House of Galbraith

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House of Galbraith
Jure et dignitate gladii
The Coat of Arms of House Galbraith
Country: FrederickNovellen.png Kingdom of Oren
Founder: Galbert the Boarkiller
Current Head: Vibius Antonius Galbraith, 4th Viscount of Rivia, 5th Baron of Rivia
Heir Apparent: Edward Aurelius Galbraith
Duke of Cathalon (de Jure)
Viscount of Rivia
Baron of Rivia
Baron of Oakmont
Baron of Castelorena (Held by Lucius)
Lord of Kaer Coch
Ethnicity: Heartlander
Languages: Common
Religions: Canonism


Since its founding by the legendary Galbert the Boarkiller members of House Galbraith have weaved themselves into the annals of history as sly politicians or ruthless generals each with their own particular desire for power, inheriting the cunning of the House founder himself. Originally a hunter, Galbert managed to amass a small fortune in the market of pelts, primarily poaching boar on private forests.

The House of Galbraith has seen many peaks and troughs in power over the centuries, one notable time in history was the rise and fall of the Viscounty of Rivia. Originally a small fortification the Viscounty later grew to an immense size yielding the Galbraiths a levy of 2500 men in war. This growth was largely a combination of the work of both Viscount Philip Galbraith and Duke Charles Antonius Galbraith. The latter, a claimant of the Duchy of Cathalon during the Harvest Revolution. While Charles did not frequent the seat of Kaer Blanche the Rivian was the most powerful player in the region, largely as a result of the Rivian Watch’s strength as a fighting force.[1] The seat of House Galbraith at the time was Kaer Coch, a large red keep perched upon the rock of Rivia, a large rugged hill in the area. Viscount Philip is most notable for his arranging prominent marriages with the ruling House Novellen, enriching the Galbraith bloodline with royal pedigree. The power of the Viscounty began to wane during the Acre Rebellion after the death of Duke Charles Antonius who was felled during a confrontation with the Baron of Acre in the fortress of Kaer Coch.[2] Soon after Lucius of Rivia assumed leadership within the Viscounty. Before long however Lucius, a known Balian sympathiser, fled South leaving the Viscounty without leadership where it soon crumbled.

Notable Figures

  • Sir George Galbraith: A cunning and prominent statesman particularly in the late years of Helena.
  • Sir Robert Galbraith: The first Viscount of Rivia and a Major in the Imperial State Army who led the revival of the Imperial Cavalry.
  • Philip Galbraith: A Rivian Lord most known for the enrichment of the Galbraith bloodline through strong Royal marriages and role as the first Vice-Chancellor of the Kingdom of Oren.
  • Charles Antonius Galbraith: A Rivian Duke most known for his work elevating the Viscounty of Rivia from a small backwater hamlet into a regional power.
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