Sultanate of Kharasi

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Kharasi Sultanate
سلطنة خارسير‎
Fakr Emblem.png
Symbol of the Kharasi
Capital: Fakr Oasis
Languages: Common
Demonym: Kharasi
Religion: Al-Rashidun
Government: Consultative Hereditary Autocracy
Sultan: Qamar Ibn Zayd Al-Nabeel
Heir Presumptive: Shams Ibn Zayd Al-Nabeel
Preceded by: Fakhr Emirate
Succeeded by: Rashidun Sheikhdom

The Sultanate of Kharasi (Qalashi: سلطنة خارسير‎) is an independent Farfolk domain that lies within the southern half of Almaris, and lays claim to the entirety of the Kharasi Desert from where the Sultanate took its name from. It was founded from the Fakhr Emirate after an immense population boom under the reign of Qamar Al-Nabeel, and as a result the Emir sought to expand his influence over southern Almaris with the declaration of the Sultanate.


In the year 61 S.A, the current Emir of the Fakhr named Qamar Al-Nabeel issued the Proclamation of the Dunes [1]. Previously, the Fakhr Emirate had seen a large boom in its population and patriotic fervor, and sought to expand its domain further into the deserts of Almaris. In the Proclamation, Qamar and the Sultanate laid claim to all of the southern continent of Almaris and declared the Banu Nabeel to be the new Royal Family of the Sultanate, reassuming leadership over the Qalasheen from when the Al-Nabeel Family ruled over the Sultanate of Korvassa in Arcas.

Though, tragedy soon struck the Sultanate in Year 71 S.A as an unexpected and unnatural sandstorm blanketed the Oasis, leaving many of the residents trapped within their homes with dwindling food supplies. In Year 78 S.A, though, the sandstorm ended, thus allowing the surviving Qalasheen to travel from their homes, and emerge into a completely different political landscape then when they had first been trapped- The Principality of Savoy had been disbanded, releasing it's many vassals into the deserts, while new powers such as the Freeport of Akulei and the Grand Duchy of Balian had emerged.

In wake of these new changes, Naric ibn Idris Zarkan of House Kharadeen declared himself as the new Sheikh of the Qalasheen people, electing to leave the ruins of the Sultanate behind and forge a new path, forming the Rashidun Sheikhdom.