Talon's Port

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The Sovereign State of Talon's Port
Talon's Port COA
Capital: Talon's Port

Common (Mixed)


Ziagonism, Mixed

Government: Elective Monarchy
Sovereign: Vivian Maelstorm
Minister of Defense: Saemos Hidone
Minister of Health: Dr. Sana Medii'la
Minister of Internal Affairs: Castiel Valaker
Minister of Science: Lenora Jusima
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Athri Belrose
Minister of Wealth: Turri'ileia Maelstorm
Minister of Magery: Sylvian Majin
Preceded By: TalonsGrotto.png Talon's Grotto (1734 FE - 1796 FE)
Succeeded By: Vortice Crest.png The Domain of Vortice (26 SE - Present)

The Sovereign State of Talon's Port is a nation located in the jungles nearby the southern ocean. It is a densely populated port town that is typically characterized by the narrow dirt streets and tall brick buildings that have sprung up on the coastline. The city is a popular destination for merchants, and attempts to keep a neutral stance in politics whenever possible, worrying foremost for the safety and sovereignty of its' citizens.


The city of Talon's Port was founded in Year 0 of the Second Era by the survivors from Talon's Grotto in Arcas who had made their way to the new continent via the World Ship, captained by Ayred Avandi and under the rulership of Sovereign Gail Cordius. For months, the citizens of Talon's Port simply lived on the World Ship, still preparing the marshes and jungles to build a proper, stable city upon and the location hardly being suitable for an on-land camp.

The Golden Age of Talon's Port

After months of preparation, the building of Talon's Port finally commenced, the city being created from the abundant deposits of brick-making clay that rested in the nearby jungles. There was a small district of the city called Tai-Ping that was set aside for the rapidly increasing Li-Ren population. In Year 4 of the Second Era, the city was almost completely constructed, and citizens began moving ashore from the World Ship and into the newly built dwellings. Due to the difficulty of clearing out the marshland for proper construction, Talon's Port was forced to be an extremely compact city, its narrow roads and tall buildings being as space-effective as they could be.

The orcs of Krugmar, under the rulership of Rex Zhot, noticed the rapidly growing settlement of Talon's Port so close by to them, and sent multiple forces to the city to demand a yearly tribute, which the council of Talon's Port decided to agree to in order to avoid any previous incidents with the orcs, such as a former attack where Sovereign Cordius' daughter was kidnapped by the raiders.

Within the first few years, the city experienced a rapid growth that was unheard of by the former Talon's Grotto residents, the city population almost quadrupling from the expected number, causing housing problems throughout the city that lasted for years to come. A traveling group of Kharajyr known as and as the Teyatl Caravan set up camp outside the city walls in Year 8 of the Second Era, drawing an even larger merchant population to the rapidly growing city. As Talon's Port continued to increase in population, the demands of the orcs likewise increased. In Year 9 of the Second Era, Rex Zhot traveled to the city to offer Talon's Port vassalization beneath them, to which Sovereign Cordius and his advisors denied to a surprisingly peaceful reaction.

In Year 11 of the Second Era, Talon's Port finally managed to prepare the land surrounding the city to be used as stable building space, and projects to expand the city had begun. Following the recent territorial expansion and entrance as a nation on to the world stage, Talon's Port went through a short period of lacking council members.

In Year 14 of the Second Era, the inhabitants of the Tai Ping district, by the order of Zhu Li Xiuying, were preparing to leave the city of Talon's Port for their own newly constructed city known as Yong Ping. The government of Talon's Port and newly formed government of Yong Ping agreed to still work together closely.

Soon after this point in Year 15 of the Second Era, Sovereign Cordius stepped down from his position, electing to retire to Veritas with his wife, and the council voted in favor of appointing Minto Townsend, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to be the Sovereign. Minto Townsend was crowned on Year 16 of the Second Era.

The Exodus of Talon's Port

Soon after this point in Year 15 of the Second Era, Sovereign Cordius stepped down from his position, electing to retire to Veritas with his wife. After this point, Talon's Port was thrown into a period of political uncertainty after Minto Townsend, the halfling Minister of Foreign Affairs, took over leadership after a near unanimous vote in the council, beating out the Minister of Defense, Saemos Hidone, who also vied for the position of Sovereign. The sudden rise of power from Sovereign Minto caused quite the stir in the remaining Li-Ren community in Talon's Port, and the newly formed Jade State of Yong Ping after it came to light that Sovereign Minto had committed a multitude of crimes within the walls of Yong Ping. His coronation was the most heavily guarded in Talon's Port history due to credible threats of assassination being made upon the halfling.

