The Concord of Llyria

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Concord of Llyria
Llyrian Coat of Arms
Capital: Omeryn
Eponym: Llyrian


Religion: The Ohr
Government: Meritocracy
Empyrion of Llyria: Ithrendas Regis
Empyria: Lyra Leocyne
Lord Consult: Cassian Colborn
Lord Protector: Arik Iyliar
Lord Overseer: Cyrene Riel
Lord Sage: Steven Iyliar
Lord Curator: Alexandra Bradshawe

The Concord of Llyria, simply known as Llyria, is a centralised and meritocratic monarchy ruled by one formally titled as the Empyrion. Composed of denizens from all kinds of racial descent, the population of Llyria proclaim the Concord to be the "INSERT". Its capital currently stands as Omeryn, a font of knowledge and prosperity that blesses the coast of Arcas. The Concord of Llyria profess a state of neutrality and peace, voicing solidarity through it's people and it's leadership to stand united in their search for harmony.


- The beginnings of the idea, dating back to Vailor, Axios, and Atlas.


- The Foundation

- The Location

- The Growth



Founded in 1713, Omeryn is the current and first capital of the Concord of Llyria.


As a derivative from the untempered thoughts of a schismed mind, the cultural standing of Llyria is one shrouded in the depths of knowing. The core of being a Llyrian citizen lies in one striving for self betterment, to dedicate and improve themselves and the home that now shelters them. Those practicing these values look highly upon scholarly pursuits, whether this be through the seeking of new knowledge or the maintenance and teachings of older knowledge. As such, it is prudent that citizens of Llyria do their best to uphold the law and defend themselves and their home. The intersection between scholarship and martial capability lies within one’s reason as to why magic is so popular and encouraged throughout the beating heart of the Sanctum.

It is the will of Llyria to aid, to guide, and to educate best they can. Self enlightenment and drive is a direction that all of Llyria starts upon.

The Concord

The Sigil of the Concord[1]
  • Empyrion: The sanctum’s rightful leader, it is the Empyrion who wears the crown of rule within Llyria. They are the shield of the people, the guiding light to see them through the darkness, and the visionary whose solemn duty it is to peer into the future and guide the people through rough seas to a calm harbour. In practice, the Empyrion has many duties, from overseeing the development and implementation of new laws, to working with the Consul and Representatives to better understand the many and varied folk who live so closely together.
  • Empyria: The Maelstrom swirls infinitely. This land of concord between fire, ice, aether, root and evermore kinds and forms of blood from across the length and breadth of the land, it is never still. Alone, the Empyrion would surely fail to uphold such a great weight. No one pillar could ever stand at the centre of such furious change for long. And so it is that one pillar can lean upon another, and so it is that the Empyria stands beside their Empyrion, cleaning their wounded soul from blackest fatigue, opening their eyes to brightest truth with love and always standing as their guiding star, a beloved soul to craft a paradise for.
  • Lord Chancellor: The Lord Consult acts as the voice of the Empyrion should they be unable to fulfill their duties. Otherwise, the Lord Consult is a position that is usually sat by the Heir Assumptive, allowing them to learn the inner workings of government. The Lord Consult acts as the regent in the Empyrion's absence, and sits upon the Consul as the right hand.
  • Lord Protector: The Lord Protector, the shield of the people, safeguards the citizenry and the government from whatever threats may manifest themselves. Beast or sorcerer, army or horde, raiding party or monster, the Lord Protector educates and leads their echelon in the defense of the Llyrian people. The Lord Protector stands as the head of the Traceless Order, Llyria's stalwart defense force.
  • Lord Overseer: Lord Overseer sees to the social needs of Llyria. They are at the core of Llyrian culture, and see to everything from the integration of outsiders into the citizenry, to the regulation of architecture. The Lord Overseer and their echelon also see to managing public events, ensuring that adequate space and resources are provided for festivals or games.
  • Lord Sage: Lord Sage is the foremost spellweaver within Llyria, empowered by the Empyrion to use their knowledge for the protection of the citizenry from supernatural threats, and to guide the advancement of magical invention and discovery. The Lord Enchanter regularly works alongside the Empyrion to enforce magical law within the city, deciding how best to address new phenomena.
  • Lord Curator: Lord Curator acts as the head scholar of Llyria, overseeing the internal workings of the Atheneum and safeguarding the many tomes of knowledge kept within. The Curator also acts as an ambassador of sorts, maintaining contact with other libraries across the land, making trades and agreements to further grow the breadth of Llyria’s wisdom.
  • Lord Vigilant: INPUT
  • Scions: The heads of their respective orders or guilds, Scions have no formalised power within the Concord, and do now officially hold a seat upon the Consul. Therefore, they have no legitimate vote to the legislations and articles administered by the Concord, however they are kept within the chambers as leaders of their own people. They are kept informed of the goings on within the government and the land, being entitled to take a seat when governance convenes as to voice the thoughts of their people.

