King of Oren

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horenic cross.png
A common depiction of the Cross of Horen, one of many symbols associated with the Kingdom of Oren.
Style: His Majesty
First Monarch: Horen
Current Monarch: See: Holy Orenian Emperor
Formation: Pre-history

The King of Oren (High Imperial: Rex Orenorum, literally: "King of the Humans") is the ruler of the Kingdom of Oren, at other times styled King of the Orenians. It only exists as a primary title in times when there is no Holy Orenian Emperor, and as a result can be considered the less prestigious variant of that title. Generally kings of Oren have wielded less power than emperors, however this has not always necessarily been the case. Orenian tradition has it that Horen was the first King of Oren.

The title has come in and out of existence a number of times and has been held by a number of different dynasties, including members of House Horen, Carrion, Savoy, and Vydra.

It is currently held by the Holy Orenian Emperor in conjunction with their imperial title.