Johanna I, Queen of Sutica

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Johanna I
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The Cerulean Queen, 1823.
Queen of Sutica
Tenure: 10th of the Amber Cold, 1821-Present
Coronation: 10th of the Amber Cold, 1821
Predecessor: Corwin I, King of Sutica
Successor: Olivier Renault (As the Prince of Savoy)
Born: 23rd of Sigismund's End, 1803
Atheran Salvus
Death: 14th of Harren's Folly, 1835
Georg I, King of Sutica
(m. 1821; d.1832)
Franz Nikolai de Sarkozy
(m. 1834)
House: Alstreim
Father: Wilhelm von Alstreim
Mother: Joanne-Marie Warlai

Lina Johanna von Alstreim (Common: Adeline Joanne) (High Imperial:Adelina Joanna), known regally as Johanna I, was the ruler of the dominions of Sutica and Atheran Salvus from the installment of her and her husband, Georg I, to the 'Cerulean Throne'. Upon her ascension to the throne, she served as the first female to serve as a Canonist monarch to Sutica, albeit initially in a titular capacity from 1821-1822 and landed from 1822 onward.


Early Life and Childhood

The second and eldest surviving child of Wilhelm von Alstreim and Joanne-Marie Warlai, Lina von Alstreim was born on 23 Sigismund's End, 1803, in the Atheran colony, Fausten, located upon the coast of the remnants of Salvus. She was the secondborn of four children however her brother, Ottomar, the initial heir to King Corwin I, predeceased her birth when the Alstreim dynasty was first bereaved of its rule over Sutica in 1783. From a young age, despite receiving a particularly strong education in Sutican affairs and her place in its Canonist succession, Johanna had little ambitions beyond wishing to study law; as she was raised in an affluent, transient community of merchants, this was not an outlandish whim. In her earlier years, Johanna travelled alongside her family across various nations and continents, traversed seas, and would partake in layman duties whenever she would encounter a dwindled colony upon Salvian shores. Though many Atherans recognized the Alstreim dynasty as their sovereigns, Lina's immediate family refused to have any privilege beyond that of a mundane civilian's recognized.

The pursuit of the Sutican Throne

In the ides of 1819, it was recorded that a sixteen year old Lina Johanna had boarded a conspicuous vessel, later revealed to be Lorelai, Corwin I's own, displaying the crimson banners of House Alstreim. At the time, whispers of a plot at the hands of her kinsmen circulated among the people of the merchant collective - and their assumptions would soon be revealed as veritable. Lina von Alstreim arrived to Karosgrad at the age of seventeen and was said, as recounted by scholars of her time, to have been housed there for months in the quaint homestead of her uncle, the King-Emeritus Corwin of Sutica. She met Georg Barclay, then a scion of a gentry branch of the formidable Ducal House, the very same year. Whilst being supervised on one of their initial encounters, the Salvian knight, Sir Darius, who followed Johanna to Almaris, recounted that the young princess and the mature gentleman spoke nothing of their aspirations for a bettered, progressive, and prosperous Sutica; this very sentiment was said to have been the foundation of Georg and Johanna's lasting admiration for each other.

They were married in a clandestine ceremony within the Duchy of Reinmar by its Cardinal, a man who would go on to later raise the King and Queen's two children. At this point, the Elfen regime in Sutica administered by the Trade Princess Genevieve was upon its last legs and the Royalist faction sought to make their move. As decreed by the King Emeritus in the Merryweather Inheritance, Lina would resume all dynastic rights to the Apostolic Kingdom of Sutica and would henceforth be known as Princess of Merryweather until her instatement on the throne.

Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1803-1820: Miss Lina J. von Alstreim
  • 1820-1821: Her Royal Highness The Princess of Merryweather
  • 1821-Present: Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Sutica and Atheran Salvus

Full title as Queen

Her Royal Majesty Johanna I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of Sutica and of Atheran Salvus, Princess of Merryweather, Sovereign Lady of New Ceru, Lady of Blackwater, Blood-Raven of Lorraine


Name Birth Death Marriage
Prince Corwin, Crown Prince of Sutica 10th of The Sun's Smile, 31 S.A 35 S.A Princess Alice of Temesch Firstborn child of Georg Barclay and Johanna Von Alstreim. Born 1824. Prince of Merryweather.
Princess Catherine, Princess Royal of Sutica 3rd of the Snow's Maiden, 31 S.A Alive Olivier, Hereditary Prince of Savoy Secondborn child of Georg Barclay and Johanna Von Alstreim. Born 1824. Duchess of Junovas. Countess of Sarissa. Hereditary Princess of Savoy.
Prince Adolf of Sutica 14th of the Winter's Cold, 1835 Alive Unwed. Firstborn child to Queen Johanna I of Sutica and Prince Franz, Count of Suffolk.