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The Holy Princedom of Malinor, or simply Malinor, was the oldest and largest Elven nation. A council of Elven nobility presided over Malinor from the capital city, known as Luminaire. The Elven nobles elected from among their number a High Prince or High Princess to maintain their nation for an indefinite amount of time. At one point of the most stable nations, Malinor existed in all realms until late Anthos when it was invaded by the Conclave of Malin. For a brief period in the middle of Anthos, Malinor became known as Kaedrin under the Holy Oren Empire. However the city of Luminaire, which was at the time known as Leumalin, became a city state during the existence of Kaedrin.

Towards the end of its existence, Malinor was reformed as the Shining Princedom of Malinor, signifying a desire to move away from their recent history of capitulation and governmental woes.


No being has ever set eyes on the great forest cities of the Elves, deep within the Holy Princedom of Malinor, without tears of wonder. In and among the great and ancient trees are the leafy homes of the Elves. A miracle in their architecture and a wonder in their beauty, these trees protect the oldest and wisest race. Like the Dwarves, the best defense of the great Elven cities lie in the hidden nature of the cities. The beautiful voices of the Elves permeate the cool forest laden air, a calm breeze flows over the leaves and a constant symphony of bird calls and rustling echoes come from the distance. There is a subtle magic in these forests, never seen but always felt, that keep the Elves safe and secure.


The nation of Malinor has had some of the most impressive cities and settlements throughout history.


The first capital of Malinor was Laurelin. It was hidden in the center of a dense forest of very tall trees, and this security made it a safe haven, causing it to be a very popular to all races. The city was divided into five districts and housed features such as the Laurelin Gauntlet. Laurelin was the last city in Aegis to stand against the undead hordes sent by Iblees. It housed the portal used by the Aegisian Champions to destroy the Undead threat. Though it was finally destroyed by Iblees' wrath, its stance made it possible for many refugees of Aegis to escape to Asulon. Ravenhold was designed as a mining town and vacation spot for Elves of Laurelin. It was connected to Laurelin by the Elven railway. The Sister City was a small Elven settlement. It gained notoriety after being attacked and burned to the ground by the Undead.


The Colony of the Wood Elves to the far east of the Cloud Temple area and first capital of Malinor in Asulon was Elandriel. The dark forest of Elandriel was contested by Menorcress. Normandor was the second capital city of Malinor, an established known Wood Elf colony with a diverse populace. Any Human, Elf, or Dwarf was warmly welcomed. The city center was home to and Elder Tree, the largest tree in Asulon. Shops lay in the roots, homes lay in and on the branches of the tree and hung from them like ornaments. Additionally, smaller homes that lined the inner wall of the trunk. Normandor lay on an island due south of the Elven mainland.

The Silver City of Haelun'or was the home of most High Elves. Located in the west of Malinor, it was one of the most excluded cities. It was only enterable through the bridge located over the ravine that split Haelun'or's lands with the rest of Malinor. This bridge was often closed off by the iron gates, used by the High Elves to keep any 'impure' beings out. Its architecture was made mainly of stone, often covered in vines. The city gradually grew increasingly independent and eventually formed a sovereign government, ceasing to be part of Malinor. ArmaLuna was a small but beautiful isle in the eastern seas. It was well hidden and hard to chart by typical cartographic means. The island was entirely surrounded by white sandy beaches and blue waters. The climate was warm for most of the year. The most noteworthy structure of ArmaLuna was the bardic college. Musicians and poets alike gathered to share and learn new prose, music, and song. In the northern reaches of the Emerald Peninsula lay the fortified city of Wilvenash. It was where new Sentinels learned to apply their skill. The climate here had harsh winters which only hardened the resolve of the Elven military forces that trained here.


Luminaire was the capital of the Elves in Anthos. Made up of towering trees that form an impressive canopy, the city was a place of peace and tranquillity. Prior to Malinor's reform as the Shining Princedom of Malinor, Luminaire was known as Leumaelin.

The lands of the Arcane Delvers were considered part of Malinor as the Delvers had close ties to the Elven nation for a time. Their territories included the village of Lenniel and the fortress-sanctuary of Ac'Talarah. These territories later became home to an autonomous community of Wood Elves.

Outside of Luminaire, a refugee camp was built to allow the population of Malinor shelter during the feud between the Scourge and the Elves. It was commonly known as New Malinor, and featured a dock next to the location. As Luminaire soon became uninhabitable due to its corruption by the Scourge, New Malinor became the new center of Malinor. The High Elves of Haelun'or soon arrived in New Malinor and set up a camp after there city was destroyed by the Scourge. New Malinor's existence was to be brief, however, as the Conclave of Malin forced the surrender of the last Prince and annexed the territory, thus bringing an end to the Princedom of Malinor.

Malinor never managed to reform after the Anthos was flooded, even though the Conclave of Malin also failed. The Malinorians either took refuge with Haelun'or in The Fringe or found homes elsewhere. A state similar to Malinor would not return until Athera.


