War:Maelstormic Claim on Vortice

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Maelstormic Claim on Vortice

maelstormic claim.jpg

Date: 69 SE - 70 SE
Place: The Unified Domain of Vortice
Result: Vortician Victory
  • Surrender of the Maelstormic Society
  • Death of James Maelstorm
  • Cease-Fire declared until signing of a Peace treaty
  • Direct Spark of the Pinemaw Uprising
Vortician Government:
Vortice Crest.png The Unified Domain of Vortice
Maelstormic Society:
Maelstormic Society.png The Maelstormic Society
Commanders and Leaders
Vortice Crest.png Lenora Jusima, Monarch of Vortice Maelstormic Society.png James Maelstorm, Prince of Vortice
Maelstormic Society.png Peralien Maelstorm-Aurelius, the Grand Martlett
ThomasVeniceSigil.png Warlord Thomas Venice

The Maelstormic Claim on Vortice was a minor rebellion within The Unified Domain of Vortice. James Maelstorm, the grandson of the former Vortician Monarch, Vivian Maelstorm, claims that the Maelstorm Family are the rightful rulers of Vortice, and assembled a small band of rebels in an attempt to overthrow the government.



Monarch Vivian Maelstorm ruled The Sovereign State of Talon's Port and later The Unified Domain of Vortice from Year 19 of the Second Era to her eventual suicide in Year 35 of the Second Era. Having a multitude of children from her four marriages, the Maelstorm family grew into an influential power within the city. Though, after the death of Monarch Vivian, the remaining Maelstorm family scattered across the Realm of Almaris. While in power, Monarch Vivian altered the succession rules of Vortice, turning the title into a total monarchy as opposed to the elective monarchy of past years, and granting each of her children the title of Prince or Princess.

In Year 39 of the Second Era, Monarch Lenora Jusima reestablished the old succession laws of Talon's Port, nullifying all blood-based claims in favor of an elective system of succession once more.

Creation of the Maelstormic Order

James Maelstorm, the grandson of Monarch Vivian Maelstorm, founded the Maelstormic Society in Year 69 of the Second Era, declaring the rulership of Monarch Lenora Jusima illegitimate, and claiming to be the true Monarch of Vortice. Issuing a statement based on the claims that Vortice was being made weaker by the Monarch. They claimed that the Urguan Protectorate Treaty was stunting the growth of the city. James stated that the lack of growth within the city was the fault of Monarch Lenora, despite the treaty, written to heavily favor the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, being signed and issued by their own Monarch Vivian Maelstorm.

Communications were immediately exchanged between the Maelstormic Order and the Unified Domain of Vortice in which the Maelstormic Order demanded the surrender of the title of Monarch to James Maelstorm. This demand was immediately met with denial by Monarch Lenora.

Reclamation of the Maelstorm Name

Just mere weeks after the Maelstormic Society was founded by James Maelstorm, the sole surviving biological daughter of Monarch Vivian Maelstorm and Matriarch of House Maelstorm, Aerith Majin-Maelstorm, issued a statement that denounced the actions of her nephew, disowning him from the Maelstorm Family and effectively destroying all legitimate claims James would have upon the city. Similarly, Aerith disowned Peralien Maelstorm-Aurelius for a second time. In the same message, Aerith issued an apology to the Jusima Family.

After the initial Standoff at Talon's Gate, the Maelstormic Society boasted about their victory, and Aerith Majin-Maelstorm published another missive that further denounced James Maelstorm.

Maelstormic Disillusion

On the 14th of the First Seed in Year 70 of the Second Era, James Maelstorm was discovered to have committed suicide before the gates of Vortice. Upon this news reaching the remaining members of the Maelstormic Society, the hastily put-together band immediately offered a cease-fire to the Vortician Government] before just a few days later, The Grand Martlett officially declared the disillusion of the Maelstormic Society, asking the Vortician Council for pardons in the same decree for the remaining former Maelstormic Leaders on the basis that the goals of James Maelstorm and the remaining leaders were never similar.


14th of the First Seed, 69 SE - Standoff at Talon's Gate - Stalemate


  • 70 SE
    • 14th of the First Seed, exactly one year after the Standoff at Talon's Gate, James Maelstorm commits suicide at the gates of Vortice, and the The Grand Martlett offers a cease-fire.
    • 17th of the First Seed, The Grand Martlett, Peralien Maelstorm, formally dissolves the Maelstormic Society in a missive. However, a peace treaty has not been signed yet.