Sacking of Róża

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Sacking of Róża
Part of Oisin's Rebellion


Date: 9th of the Amber Cold, 40 S.A
Place: Róża, Rozania
Result: Rebel victory
RozaSigil.png Oisinite Rebels
new sedan2 .png Principality of Sedan
Savoy.png Principality of Savoy
Sarissa.png Rozanian Loyalists
RozaSigil.png Oisin O'Breathnach Roza, Prince of Rozania
new sedan2 .png Leopold de Joannes, Prince of Sedan
new sedan2 .png Sigismund Kuno de Joannes
Blackwald.png Edmond, Baron of Blackwald
HouseOfHartcold.png John Hartcold, 1st Viscount of Fauconberg
HouseBojo.png Hogo Bojo II, Baron of Huvaardia
Savoy.png Alexandre d'Aryn, Lord Marshal of Savoy
Sarissa.png William I, King of Rozania
Sarissa.png Rebeka la Waevra, Master of Whisperers
~2,000 infantry~1,000 infantry
Unknown rebel casualties ~1,000 dead or wounded


The Sacking of Róża was the final major-scale engagement of Oisin's Rebellion, and is seen as one of the bloodiest incidents in the entire war. It was directly caused after the loyalist Rozanians captured and held hostage a Sedanian noble, which prompted Viscount John Hartcold to convince Prince Oisin Roza and Prince Leopold de Joannes to organize a rescue army. The two Princes agreed, and a host of 2,000 Rebels was gathered. This force, led by the two Princes, marched towards Róża and encountered William I, King of Rozania along with a small retinue behind the closed gates of the city.


Negotiations between Prince Oisin and King William broke down, and as such Prince Leopold ordered the Rebel army to scale the walls via the undefended Dah'Rini district's towers entrance discovered by Hogo Bojo II. Unaware that the Rebels had found a way in, the Loyalists remained in the square while the Rebels descended from the walls and surrounded the token defense force. A mere moment after the Rebels had descended into the Square, they began to mercilessly slaughter every single person they found within the City despite Oisin's orders to spare civilians. Intense fighting broke out, but the mostly unprepared defenders were unable to regroup and as a result were picked off one by one. Terrified civilians fled into their homes only to be dragged out by Rebel soldiers, and those few loyalist soldiers who stood and fought were quickly cut down as the battle spread throughout the city.

After only a few saint's minutes of brutal house to house fighting, the Rebels had finally secured the city and broke their way into the Rozanian throne room. Despite a token resistance still remaining, the Rebels swept throughout the palace and eventually fully secured it.


In the immediate aftermath, Oisin was declared as the new King of Rozania and William was taken into captivity. The Rebels continued to keep a tight grip on the city for a few more saint's hours before the mercenary forces eventually began to trickle back out of the City and returned home. Those who remained went about making sure that there was no resistance left in the city.