This rule caused a mass exodus of a large portion of the citizens of Talon's Port, who no longer viewed the government as legitimate.

Sovereign Minto declared his resignation in Year 19 of the Second Era, only 4 years after he had taken the position in the first place due to multiple assassination attempts, and the council voted in favor of electing Minister of Internal Affairs, Vivian Maelstorm as the next ruler of the city.

The Reign of Vivian

In Year 26 of the Second Era, Sovereign Vivian Maelstorm officially announced they were abolishing the position of Sovereign in favor of turning the Sovereign State of Talon's Port into a monarchy known as the Unified Domain of Vortice, with the title of Monarch being hereditary in the Maelstorm family. This decision put an end to the 92-year period of Talon's Sovereignty.


Despite Talon's Port being a city that accepts all cultures, citizens from the main city of Talon's Port are typically known as The Cophinus Invarius-- The Children of the Typhoon. Talon's Port is known for its informal and sociable peoples, and festivities are looked forward to with excitement.

While the Li-Ren people still made their home in Talon's Port, Tai Ping district had a very traditional Li-Ren culture built upon family and respect, and headed by Zhu Li Xiuying. Even after the Li-Ren people left Talon's Port in Year 14 of the Second Era, a multitude of Talon's Port citizens were still heavily influenced by the culture, and it still lived on within the city.


Similarly to the culture, Talon's Port is religiously tolerant of any worship citizens wish to perform, though it does have an official state religion known as Ziagonism which focuses upon the worship of a pantheon of Sixty-Four gods. The primary god within Ziagonism is known as Zoramus, the God of Dreams, who is said to dream all that is reality. It is heavily based on making offerings towards the pantheon in hopes of securing the blessing of one of the gods. The head of Ziagonism is known as the High Archon, and is traditionally a position held by the Minister of Culture.


Talon's Port has a simplistic political system, with there being a Sovereign, five members of the Talon's Port Council, and a small handful of stewards who handle minor politics within the city. The Sovereign and council are both elected officials. For more information, see Succession. All members of the council are heads of different ministries within the city that handle things such as foreign affairs, science, and legal matters.

The Sovereign and Talon's Port Council make up a group of six who are responsible for making any choices regarding Talon's Port. They do not need to consult with others outside these six about their decisions, though it is common for council members to ask opinions of stewards and citizens of the city.

Final Ruling Council

- Sovereign, Vivian Maelstorm

- Minister of Defense, Saemos Hidone

- Minister of Health, Dr. Sana Medii'la

- Minster of Internal Affairs, Castiel Valaker

- Minister of Science, Lenora Jusmia

- Minister of Foreign Affairs, Athri Belrose

- Minister of Wealth, Turri'ileia Maelstorm


After the rapidly increasing population also brought a rapidly increasing crime rate to the city, the former passiveness that Talon's Port had towards military affairs had dissipated, and it supports a large standing militia who guard and perform investigations throughout the city. The militia ranking ladder is simple, with the Minister of Defense being the Praetor and the second-in-command being the Legate. Captains act as a mid-tier officer role, while Sergeants are the best of the enlisted class, with Guardsmen and Recruits ranking in just below them.



The Talon's Port Council is made up of citizens that were put forward and voted upon by other members of the council. There are no requirements to be elected to the Talon's Port Council besides being in good legal standing within the city and being recommended to the council by one of the other members. Members of the Talon's Port Council are not elected in terms, and serve until they die, step down, or are voted off the council by a majority vote by the other members. Once these three events occur, council members put forward other citizens to take their place, and a new member is elected.


The Sovereign is not a hereditary position within Talon's Port. Much like other council members, the Sovereign serves until they die, step down, or are voted from the position by a majority of the council. If the Sovereign steps down as opposed to dying or being voted from the position, they are typically kept on the council unless they wish to step down away from the government completely. If one of these three events were to occur, the council would vote amongst themselves and elect one of the remaining six council members as the new Sovereign.


With how close Elvenesse is, and considering many of the Li-Ren of Tai-Ping are elven, Talon's Port has been skewing towards a majority of their population being elves, though humans still make up a large portion of the city. Due to the similar proximity to Krugmar, orcs or goblins can also be found frequently visiting the city.


Talon's Port is located in a tropical jungle environment in the south of Almaris within a large jungle that is also home to the Crown of Elvenesse and the War Nation of Krugmar. Massive trees surround the city, the land around it swampy-- difficult to move through and build upon. The city is typically warm and humid, and anyone working under the sun for too long would quickly be worn out. The ocean takes up one entire side of the city, the port space there being shared between the Tai-Ping district and Talon's Port itself.