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The Symbol of Nor'Asath
Capital: Nor'Asath
Languages: Common
Religion: Maehr/Spiritulism
Government: Elected Monarchy
Primarch: Net'seth Loa'chil
High Priestess: Qudlia Jusmia
Consort: Marzoss
Halerir: Relnol Loa'chil
Onyx Chief: Relnol Loa'chil
High Iylanhir: N/A
High Terhir: N/A
Ruling Family: Loa'chil




Culture and society







The military of Nor'Asath is the Silansiol. Lead by the Onyx Cheif appointed by the Primarch.

Rank Structure

  • Onyx Chief - The highest ranked position within the Silan’siol, bestowed upon an individual by the Primarch themself. Overseeing all acts committed by mal’onn and lari’onn of the Silan’siol. The Oynx Chief holds the authority to make immediate decisions amidst times of crisis, appointing warriors to stand against all that threatens the city.
  • Vindictator - Soldiers that have proven their combat prowess and leadership during tenures in the Nightblades rise to the ranks of the Vindictators , who serve as general officers responsible for hosting training, espionage, and commanding their mal’onn and lari’onn in and out of battle.
  • Nightblade - The bulk of the rank and file, the Nightblade is one who has completed their Oath to the Primarch and Silan’siol. They take up arms in defense of the Mali’ker people, and go out to do battle with our enemies. They report to the Onyx Chief and his Vindictator subordinates. The fighting force of Nor'Asath, seen as experienced members of the Silan’siol.
  • Sableguard - These newly made soldiers that have yet passed their basic training and graduate beyond the ranks of the Neophytes are called Sableguards. They are of age to become soldiers and undergo an oath towards the Onyx Chief, Silan’siol, and Primarch.
  • Neophyte - Young ‘ker, yet to lift a blade but eager to raise arms and join the Silan’siol so they may fight for the well being of our Primarch and Nor’Asath.


Succession is based upon the votes from the Clan Lords.


Nor'Asath is the home of the dark elves, thus it is primarily made of dark elves.


The Heial’tahu acts as a city's ruling body to rule over various elements with swift judgment or manage lower bodies with executive power. Heial’tahu are appointed by the authority of the Primarch.

  • Halerir - The Halerir aids in advising the Primarch on legal matters. The Halelir acts as the head of legal courts
  • Onyx Chief - The Onyx Chief is the Military leader and head of the Silan’siol and primary city defender. The Oynx Chief holds the authority to make immediate decisions amidst times of crisis, appointing warriors to stand against all that threatens the city.
  • High Iylanhir - The Iylanhir is in charge of the infrastructure of housing and taxation and manages the steward within the city. The Iylanhir can also appoint others to take on the responsibilities of the stewards.
  • High Terhir - The Terhir manages income and acts as a central figure in all matters of trade and facilitating economic growth.

Clans of Nor'Asath

The Clans of Nor'Asath are an important part of their government, each clan has an appointed leader called a Clan Lord. Each Clan Lord is invited to be a part of the Heial'uell which is responsible for the creation of new laws and appointing the Primarch.


  • Loa'Chil
  • Jusmia
  • Valin'der
  • R'ikarth
  • Celia'ilum
  • Velulaei'onn



Nor'Asath is south of Idol's Garden, sitting between Ammaethea and Celia'nor in a Thich forest.