The Maelstrom

The Echelons are comprised of the workers that afford the Consulars their power. They act as their eyes and ears, hands and minds within the town, fulfilling their sworn duties however they can.

Echelon of Protection

  • The Echelon of Protection reports to the Lord Protector.
  • The Echelon of Protection is currently comprised by the Traceless Order.
  • It is the duty of the Traceless Order to uphold the laws of Llyria, safeguarding the citizenry as they patrol the streets.
  • In times of war, the Traceless Order raise their shields to weather the fierce onslaught of Llyria’s assailants, standing as the first and last line of defense against invaders.

Echelon of Oversight

  • The Echelon of Oversight reports to the Lord Overseer.
  • The Echelon of Oversight is comprised by the Stewards and Coordinators.
  • It is the duty of Stewards to ensure the citizens of Llyria are adequately housed, that Llyria provides enough housing for the population and that architecture and construction proceed as planned, in line with Llyrian building styles and standards.
  • It is the duty of the Coordinators to oversee the running of public events, including festivals, forums. It is also their duty to publicise and advertise both the events, and roles within those events to be filled. Should an announcement need be made by the Consul, it is also the duty of Coordinators to facilitate that announcement on their behalf.

Echelon of Sagacity

  • The Echelon of Sagacity reports to the Lord Sage.
  • The Echelon of Sagacity is comprised by the Alabaster Academy.
  • While the Alabaster Academy has yet to be established, it will be the duty of the Academy’s faculty to uphold magical law, and to advise, teach and spread not only correct magical knowledge, but correct magical practice.
  • Being so steeped in arcane wisdom, students of the Alabaster Academy often take up positions within the Traceless Order upon completing their education.
  • Graduates of expertise in particular areas may be called upon by any Echelon, or member of the government, to advise and help solve problems pertaining to their field of magical experience.

Echelon of Curation

  • The Echelon of Curation reports to the Lord Curator.
  • The Echelon of Curation is comprised by the Llyrian Atheneum and her librarians, and various scholars.
  • An Assistant Curator is regularly employed to help organize the documents, appointments and general infrastructure of not only the Atheneum, but all collections of knowledge within the domain of Llyrian leadership.
  • It is the duty of the Librarians to manage the collection and arrangement of knowledge of all kinds throughout the halls of the Atheneum. The Librarians are also employed to ensure the correct handling of artifacts and texts, deciding what is reasonable to put before the public eye, and what should be kept safe in the Llyrian undergallery.
  • It is the duty of Scholars to research and produce literary works on all subjects, wherever their expertise may lie. Whilst librarians are particularly attached to working within the current main Llyrian library, scholars are detached from any particular association and are recruited into the Echelon itself.

Forms of Address



The Edicts

Traceless Order

The law is immaterial and forever just. It is free from all prejudice and inspects the citizenry of Llyria with an eye unclouded by emotion. A member of the Traceless Order [2] must first separate themselves from their own biases if they are to become a conduit through which the law can flow. They must be as the name of their Order implies, Traceless. When carrying out their duties there must never be any reason to believe that a fallible soul controlled their actions; they must be a hand of the law itself, a vessel wiped clean of mortal thoughts, now filled with the crystal clear judgement of the Lexicon. It is through taking the Oath that a new Keeper of the Order accepts the will of the Concord itself, becoming a stainless vessel fit to be a shield of the people.



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Geography & War

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