House of Barclay

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House of Barclay
Country: BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
King of Sutica (Formerly)
Prince of Sutica (Held by Corwin Barclay)
Duke of Reinmar (Formerly)
Count of Reinmar
Count of Madvon (Held by Ernst Barclay)
Count of Kretzen
Count of Sarissa (Held by Catherine Barclay)
Viscount of Batavia (Held by Ser Ruben)
Baron of Freimark (Held by Ernst Barclay)
Baron of Freising
Baron of Sigradz
Lord of Wilheburg
Founder: Wilheim Barclay
Head of the House: Friedrich, Duke of Reinmar
Ethnicity: Highlander
Cadet Branches: House of Markanz (Defunct)

The House of Barclay is the ruling family of the Duchy of Reinmar, a large portion of Haeseni land located to the south west of Karosgrad. It is also the current royal family of the Commonwealth of Sutica, a large Kingdom situated in the South of Almaris. The traditions and culture of House Barclay stem from their Waldenian heritage, more specifically the culture of the Reinmaren tribe.


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Notable Members

  • Wilheim Barclay, Lord Marshal of Haense, first Baron of Friesing, founder of the family.
  • Ven. Anton Barclay, Archbishop of Jorenus, Cardinal, Venerated in the Canonist Church.
  • Erwin Barclay, Lord Marshal of Haense, first Duke of Reinmar.
  • Osvald Barclay, Lord Speaker of Haense, Lord Lieutenant of New Reza, Deputy Palatine of Haense.
  • Manfred Barclay, Lord Marshal of Haense, second Duke of Reinmar.
  • Friedrich Barclay, Lord Marshal of Haense, third Duke of Reinmar.
  • Saint Tylos of Kalden, Patron Saint of Stonemasonry, Cavalry, and Lost Causes.
  • High Pontiff Tylos I, born Alfred Barclay
  • Georg Barclay, King of Sutica.

Barclay Patriarchs


Name Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Title(s)
Wilheim I, Baron of Freising
Wilheim Barclay
wilheim.jpg 20th of the Deep Cold, 1693
Markev, Haense

Son of Ludwig Barclay and Karina Barclay
Marcella Avern
2 children
2nd of the First Seed, 1777
Freising, Haense
aged 84
wilheimCOA.png Baron of Freising
Erwin I, Duke of Reinmar
Erwin Konrad Barclay
erwin.png 4th of the Amber Cold, 1727
Freising, Haense

Son of Wilheim, Baron of Freising and Marcella Avern-Barclay.
Princess Kamila of Muldav
4 children
Alive erwinCOA.png Duke of Reinmar, Count of Kretzen, Baron of Freising & Sigradz, etc...
Manfred I, Duke of Reinmar
Manfred Barclay
ManfredBarclay.jpg 2nd of the Sun's Smile, 1752
Freising, Haense

Son of Erwin I, Duke of Reinmar and Princess Kamila of Muldav
Isabella of Bihar
4 children
Alive manfredCOA.png Duke of Reinmar, Count of Kretzen, Baron of Freising & Sigradz, etc...