Lordship of Du Loc

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The Lordship of Du Loc
The Du Locian Coat of Arms
Capital: Nu Loc

Common (Mixed)



Demonym: Du Locian
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Lord of Du Loc: Quentin Brae
Lady Consort: Elizabeth Brae
Heir Apparent: Emma Rosa Brae
Preceded By: Luciensburg.png City-State of Luciensburg

The Lordship of Du Loc is an Adunian-ruled mixed race settlement, the majority composed of Human Highlanders. It was founded by Quentin Brae, who led the survivors of the City-State of Luciensburg North-West to establish a new city for the refugees. The current ruling family, the Brae Family, is primarily Adunian. This has led some to believe that Du Loc is an Adunian settlement, however Adunians make up a minority of the population in comparison to Highlanders, Heartlanders, Elves, and even Orcs. The Lordship is primarily known for its fanatic neutrality, and its severe hatred of Taxes, Undead, Wigs, and Rats.


The Lordship of Du Loc was founded in the year 1840 (44 S.A.) by refugees from the destroyed City-State of Luciensburg. After the Interrex of Luciensburg Bernard de Salier went missing, his Burgomaster Quentin Brae took up the mantel of leadership and led the refugees to the camp of Ramsfield. From there, he and the rest of the surviving Leadership created plans for constructing a new city for the Refugees. Quentin dubbed the new city "Du Loc" and proclaimed that he would take up the title of Lord, as many Adunian rulers have in the past. Once construction of the new city was completed, the refugees of Ramsfield moved into the cozy hamlet of Du Loc.

The first capital of Du Loc was relatively small, not being much more than a walled hamlet with a keep known as Kaer'Lassar towering over the rest of the town. This keep would be given to the Lectorate of Owyn, with Quentin himself staying within the town. However, the Capital soon came under attack from a Dragon, which would burn all parts of the town with the exception of Kaer'Lassar.

The second capital of Du Loc, being named Nu Loc by Lord Quentin, would be much larger in size than its preceding city. It would be rebuilt around the surviving keep of Kaer'Lassar, and be sorted into different districts. Once the city was rebuilt, Quentin instated mandatory Gravel service. This meant that all Citizens needed to meet a quota for how much gravel they collected from the mines of Du Loc for fear of being shamed by the population. He would also go on to form the Du Loc Watch, which would work to keep peace in the streets with cooperation from the Lectorate of Owyn. From there, Du Loc took a stance of general neutrality in world politics, rather focusing on internal development.


The Lordship is an Absolute Monarchy, ruled by the Lord of Du Loc and his successors. The Lordship also has the Lord's Court, which comprises of personally-appointed members that work to advise the Lord and carry out steward duties within the City.


There are two armed groups within Du Loc. The Lectorate of Owyn and the Du Loc Watch.

The Du Loc Watch serves as the official army of Du Loc, serving under the Lord himself and responsible for defending Du Loc and its citizens in times of crisis. Should War come to the Lordship, it is common for Citizens to be conscripted into the Watch in order to bolster its numbers. The Du Loc Watch is primarily a defensive force, not often being marched outside of Du Loc with the exception of escort missions.

The Lectorate of Owyn is a Canonist Religious Order, whos primary objective is to practice all sorts of alchemy while also maintaining physical fitness and a strong mentality. Despite being a military force of its own, it is not the official guard force of Du Loc. However, Lectors often serve in the defense of Du Loc when it is necessary due to the Lectorate's Keep being within the City. As a result, the Lectorate of Owyn and the Lordship of Du Loc are firm allies.