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The Most Serene State of Lurin
Lurin's COA
Capital: Lurin
Languages: Common, Lurinian
Religion: Aengul worshipping of Eshtael
Government: Mercenary Dictatorship
Prince: Mika Anarion
Consort: Lhoris Izalith
Heir Apparent: None Yet
TEF Leader: Mika Anarion
High Judge:: Hogo Bojo
Chief Medic: Mika Anarion
Siege Master: Kirja 'scribe' Edevane
Head Worker: Kirja 'scribe' Edevane
Knight Commander: Mika Anarion
Ruling Family: Anarion

The remnants of Old-Sutica, founded their new city once more in a similar location as Sutica once stood, giving way to a more unique way of living in general as one interacts with constructs and strange individuals. Often plenty to do and a bit inquisitive, but never afraid to share a laugh with another person that dares to come around more than once.



Culture and society






The Military of Lurin is split into three different sections;

  • Silver Centurions - Guard Force
  • Lubba Knights - Knight Force
  • Expeditionary Force - Mercenaries


The Silver Lubba appoints someone



Offices of Lurin

  • The Silver Lubba Band Expeditionary Force led by; Mika Anarion
  • The Lubba Keep Lawyers led by; Hogo Bojo
  • The Silver Centurions led by; Mika Anarion
  • The Lubba Medical Force led by; Mika Anarion
  • The Silver Siege Team led by; Kirja 'scribe' Edevane
  • The Lubba Band Workforce led by; Kirja 'Scribe' Edevane
  • The Order of The Lubba led by; Mika Anarion
  • The Office of Knowledge led by; Viktoriya
  • The Office of Stewardry led by; Lumia Anarion
  • The Office of Brew and Entertainment led by; Pharos
  • The Office of Conservation led by; Anastasia Anarion
  • The Office of Rosewood led by; Hearth Uialben
  • The Office of Diplomacy led by; Mika Anarion
  • The Office of Unnatural Affairs led by; Jon Snowell
  • The Office of The Yellow Cross led by; Kirja 'Scribe' Edevane
  • The Office of Culinary Expression led by; Hogo Bojo


Houses of Lurin

Houses and Clans:
House Anarion
House Bojo
House Edevane
D'Avre Clan
House Snowell
Kervallen Clan
Lalwën Guild
Osser Clan



Coastal hills of the south