka'Gorkil, whilst giving birth to Krug as she punchs Mogroka in the jaw.

"Listen to me, you ankle-biting, foul-smelling, ram-shagging rat bastard - I’ll insult your whore mother to her ugly face and you’ll like it!" -Warlord Mogroka, to a diplomat.

"Shut your bard hole before I shove a lute in it, you sonnet of a bitch." Bigboss, to a bard that offerd to sing for the orcs instead of paying tax.

"I will be strong as earth, deadly as fire, and quick as the wind, for you Mogroka…" -Warmistress Mira, a promise to Warlord Mogroka'Gorkil while she was away.

Rule what we can. Control what we can't rule. Destroy what we can't control. - Uzggoth Lud'Gorkil

"Dis rain be dah tearz uf our enemies!" - Warboss Thoren'Gorkil