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The Red Faith
Offical Seal of The Red Faith
Active: 1300–Present
Hearth Temple: Morsgrad

Kingdom of Norland
Earldom of Nordengrad
Dutchy of Morsgrad

Deity: All Father


High Keeper:

Thoromir Ruric (Founder)
Aeyn Edvardsson
Tyr Faretto
Sølvi Faretto
Alisa Camian (Current)

The faith of the All Father, the Red Faith is currently the standing religion for the Kingdom of Norland

Faith History

The Red Faith was created 1300, it was formed by Thoromir I Ruric, during the early ages of the House Ruric

Thoromir Ruric

In the year 1300, Thoromir Ruric was caught in a horrific snowstorm. He was about to reach his end, then a spiritual like figure appeared in front of him carrying a flame (later known as the All-Father), the figure and its flame guided his way out from the storm and into safety, thus marked the beginning of the Red Faith religion, marking Thoromir as the very first High Keeper.

Edvard I Ruric

After the death of his father, Edvard continued the ways of the All-Father, having it become rather successful for a large amount of time until relations began to soar with the Dwarves and the Oren Empire. Noted to have failed talks of diplomacy and prepared for an ultimate demise of his people and the All-Father religion, he was overthrown by his younger brother, after this Edvard disappeared.

Gareth Faretto


Sven I Ruric


Thomas I Ruric

After taking up the mantle of House Ruric and the title of High Keeper from Sven Ruric, his people was quickly put into a state of war during the Third Rurikid Uprising which lead to his people and the religion to be almost destroyed only having a few hundred people live after the devastating loss at the Sack of Seahelm, he then which defected to his allies in the Dreadlands where he would live out trying to regrow his house and the Red Faith religion.

Note: Thomas Ruric was the final Ruric to have held both titles of King and High Keeper.

Arthas Ruric

Elected by The Norlandic Folk, and reformed the Red Faith Religion rising it to yet again another powerful religion. Most notable and powerful high keeper, most known for participating in the Norlandic Moot Wars, and for starting the Norlandic Purge of Magic. (still WIP)

Hod Svensson

Elected by Godden Ruric, only reigned for a few years due to his lack of leadership of the faith and decline of loyalty and discipline shown to King Godden having brought up many fights and disagreements, he was removed by Godden Ruric after only serving as High keeper for 4 years, having reigned for the least amount of time in the history of the Red Faith.


Elected by Godden Ruric after the Hod incident. He rarely participated in any documents or recruitment in the Faith although he did pass along vasts amount of knowledge of the faith to Godden as well as many of the newer Norlandic recruits, he remained High Keeper after the sack and dissolution of the Fourth Kingdom of Norland, until his eventual disappearance in 1673. (still WIP)

Rae Arden

Elected by Thoromir II Ruric, in his early years as High Keeper, Rae Arden began a massive reformation of the faith, converting almost the entire population of the Earldoms capital of Nordengrad, Rae would later establish a Red Faith temple, the size of the Ruric temple, if not bigger, housing all members of the Red Faith, being home to all those who wish to offer gifts to the AllFather, Rae would then further himself by continuing minor work upon the Red Scrolls, alongside the greatest scholars in Nordengrad. Throughout the majority of Raes reign as High keeper, it remained to be rather inactive only having merely a few priests to assist him in matters, although, after the completion of the Red Faith Temple, it greatly improved the numbers within the Red faith. Although after the start of the Third Atlas Coalition War, Rae knew that it would be the end of him if they were to lose the Siege of Nordengrad, so he greatly worked to recruit numerous members to the faith, being successful in doing so, he made the faith once again an active entity within Nordengrad, although this would be a short lasted victory as when the time came of the Siege of Nordengrad, Rae fought valiantly but fell to an unknown Renatian Soldier.

Faith Tenets

The First Tenet: Defining the Unworthy.

The Second Tenet: Spreading the Flame

The Third Tenet: Stand against the Long Dark

Keepers of the Flame

Thoromir Ruric- creator of the Red Faith
Edvard 'The Terrible' Ruric
Gareth Faretto
Sven Ruric
Thomas Ruric
Arthas "The Red" Ruric
Hod Svensson
Rae Arden

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