Grand Duchy of Balian

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Grand Duchy of Balian
Μεγάλο Δουκάτο του Μπαλιάν
Royal Coat of Arms of John I
Capital: Atrus
Languages: Common
Religion: Canonism
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Grand Duke: John I
Duchess-Consort: Gwyneth Barbanov-Bihar
Heir Apparent: Alexandros Casimir
Seneschal: Leopold Alstion
Legate: Vacant
Censor: Rev Vuiller
Magister: Ledicort Vuiller
Constable: Vacant
Procurator: Johanna Vuiller
Royal Family: House Novellen
Historical Era:

The Brothers' War (1868)

The Grand Duchy of Balian is a human settlement that exists on the southern landmass of Almaris. It was founded out of the remains of the Imperialist faction by Prince John Casimir after the devastating Brothers' War.


Post-Brother's War

In the aftermath of the The Brother's War, John Casimir Novellen led the remaining imperial loyalists south. Following the star of Saint Lothar, the duke would come upon a rock and proclaim the creation of Balian. Around that rock, the capital of Atrus was built. After the building of the capital, all the noble houses of the former empire that had a great contribution to the founding of Balian where given Baronies. These houses include: Munnel led by Jarad Munnel, Vuiller led by Rev Vuiller, Darkwood led by Drako Darkwood, Othaman led by Vladimir Oathman, Rosius led by Chloe de Rosius, Ruthern led Viktor Ruthern by and Novellen-Huntshill led by Catherine Novellen-Huntshill.

War of Settlement


Culture and society

The Grand Duchy of Balian is a human nation, and as such, revolves around the culture of mankind. However people from all walks of life and races are welcomed within the land of Balian. Due to this it is not uncommon to find Elves, Dwarves and even some Orcs wandering around.



The Grand Duchy of Balain adheres to absolute primogeniture in matters of succession to the Ducal throne. Typically, this means the oldest son or daughter inherits the crown. The current ruling dynasty is the House of Novellen. For peers of the duchy, they also follow absolute primogeniture in matters of succession.

The Senate


The Chamber of the Grand Duchy

The Chamber of the Grand Duchy are the Grand Duke's closest advisors, comprising the Seneschal, Legate, Censor, Magister, Constable, and Procurator. Each is responsible for their respective departments as well as advising the Grand Duke.


The upper classes of the Duchy are dominated by the Peers and their noble houses, each having a heavy hand in the founding, construction, and day-to-day life of Balian.

Noble Houses of Balian

Countial Families:

Viscountial Families:

Baronial Families:

Noble Families:


The current army of the Grand Duchy consists of the Brotherhood of Balian lead by Constable Viktor Darkwood. The Brotherhood was founded upon the concept of a group of brothers banding together in order to protect the duchy, it is common for them to partake it hard trials and trips around the duke's land.


Humans make up the majority of the Duchy, namely Highlanders and Heartlanders. Small minorities include Farfolk humans, Elves, High Elves and dwarves. The Duchy is an open place accepting nearly everyone.


The Church of the Canon is the state religion of the Grand Duchy of Balian, with nearly every human within the duchy adhering to it.



The Grand Duchy of Balian is located in the eastern part of the south continent, the capital sits upon a great hill with the surrounding land being a mix of arid, desert, ocean and great plateaus.