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The Pinemaw Uprising


Date: 70 SA - 72 SA
Place: Holy Orenian Empire, Principatus of Ebonwood
Result: Stalemate
Pyyhric Ebonwood Victory
Pinemaw Domain turns into the Mirame Domain
Peralien goes into exile
Ebonwood Disbands, not directly due to the Pinemaw Uprising
Ebonwood & Allies:
EbonwoodCoA.png Principatus of Ebonwood
Pinemaw & Allies
BaronyPinemaw.png The Pinemaw Domain
EbonwoodCoA.png Minuvas Melphestaus, Princep of Ebonwood BaronyPinemaw.png Peralien Maelstorm, Leader of Pinemaw

The Pinemaw Uprising was a small scale bloodless conflict between the Domain of Pinemaw and its overlord, the Principatus of Ebonwood. While both are in the Holy Orenian Empire, the Principatus of Ebonwood has been granted several autonomous abilities by the Imperial Government and acts as a semi-independent vassal of the Empire. The War was sparked after the leader of Pinemaw, Peralien Maelstorm, was ordered to be removed from her position following their involvement in the Maelstormic Claim on Vortice. Peralien reacted by calling Princep Minuvas, the leader of Ebonwood, a traitor to Oren and declared war on Ebonwood.


Pinemaw Declaration of War upon Ebonwood

Skirmishes, Battles, and Sieges

None conflict took place.


  • 70 S.A
    • After internal tensions within Ebonwood, Pinemaw declares war on Ebonwood with their goal being to become a direct Vassal underneath the Holy Orenian Empire.
  • 71 S.A
    • No events took place
  • 72 S.A