Many different parties have drawn parallels with Malinor and Laureh'lin which emerged in Athera, an egalitarian militarist state formed after rebel forces under Phaedrus Lle'hileia took the city of Annil'sul from Haelun'or. Following protracted military and diplomatic strife, Laureh'lin became the Dominion of Malin.


In Aegis, Malinor occupied the warm southern reaches. The Princedom was dominated by the sprawling forest capital of Laurelin, though other cities and settlements existed to the south. To the north was the Cloud Temple, Orc lands of Krugmar and the Prince's Road linking Malinor to the other races and kingdoms by way of the King's Road. The Holy Princedom covered nearly the entire Elven peninsula save for the middle section covered by Menorcress in Asulon. It also covered many of the islands to the east save for Holm. Expansive forests of ancient darkwood trees covered the peninsula and offered a canopy under which the Elves could ponder amidst flowing streams and quiet whispers of leaves and branches. The capital, Normandor, was constructed on an island off the south coast. In Anthos the nation settled amongst the northwestern forests, with the Cloud Temple of Anthos to the south, Lenfarthing to the east and the Realm of Burzûmkûtotaz to the north. In the final years of Malinor within Anthos, a new structure was built by the Scrouge near the center of Malinor; a tower that stood several hundred feet in height. The tower was built with rare materials that had no relation to the Elves.


The Wood Elven Architecture consists of living in Natural Trees in a Forest. The Trees look as if they are untouched and they are allowed to grow within constructions Dark Elven Architecture is comprised of darkwood and a special mixture of clay. Dark Elven homes feature a natural but bold look, displaying the expressions of those that dwell within. High Elven Architecture uses more stone then Dark Elven or Wood Elven buildings. However they still use natural settings and aesthetics in their construction. High Elves of Malinor typically use birch wood in the construction of their homes, giving a neat and tidy look while still keeping to their natural roots.


The Holy Princedom of Malinor was ruled by the High Council, made up of Princes and Princesses. The Council voted on motions proposed by members. The High Prince/Princess, head of the Council, had two votes. Princes/Princesses could be elected to the office or impeached by the other members of the Council, but served indefinitely barring removal.

Previous High Prince/Princesses

  • High Prince Native - Missing
  • High Princess Indelwehn - Dead
  • High Prince Haelphon Addechio - Dead
  • High Princess Sythra Duskwind - Missing
  • High Prince Bravepaw - Missing
  • High Prince Kolyat Alfakyn - Departed for the Unknown
  • High Princess Titania Hawksong- Alive
  • High Prince Eleron Sylvaeri - Dead

Previous and Current Princes/Princesses of Malinor


  • Prince Toren - Missing
  • Prince Flefal -Missing
  • Princess Arianna - Missing
  • Prince Lafthi - Alive
  • Prince Quazar - Dead
  • Prince Mylas - Dead
  • Prince Ebs - Alive
  • Prince Alan - Alive
  • Prince Isirack - Missing
  • Prince Ashur - Missing
  • Princess Earenial - Missing
  • Princess Rosumund - Alive
  • Prince Khel - Dead
  • Prince Lucion - Defected to Haelun'or, Alive
  • Prince Oceas - Missing
  • Prince Emberhard - Alive
  • Prince Urasept - Missing
  • Prince Avern'len - Alive
  • Prince Kaun Crotania - Alive
  • Arbiter Prince Darius DeNurem - Missing

Sentinels and Pathfinders

With the founding of the Princedom two military forces were created, the Sentinels and the Pathfinders. The Sentinels were primarily focused on defending the Elven heartland in Aegis and served as guards for the High Council, while the Pathfinders were an expeditionary force. Early in the Princedom's history the commander of the Pathfinders was corrupted by the Undead and attempted to overthrow Malinor. The plot was discovered and destroyed, and the remaining loyal Pathfinders were combined with the Sentinels to form a single force, dubbed Wardens.


The Wardens were Malinor's military for the remainder of the Princedom in Aegis.


When Malinor's capital was moved to Normandor, the Normandor Sentinels became the chief military force of the Princedom. They were initially commanded by Ithil from a headquarters deep underground, beneath the Elder Tree. Eventually a succession of High Commanders would lead the force, including Isirack Rivendare, Oceas Warwick, and Tythus. The barracks were moved to ground level, and greatly expanded by High Commander Darion, who led a brutal crackdown on crime and extensive reforms to the force.

By the time of Anthos the Sentinels could not effectively protect the nation from constant aggression by the Order of the White Rose. Commanded for much of this time by Serva Rose, they had a noteworthy victory against the Arcane Delvers in defense of Leumaelin. With the subjugation of Malinor to the Empire of Oren, the Sentinels became redundant and weakened. They were eventually revived by Prince Khel late in the Princedom's life, but could not contest annexation of Malinor by the Conclave of Malin. The final two Sentinels The Malinor Sentinels were an elite force dedicated to protecting the citizens of Malinor and their way of life. They were based in Normandor within their barracks on the northeast section of the Elder Tree Isle.