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circle info req sam.png This page contains outdated information, and so it shouldn't be used as a direct source of information because there may be faults and wrong information on this page.

The Karakatuan Empire is the nation of the Kharajyr. The nation was first established in Asulon and has also existed in Anthos. The settlement of Ohlokar in Athera is the current location of the Karakatuan Empire. The current leader of the Karakatuan Empire is Tlatlanni Morthawl. The nation was established when the Kharajyr first moved to their new island and they sought a home. When the Kharajyr were unveiled to other races of Anthos it was recognized as a nation in its own right. They sailed with the descendant races of Aegis and have continued with them since leaving Asulon.

For a Kharajyr to prove themselves as a mature adult they must go through a series of trials.

The Trials of Maturity (Aelkos do not currently exist!)

When a Kharajyr reaches the age of fifteen, he or she will go through the Trials of Metztli to pass into a full-fledged adult. These trials consist of tasks that a Kharajyr should, and most are, able to complete by this age. If a Kharajyr does not complete their trials, they will be stripped of their pride and banished to the mainland, or if they fail the final trial, they will be slain. There are four trials and a fifth secret trial that none are permitted to speak of. Each trial will be given by one of the four Aelkos, each task based around what that Aelkos is in charge of.

The Trial of Crafting

The Trial of Crafting will be given by the Economy Aelkos, for he is knowledgeable of everything involving the economy of the Kharajyr. The trial consists of travelling into the jungle with nothing but your own belongings, and the Kha’ will be tasked with creating something valuable. He or she will not be told what it is they must make, but it is expected to be impressive. If they return without something the Aelkos considers of value, they will be sent back to try again.

The Trial of the Jungle

The second trial will be given by the Aelkos of Culture. It consists of being sent into the jungle to study the flora and fauna, and do something of use with this, be it a healing remedy or taming an animal. When the Kha’ returns with the trial completed, the Aelkos will give his verdict, and the Kha’ will either pass or he/she will return to the jungle to try another task.

The Trial of Survival

The third trial is given to a Kharajyr by the Aelkos of War. The Kha’ will be banished from Kharajyr society for one Elven day. Their task will be to hunt and kill an impressive beast of the mainland, and to bring it back for the War Aelkos’ inspection. If the Aelkos does not deem it worthy, the Kha’ will be sent back out. If a Kha’ is killed during this trial, they will rest eternally within the arms of the Goddess.

The Trial of Faith

The fourth trial is given by the Aelkos of religion. In this trial, the Aelkos will take the hopeful into the Temple of Metztli, to look upon the moon pool. They are given the sacrificial dagger, and this task: plunge it into their own chest. If they do it successfully, the Aelkos will heal their wounds and they will be asked to reflect on what they learned as a result of the trial. If they do not harm themselves, they will be given some time before the trail will reoccur.

The Hidden Trial of Metztli

The final trial is forbidden to speak about after it is completed, and none even know of its existence until it occurs. After all of the other trials are completed, the Aelkos will gather to congratulate a Kharajyr, however, they will inform him or her that (s)he is not finished yet. They will guide this Kha’ to a place that they were forbidden to know about before, and the final trial will commence. No preparation is possible for this trial, and failure to complete it results in the forfeit of life.

Post-Trial and Titles

When the trials are complete, a Kharajyr will be given the title of S’, So’, Si’, or Sa’, meaning adult. Kharajyr can then specialize with teachers in order to attain different titles. Post-coming-of-age, Kharajyr age very little until they reach the age of about 130. At this point they rapidly age and most will be dead by 150. However, there are a number of notable exceptions; those who have been particularly blessed by Metztli may live much longer than the expected lifespan.

Titles of the Kharajyr

Tla’ – Tlatlanni, the Kharajyr chosen by Metztli and marked by his or her white fur to rule. His rule is absolute; however, if all four of the Aelkos demand it, he can be removed from office. If he were removed, his firstborn child of white fur would take his place. If he had no offspring, all four of the Aelkos would rule as a whole. The Tlatlanni is seen as the right hand of Metztli herself. He or she is the commander of the Kharajyr as a whole, and to threaten the Tla’ is to threaten Metztli. It would result in swift execution, assuming the Tlatlanni’s guards did not kill you first.

Ri’ – This title displays the status of Aelkos, of which there are four. They are highly respected in society as the leaders, second only to the Tla’, and they each command a different portion of society.

Religious Aelkos – This Aelkos is in charge of religious ceremonies, sacrifices, and other such activities. He or she is highly respected due to the power of religion in the Kharajyr society.

