King of Oren

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The King of Oren is the ruler of the Kingdom of Oren, at other times styled King of the Orenians. It only exists as a primary title in times when there is no Holy Orenian Emperor, and as a result can be considered the subsidiary of the latter title - all past emperors have always been kings of Oren, but not all kings have claimed the title of emperor. The throne of Oren has existed for time immemorial, and was once sat by Horen himself, however the Holy Orenian Empire was first created by his descendant Godfrey in 1379.

An example of a king who never ruled as emperor is Guy de Bar or Andrew of Vydra. Typically, kings are considered to be weaker in influence and prestige than emperors, though this is not necessarily always the case. Most notably, Exalted Horen never styled himself as Emperor.