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Sedan Rebellion


Date: 1811-1813
Place: Holy Orenian Empire
Result: Imperial Victory
Holy Orenian Empire:
DreamEmpire.png Holy Orenian Empire
Principality of Sedan & Allies:
PrincipalityOfSedan.png Principality of Sedan
metinancompany.png The Metinan Company
ResistanceBanner.png Revolutionary Armed Forces
OrenianFlag.png Joseph II, Holy Orenian Emperor
OrenianFlag.png Franz de Sarkozy, Archchancellor
OrenianFlag.png Ledicort d’Azor, Vice Chancellor
OrenianFlag.png Peter d'Arkent, Duke of Sunholdt
OrenianFlag.png Iskander Basrid, 2nd Count of Susa
OrenianFlag.png Erik var Ruthern, Count of Kositz
OrenianFlag.png William Darkwood, Baron of Darkwood
OrenianFlag.png Caspian d'Arkent
PrincipalityOfSedan.png Louis de Joannes, Prince of Sedan
PrincipalityOfSedan.png Alexander de Joannes, Baron of Ponce
PrincipalityOfSedan.png Owyn de Joannes
PrincipalityOfSedan.png Lukas Castile, Count of Castile
PrincipalityOfSedan.png Tiberius Hartcold, Baron of Pyrmont
PrincipalityOfSedan.png Petyr Bishop, Baron of Avoria
ResistanceBanner.png Gustaven von Halsfield, Baron of Huvaard
metinancompany.png Bernard de Salier

The Sedan Rebellion, also called The Goat War or the Sedanian War of Independence was a conflict between the forces of Oren and Sedan. Stemming from a land dispute between the Holy Orenian Empire & House de Joannes came the Sedan Rebellion in which House de Joannes declared independence from the Holy Orenian Empire & formed the Principality of Sedan on the 13th of Harren's Folly, the same day that the first significant battle between the two opposing factions occurred.

Skirmishes, Battles, and Sieges


  • 1811
    • 14th of Godfrey's Triumph, Joseph II, Holy Orenian Emperor issued the Proclamation of 1811 [1] to confiscate the Sedan Manor from Louis de Joannes on multiple claims of criminal offenses, most notably ORC 204.014, creation of a private unauthorized military. Following this proclamation, soldiers of the Imperial State Army were authorized to arrest members of House de Joannes on sight.
    • 2nd of Tobias' Bounty, Imperial State Army Captain Viktoriya Tseczar arrested the youngest son of Louis de Joannes, Caius. After receiving word of the arrest, outraged citizens of the Sedan Manor rallied & stormed the imperial capital of Providence, demanding Caius be released. Oren did not give in to the demands & a bloodless skirmished ensued resulting in the Sedanian failing to rescue Caius, though the aftermath of the skirmish distracted the imperial guards long enough for the boy to escape on his own. After the battle, Sedan & their allies were declared traitors by Oren.
    • Skirmished continued between Sedan & Oren for the rest of the month where minimal losses were dealt to either side.
    • The Houses of Hartcold and Bishop swear fealty to House de Joannes & in exchange, they are rewarded with baronial status within Sedan.
    • Following the Battle of Southbridge on the 13th of Harren’s Folly, Sedan declared independence [2] from Oren & officially formed the Principality of Sedan.
    • The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Oren under Gustaven von Halsfield align themselves with Sedan to further their Anti-Orenian agenda. the House von Halsfield is then granted the Barony of Huvaard.
  • 1812
  • 1813
    • House de Joannes & House of Castille evacuate Sedan, burning Sedan Castle in the process. Many of their members depart for the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. [3].
    • On the 14th of Horen’s Calling, Orenian Archchancellor, Franz Sarkozy publishes a statement, declaring victory over the rebels. [4].
    • On the 16th of Horen's Calling, Imperial auxiliary forces led by Ostromir Carrion capture the final rebel stronghold, the manor of Whitcombe, the estate of the former rebel lord, Emil-Dardot de Falstaff. [5].