War Aelkos– This Aelkos is in charge of the military of the Kharajyr, those in charge of protecting the island. He or she has a large amount of knowledge in regards to battle tactics, as well as of combat, survival, and hunting.

Social Aelkos – This Aelkos is very similar to the religious Aelkos, however, he or she specializes in culture as a whole, and therefore does not know as much about religion. This Aelkos will know quite a bit about the environment, including the flora and fauna of their home. He, along with the Economy Aelkos, primarily schedule events (such as the Blood Moon festival).

Economy Aelkos – The economy Aelkos specializes in all things to do with the money and other such things in the Kharajyr society. He, along with the Social Aelkos, primarily schedule events (such as the Blood Moon festival).

Ja’ | J’ – This title is granted to the Priests and Priestesses of Metztli, and on occasion those who work with magic. They are trusted with making sacrifices to Metztli, tending the temple, and other such religious activities.

D’ | Do’ | Di’ – These men and women are the warriors of the Kharajyr. They patrol the island, settle disputes on occasion, and protect the peace, as well as defending against external forces. In wartime, they become soldiers. They are highly respected in the Kharajyr, as it is considered an honor to die in the service of the Tlatlanni.

Ko’ | Ki’- These are merchants or craftsmen, those who produce and/or sell products.

S’ | Sa’ | Si’ | So’ – This is the title bestowed to all Kharajyr upon reaching adulthood, showing that they have completed their trials successfully. They will keep this title as long as they perform no role, or minor roles, such as caring for kittens and other such tasks.

Dra’ – This title belongs to the Tlatlanni’s personal guards, the Moonblades. They protect the Tla’ from harm, and they take orders from ‘‘only’’ the Tla’. They are respected and feared, due to their skill with a weapon being unmatched.

Ti’ – This title belongs to the Tlatlanni’s kin, the next in line for leadership as is chosen at birth. He or she should be respected like the Tlatlanni, however, they have no control over the Kharajyr. When the Tla’ grows old or dies, the Ti’ would become Tla’.

Inactive Titles

Ra’ – This title is bestowed by the Tla’ for those who lead villages or towns. This includes those who donate funds personally to the Tla’, and are, in return, rewarded with being seen as the uppder class in society. They usually possess large dens and possibly a few servants.

Crime and Punishment

The crime system of the Kharajyr is very basic, more often than not the trial being performed by the Tlatlanni. (Note: This section is subject to change depending on the current Tlatlanni)

Social Laws

Murder – Murder is one of the most extreme cases of violating the laws in the Kharajyr society. If the accused is found guilty of murder without proper cause, then he or she will be sentenced to death by sacrifice. (Note: Murder only applies when the victim is a Kha’.)

Theft – If the property is returned, then the Kha’ is let off without physical punishment, however, they are required to give something to the victim of equal or greater value from their own possession. If the item is not, or cannot be returned, the perpetrator would have a paw severed at the wrist.

Destruction of Property – The perpetrator would be forced to repair anything they damaged, whether the crime was accidental or not.

Arson – Arson is a very serious crime to the Kharajyr, as they live in a jungle. Committing this crime would usually result in execution, however, that depends on the severity of the crime.

Trespassing – Repeated occasions of this would result in jail time.

Wearing Armor in Bath Houses, Temple, or the Palace – 200 mina fine. Exception: Guards

Religious Laws

Dishonoring Metztli – This includes speaking ill of the Goddess while inside of the temple, and the punishment of this is sacrifice.

Murder of an Ocelot – If the murder is intentional, sacrifice will occur. The Ocelots are Metztli’s eyes and ears, all Kha’ know this.

Combat & Military

The Kharajyr have very little concept of honor in times of war. They will fight with guerilla tactics, taking their opponents unseen from the undergrowth or using traps to whittle down the troops. If close combat does occur, it is often swift and lethal, striking quick and retreating back into safety quicker. That does not mean they are without respect, however, and opponents are allowed to surrender to become prisoners-of-war, however, they will more often than not find themselves as slaves or sacrifices.

Arena combat is not uncommon in the Kharajyr society, however, it is next to never fatal. Often, it occurs between Do’ practicing their skills in unarmed and unarmored combat, however, it can vary depending on the circumstances. When a large scale event is planned, often spectators will make bets on those they believe will win, and quite easily the arena can be filled.

As of the arrival to Karakatua, the Kharajyr created a military called the Fynneun. They are charged with protecting the land and the residents of the Karakatuan Empire. They are also tasked with things such as scouting, guarding, and in times of war, they are the soldiers. Well-versed in the arts of law and combat, they brutally enforce the ideals of the Tlatlanni. Ranks:

The Aelkos of War – This is the commanding officer of the army, titled by the prefix Ri’. He is picked by the Tla’ to be wide, logical, and strategic in making decisions. He or she is a distinct negotiator and cultural figure, and are intended to be the best warrior in the Kharajyr Empire. For a short time, the Aelkos would wield a D’fu staff, however, they no longer do so, instead wielding whatever weapons he or she desires.

Dra’Metza | Moonblades – The Dra’ are legendary warriors, trained to protect that Tlatlanni’s family with their lives. Most noted for their golden armor and masked faces, they do not speak while guarding the Tla’. They too are brilliant warriers.

Maytan – The ‘captains’ of the Fynneun, these are very powerful Kharajyr, these men and women are entrusted to lead the other Kha’ into battle. During times of war, they can take anything lower than 10 Kha’ into a raid, and there are usually three or four Maytan at any one time. An example of each Maytan’s individual abilities are that one would be particularly talented with a sword and shield, one with a bow, and one Gy’waka rider. The Maytan typically wear light armor, possibly a robe, with several cloth layers, a longsword, and a warhorn.

The Do’ – Although these are a rank in and of themselves, there are sub-classifications split into four groups, the Do’Kuta, Do’Culan, Do’Gurka, and the Do’Atuk.

Do’Kuta – Skirmishers, they are sent out in light or no armor to perform hit and run type combat. These are primarily Cheetrah or Pantera, those who are quick and agile.

Do’Culan – Typically in tough leather or iron and made up of Tigrasi or Pantera, they’re trained not to think for themselves in battle, but to do what they’re told, no matter the order. Typically with a composite bow on their back, a large, leather shield on their left arm, and a war axe or long sword in their right paws, some also include a two-handed weapon on their back which they can switch to.

Do’Gurka – These are the marksmen of the Kharajyr, natural hunters and fierce with a bow. They typically consist of Pantera, Cheetrah, or Leparda, and either wielding a composite, long, or short bow. They also utilize a short sword slung across their waist to prepare for possible close combat, and they are a support role in times of battle.

Do’Atuk – These are the few Kha’ that hold the capability to ride Gy’waka. They typically wear a rough Tykkan chestplate, and use javalins, lances, and swords from the creature’s back. These few have to spend much time with their bird before going into battle with them.

Y’Bavekurd – Apes! Although many Kha’ see apes as filthy, lesser creatures, they are allowed into the military. However, they cannot become a higher rank than a Kharajyr, and they are not provided weaponry or armor. If they die, it is their own fault.

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Bathing is a large part of Kharajyr society, and is very, very common. Unlike their primitive cousins, Kharajyr often have a large affinity for bathing, and bathhouses can be found littered across their homes. The wealthier Kharajyr pride themselves in expensive spices and incenses when they bathe.


Food is a large part of the Kharajyr culture, and, due to a sweet-tooth that could rival just about anyone, they typically have a lot of sugar in their diets. The Kharajyr are a highly social race, and will often bond over a meal. It is an untrue assumption that Kharajyr only eat meat due to their feline form, and will in fact make many exotic and sweet foods. Although Kharajyr can consume meat raw, they prefer to cook it for the sake of taste.

Clothing, Armor, Weapons, and Accessories

Golden bronze is a very common material for jewelry and armor in the Kharajyr society. Usually such things are accented with Lapis Lazuli, and it is also used in quite a bit of architecture and occasionally to ornament weapons. This is not only due to its abundance around the places the Kharajyr settle, but also due to the fact it is revered in their society as Metztli’s Stone.

Often clothing is quite bare, due to the heat of the land they typically inhabit. Much of the torso is left bare, while retaining modesty, along with arms and legs. However, they are a vain people, bright colors and jewelry (such as bracelets and gem-encrusted collars) are very common to display wealth.


The Kharajyr jungles are home to several exotic breeds of wildlife, yet none are held in as high regard as the ocelots. These felines are believed to be Metztli’s eyes and ears within the jungle and are held amongst the Kharajyr people as being holy creatures. To kill or harm an ocelot without good cause would lead to very heavy punishment for the individual. A species shrouded in much mystery it is said that the Priests and Priestesses of the Khalenwyr Empire have a means of convening with the ocelots. There have been many rumours circulating the relationship between the Order of Metztli and the ocelots as to the Priests true powers.